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Welcome! My name is Peter Strong, and I am
a professional online therapist. I provide online therapy via Skype for individuals and
for couples. I provide Online Marriage Counseling in which I work with each person separately,
usually, to help them identify and overcome patterns of emotional reactivity. These reactive
loops create a great deal of conflict and stress in relationships, as you will be familiar.
So it is very important to find the emotions underneath that are fueling these reactive
loops between both partners. And, by changing your relationship with these emotions you
can begin to break free of them and establishing more positive ways of being with each other. So, that’s what Mindfulness Therapy is all
about. It’s about learning how to break free from your compulsive emotions that drive emotional
reactivity. And this is essential in order to begin to establish freedom in the relationship
where you can discover how to relate to each other, how to love each other effectively,
without being controlled by these habitual patterns of emotional reactivity. So, if you are interested in online marriage
counseling, please visit my website and contact me, and we can schedule a session in which
I can work with both of you, first of all, and then usually, I work with each of you
separately so that you are both able to take care of your own emotions that are fueling
the reactive loops between the two of you. So, please, contact me today and let’s schedule
a session. Thank you.

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