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  1. The problem of the destruction of the institution of the family is in all developed countries and its causes are not so directly related to the economy. Why is the discussion set aside from the root cause? – loss of a gender role – preserving the family, preserving relations among all modern women I do not know how in the United States, but in Russia, marriage deprives many of the rights and opportunities of men and gives them nothing in return.

  2. Lol why are people angry well when their subconscious is subjected to the nonstop fear mongering from mainstream media so fox well done your goal is accomplished

  3. feminism has destroyed the concept of marriage….congrats ladies, you've made yourselves obsolete! enjoy your cats!

  4. Spend 20-30 k for a marriage, only to lose it all only divorce not to mention being locked down or even locked up for child support. Why would any sane man involve themselves in such horrible predicament?. Men are waking up to the raw deal and hence the decline of marriage and LTR.

  5. Everything became expensive AF yet wages stay same. Today the struggle is just to have enough to support yourself, I am not even talking about family.

  6. I don't think young people were so angry about two till three years ago. At the least there wasn't any news about it. So, why do think that is so?

  7. Marriage holds little to no benefit for men anymore. It's a legal contract with the State that can be broken at any time by the wife and usually is. Men have been and are just walking away from a very bad deal.

  8. Fox News is good in many ways, but they are totally friggin oblivious to this family laws and how these drag hooks take you through the ringer why are they covering this they’re smarter than this!

  9. To MGTOW advocates I have a legitimate question.. We as men have sexual desires, do you plan to spend the rest of your lives watching porn and/or having anonymous sexual encounters with random women?

  10. I'm 31 years old, straight, have had a ton of opportunities to date and eventually get married. But i just didn't think i could honestly ever handle marriage, let alone a family. Fair Statement. And, I would have to say that today's culture doesn't support a man as the head of the household anymore, it has been deglamorized by society. And, at this point, dating and marriage aren't on my list of to does…I gave up a long time ago at age 17yrs old. when it came to a possible marriage with a woman, and it would only be with a woman. But i just couldn't handle it.

  11. Blame feminism for brainwashing women, and bad boys for treating real women like garbage, while real man/Chivalry Knights are hard to approach women and get married with them.

    So want to find a real women and get married, travel to Asian, Latin American, Eastern European, and Middle East countries

  12. It seems like the media can never mention that men get a raw deal most of them time when it comes to marriage or divorce. Men are sick of losing everything!

  13. What Brad didnt mention was his acknowledgement that feminism is destroying male/female relationships in general.

  14. I'm not wasting my time getting married or having kids period…….way to much drama and stress to deal with

  15. Fox news also reported the 50 percent outside of marriage birth rate. Most USA or western world in general are bastard born anyway 😂

  16. Men are the ones who ask the women so 🤔 maybe the men dont see the benefits …… just saying dont blame them

  17. I’ve never been really interested in marriage because I can’t trust that the person will stay the same later on.

  18. Marriage has become a statistical sucker's bet for men in the West. The elephant in the room is what feminism did to marriage. No one ever wants to discuss how devastating the institution is for men

  19. 1. Abolish all forms of Alimony / Spousal support. No Exceptions.
    2. Community Property Laws to activate only if there is proven abuse / adultery (filing for divorce for any other reason then you forfeit all property rights).
    3. Impose extremely thorough monthly financial audits of child support expenditures to the last penny.
    Put these measures in place and you will strip away most gold digging parasites and what remains will be healthy enduring marriages.

  20. When this Country was agrarian, the need for marriage and children was actually a necessity but not now.

  21. Fewer people are getting married!! Women are the reason for the high divorce rate!! There is a divorce every 36 seconds and over 80% of those divorces are initiated by women!!

  22. Financial Cost and living stability for marriage that usually results in kids. The cost to get married, to have a family in 21st Century is more expensive then ever compared to 1950-60's if we have to both work 2 jobs to make ends meet even when we have degrees, which now means nothing to buisneesses, and the cost of sustainable living healthcare, food on table, insurance, housing market, car insurance and stagering wages that worked back in the day, but can't compete in demand over supply. We then don't see any safety net or ability to stress ourselves more by getting married or starting a family. If you need assistance and are told you will loose it then no you wouldn't want to get married and loose the needed extra income. Food Stamps are a joke and only offers cheap food that adds to obesity and health issues. Living paycheck to paycheck the money on both sides is not there, hence more choose to not get married, or live together without getting married, and choosing pets over kids. Also look how kids are being raised with the 'World Owes Us' 'Entitled Backtalking-undiscipline self absorbed kids reared by poverish families who can't even afford kids sets bad examply of our country, these kids don't take anything serious and treat us grown ups like crap and parents not the schools are to blame. Why would middle class that is going extinct want to raise kids in an immoral declining of family respect and moral values now…..we wouldn't. Those that are having kids now do it to get money from government. While those that want to havw kids know they can't provide a 100% sustainable living so they in middle class refuse to. There is no Maternity leave offers by retails or buisneess, women aren't promised their job after they have their child. And many can't afford an affordable living space so living with parents is only option, simply put our government, banks, rich, dying out middle class, no sustainable jobs with benifits, a dead end 9-5 job market to make ends meet paycheck to paycheck is the fault.

  23. As a single 23 year old male, my biggest issue is simply finding a good girl to marry. Feminism has wrecked havoc on women and made them far less attractive to men. As a man, I actually want to get married, own a home, have children, and be the provider of my family. Yet, I see most women my age going to college, getting their own careers, and postponning getting married and having children.
    I want a woman who prioritizes having a family and has a strong character. She should have a strong faith in Jesus, be kind and respectful, trustworthy and loyal, and a strong worker. My gift is definitely service. So, I want someone who enjoys serving and helping people wherever needed, especially those less fortunate.

  24. I see no rises in wages yet they say economy is getting better all they did was build about 20houses and a new couple restaurants that's all boosted economy like 5months now it's back slumping again

  25. Why don’t these people ever tell the truth about why people aren’t getting married? The divorce laws promote divorce.

  26. GUYS, DO NOT MARRY!!!! Marriage is NOT worth anymore, most women in america nowadays are NOT marriage material…. you have a 50% chance of divorce and lose EVERYTHING…. GO MGTOW!!!! LIVE LIFE IN FREEDOM!!!!

  27. Women want commitment but can’t stay committed they mostly cheat more then men or they wanna wait when their old in 30s or 40s when men can get someone younger

  28. I am ok with getting married. But I am not having kids…I am not going to buy a house…I will move my money overseas so it cant be split in court…and I will only sign marriage papers in Non Alimony states like Texas or Nevada.

    As you can see…any marriage I have does not affect me after the divorce.

  29. If you enjoy giving a woman a house that she does not let you set foot in and buying her and her new boyfriend a new car and pay their bills, then of course get married.

  30. Men have wised up. There is nothing for a man in marriage. It’s all about the woman and her rights and needs. Woman only want to be married to have kids and to elevate their status among other women. Men are merely a pawn in this. Men realize this and refused to be used. Women aren’t the prize anymore. Also, women have been screaming “I don’t need a man.” So men are simply agreeing. All while enjoying their freedom, bank accounts and 25 year olds in and out of their bedrooms. Enjoy your cats ladies, men out. Me too was the nail in the coffin….you’re on your own.

  31. Men not marrying women because it’s not worth it, spend all your life working on a career just to loose half of it doesn’t work out with some undecided freak who’s going to leave for some guy in their inbox or at work 🤮

  32. Women who live in rural areas are much better marriage prospects then city girls. Basically the less into mainstream culture the better.

  33. Because the idea of signing a piece of paper to show someone you love them is a stupid idea, not to mention men especially get nothing from marriage I’m not gonna let myself become a statistic.

  34. I’m pretty sure you are divorced.
    To much stressful people in America. They only care about work and making money. Give your lover time.

  35. Anyone marrying must a deluded or a brain dead. Husband made 500,000 in 5 years and wife made 250,000 and still get splits in half, 375,000 each. Isn’t that a violation of individual’s right to their property.

  36. cucker carlson LOL there's a reason only women like marriage. men are going their own way. no turning back now unless feminism turns back. but that's social conditioning from birth. it's a done deal now. we don't want these women. so…. enjoy your cats ladies

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  38. Skydiver walks into the skydiving equipment store and asks the salesman, I understand your parachutes have a guaranteed opening rate of 50%. I'll let you guys take it from here.

  39. I think it’s messed up how our men expect themselves to be the sole breadwinner when it’s economically impossible to support a family with one income. Yet they don’t want women who try to marry the men rich enough to afford one income. Yet us women who want to help the lower income men pay the bills and share both the financial and household responsibilities are now hated and falsely accused of being feminists who supposedly hate men. We’re actually not. We working women are actually the very ones working so hard to try to preserve the American family. We are the biggest and most hated target now and this is how women like me know that it’s part of global depopulation by government eugenics. Our men are anti life. Sure, like me, most men are against abortion. Yet they are also against bring forth new life into this world. They tell us women to be more feminine, yet the most feminine thing is to desire to have children and our men abuse and punish us for it. This is why nearly 2 million American women are moving abroad to find love. Our men are sexually confused and don’t know what they want from us. Dear good women: flee western nations now.

  40. I did the best I could to establish a career that would afford to raise family but failed anyway inspite of my efforts. I knew as a result I would not be able to attract a potential wife so I did not even bother to look. What's the point? It is embarrassing.

    If you can't feed'm….don't breed'm……..and I didn't.

  41. 80% Women want only the top 20% men who is rich and the 20% men don't want most of the women that want them.

    Also MGTOW is popular over divorce and how women treat men like broken ATMs

  42. Lol. Not sure where Tuck is getting his data, but if married people with children are more prosperous, the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high. Also, my generation is the first that has gone through the family courts both as a child and as an adult. FIX THE FAMILY COURTS! That’s why people aren’t getting married anymore!

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  44. Meh, I'm chasing God. Western men these days in my area can't even afford a house or car. They still live with their mama's…. no thanks. I'm gonna have to move or just be a nun. Single life is too boring for me. I want someone to share my time with.

  45. Tucker so out of touch he just assumes that if men have more money they want to get married, men with and without money don’t want to get married or have kids!

  46. Let’s see since Fox News loves to throw out socialism so much. How’s this for socialism Tucker Boy. Hmm a man works hard and saves a bunch of money. Then he gets married and years later his wife cheats on him. Now he loses half of his stuff to the woman that cheated on him because we have no fault divorce. No fault divorce championed by yours truly Ronald Reagan so called great Republican. Yeah sounds like socialism to me. Take from one person and give to another. Marriage sucks and so does FOX!

  47. Random thought :: America land of the free but wait maybe …. America the land of greed … who can tell these days lol …..

  48. Being single is the new lifestyle, being a married man and having kids where men would work outside to win bread and women were cooking is obsolete. Get over that idea.

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