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60% of marriages between the ages of
20 and 25 end… in divorce. If your parents were divorced, you’re at least 40% more likely to get divorced. If both you and your spouse have had previous marriages, you’re 90% more likely to get divorced. For over 30 years, Cleansing Stream Ministries has been bringing healing and freedom to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. We are now wanting to bring
this into marriages specifically. so that we can see statistics like what
I just read to be eliminated. How would you like for your marriage to be dynamic, workable, long lasting? It’s never going to be free of all problems, but what if you had a great working marriage? That’s what we’re all about. We have created Cleansing Stream Marriage Live. And we are excited that you are considering being a part of this. It’s going to change your marriage unlike
anything you’ve ever experienced. The workbook on Marriage Live is accompanied by two very exceptional videos by John & Lisa Bevere I would love for you to have a dynamic marriage
that will last for years and you can have that. Jump in to this and find that God has still more wonderful things for you in your marriage.

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