Marriage & Family | Integration of Psychology & Theology

The integration of psychology and theology
is really important. It is a crucial part of the program. There is this tension that exists between
the world of psychology and the theological world. We’re dealing with human beings, we’re dealing
with relationships and so we can not discount the fact that we have broken relationships
with God, broken relationships with each other. It also allows us to understand how psychology
fits within who we are. How we think. And then as a result of that, how we feel
and what we do. As human beings created in God’s image, I
don’t really think you can completely separate who we are theologically from who we are psychologically. It actually strengthens my ability to relate
to people, to make those connections. Theology, and who you are as a Christian,
just becomes a part of your everyday life and every aspect of your life. You don’t have to give up your faith perspective
to embrace the scientific reality of psychology but you don’t have to refute psychology as
a scientific reality to maintain your faith. Hearing from the pastors in the classroom,
as well as from fellow clinical students have been just very interesting and very meaningful
to me. I can’t imagine I could do this work without
having that integration. The two I just think it’s a perfect merging
for those who are brave enough to consider it.

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