Marriage Green Card – What Is The Best Option To Sponsor A Spouse Or Fiancé For A Green Card

huh and other common question i recieved uh… at fiat a_b_c_’s usually good for
a ninety-day entry into night states but it’s a temporary visa it doesn’t grant
permanent residency status once a fiance comes into united states it’s at that
point that you get married after you’ve been living together it s about the
relationship during the ninety days event the act marriage doesn’t greta
green card he still had to go through with the green card process in the
united states you just status processed including going to bring her in your
view the two of you and him before an officer this whole process can’t act on an
additional six to nine months to go fiance and our future spouse getting his
or her green card the plus side by going to give us a dot
is it the way to test the relationship but also intimate results in your fiance
please come to united states a little faster made by two or three months
versus profit seen once you’re married and having the fiance interview for
green card of the consulate abroad so you really have to wait he won it save some time by having her come in
earlier by a couple months do you want to save some money by having to come in
with the green card so you don’t have to go through the adjustment of status
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