Marriage Permanence TJ’s Testimony

My name is Torval Klein. I go by TJ just to keep it simple I got married very quickly we didn’t really weigh things out it seemed like love but something great came out of this and we had a child and I knew that that had to have been from God, so it’s been a three-year separation and we departed from each other about one or two months after we got married and After I’ve made some mistakes during this marriage, I knew that the best thing for me to do was to try to make it better, and I apologized for certain mistakes that I had made but I understood that she wasn’t willing to go the extra length with me So I’ve had to deal with this as best as I could without completely falling apart Me and my wife are still talking to one another, but it’s a very tough situation that I find myself in, but that… We just have to keep praying When it comes down to it people have to keep having hope and faith in their spouse or in their husband That they will come to the knowledge of the truth. Out of this last three years I feel as if every comment from everyone else I got was from the enemy. Because it didn’t match what the Word of God said. and so I’ve had to deal with this strenuous process of saying, you know what, what is this guy trying to teach me, what is this person trying to tell me and What, what does God say? because it almost seems like the opposite. You know because people… It’s almost as if they wanted to cater to my need and give me an easy way out You know and tell me, well She doesn’t love you because of this and because of that and soon after I thought to myself God’s Word it doesn’t compromise It doesn’t compromise for you know what we want or Who we want to be but ultimately is it’s all about him and his truth so… You

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  1. How wonderful to hear a young man who truly understands God's Word especially since you were married for such a short time though you are married for life. You have the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom and discernment to not listen to any voice except that of the Holy Spirit. Praise God! Thank you Jesus.

  2. My wife left me for another man, and there was several men inbetween that. She divorced me 12yrs ago. I've remained single ever since. I have little to no contact with her and her Adulterous life style.
    Glory be to God.

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