Marriage is to Testify Who Christ is

What if our marriages were not meant to be just places where we show each other, as spouses, the love of Christ but where others see Christ’s love through how we love each other. What if our marriages weren’t just something to make us happy but they were meant to be witnesses to the world of who Christ is. What if the way we loved each other happened in such a way that people would look at us and say ”that is the love of God.” ”That’s what I want.” And you know what happened before? In the early church, we know this from history women came to Christianity in droves and one of the reasons we realized was because they were given freedom there in ways, in the church, that they had never experienced before. The church was the place where they were loved for who they were not second class citizens not having to step back and put themselves in second class but to use their gifts to serve and to do all the things God had called them do including lead this brought women to the church. How women were treated and loved in the church and how I wish that was true of the church today. Wouldn’t it be amazing if women and men looked at the church of Christ whatever church it was and said “That, that is how I want to be treated.” “The way women are treated there. That shows me what God’s love is like.

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