Marriage Permanence Dave’s Testimony

My name is Dave Denlinger, I was born and raised in Ohio grew up as a conservative Mennonite- my mother was Amish my dad was Mennonite so I grew up believing that Marriage is for life. Marriage is permanent. When I said “till death do us part”, I meant that, and I never really reconsidered. When my wife left I begged her to get counseling with me and I really believed that we could be back together within a few weeks, or months at the longest but she wasn’t willing to get counseling with me I went to different counselors And the counselors all said pretty much the same thing: We can help you to some degree but unless you’re willing to both sit down and get counseled together there’s not a lot we can do for your marriage. And so at this point it seems hopeless but I believe that God is gonna work all things for good, if she chooses to never come back, I believe he will work that for good My heart’s desire is that she would- that God would change her heart, that she would be willing to come back and that’s that’s what I’m hoping and praying for every day, and so even though it doesn’t feel like it’s the best right now, I trust God- that his way is best. If my wife hadn’t left me, I wouldn’t have realized how how wicked and carnal and selfish and prideful and arrogant my heart is, and God has opened my eyes since she’s left, and I’m a more humble person now that God can use more because of of the suffering and the pain and the sorrow I’ve gone through. Jesus Christ Himself was a man of sorrow, acquainted with grief. Jesus said if you follow me there will be tribulation, there will be great tribulation, and if you want to follow Jesus Christ he said you have to hate your father your mother your brother your sister your wife and your own life and So I believe that is the Christian walk Exchanging my life- my Adamic life for the life of Christ and learning to live by His life and So the only way that works is if we embrace the cross and say, yes Lord I will obey you, no matter what the cost is. I will follow you no matter how difficult it is and That’s that is my heart to learn to do that and to let Christ live his life through me

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    I looked an I beheld the most bewildering agonizing site. It was a hoard of demons rejoicing over burning souls, but the burning souls had bibles in their hands and some appeared to be preachers and it was clear that the burning souls where people who considered themselves Christians

    And the demons surrounded the burning souls and a chief demon who seemed to be very ancient and wise stood in the midst of the burning souls and he began to say "i have triumphed, look at all these burning souls i have brought into this place, i have triumphed". The demon continued and said "i have triumphed over these in the flames because i decieved them unto disregarding the Words of Life from Jesus Christ. I created a deception among them that they should ignore Christ and divorce and remarry" then the other demons began to pour liquid fire over the heads of the burning souls. The chief demon continued speaking "I even almost decieved the very elect by creating new diffrent bibles to distort Jesus's Words of Life, I caused the word "fornication" to be translated to mean "sexual immorality" so i could broaden the reasons for divorce and remarriage thus damning these souls to Hell, soo great was my deception that even the leaders who now burn here taught my demonic doctrines of "abandonment" as a reason to remarry." The demon continued speaking, "I have triumphed greatly over those who I caused with my cunning wisdom to forsake Jesus's Words, just as Eve was decieved so did we triumph over these". Then I heard weeping and nashing of teeth amoung the burning souls in the terrible consuming fire.

    WARNING: if you're thinking of divorcing and remarrying or marrying someone who is divorced, you are being decieved by this demon from Hell and you will end up as the burning souls whome the devil triumphed over because in the orriginal old King James Bible, Jesus warned that ALL remarriage is continual state of Adultury, but because most people including pastors and church leaders are decieved by this wise ancient demon of deception these will burn in the lake of fire for sinning against the Holy Spirit because your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and your temple is not for Adultury but for Holiness unto the Lord.

  2. If only you could speak to my husband, i might have to leave him. God bless you for trusting and obeying the Lord your God, in all things. Lifting you up before the Lord in prayer. Shalom

    your sister in Christ Jesus
    Cherie c.

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