| Marriage Prank on Bengali girl’s parents – Bhaag ke shaadi prank – aage dekhiye kya hua |

actually we got married come home immediately we are in a relation for 3 years how old are you? are you 18 yet hey listen come outside what is this ! this is just a video i think i am serious dad come outside hello we got married today you come home quickly i know her from 3 years where are you from? what is your occupation what is your name we are wedding photographer and we have been hired

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  1. তোমরা বাংলাই কথা বললে আমাদের বুঝতে সুবিধা হয়।

  2. U should be capture with your mobile hidingly so that her sister might not catch up easily to see real image. Lol

  3. Bhai tera over acting thora sa kaam kiya kr.. Video bana raha hai making ache se kr… Tu khud ko bohat over smart samaj ta hai jo tu hai nhi bilkul vi samjha…

    Beker prank tha… Thought acha tha but tu bana nhi paya…
    Next video me edit kr kr ke dalna video… Tune pura Time ky kiya wo sab dekhne kisike pass Time nhi hai utna..
    Acha video hoga tho jarur Like karunga.. But iss baar nhi.. I think so u r understand what I'm saying.. So all the best for next time.. Keep it up.

  4. শালা এই বিহারি দের তারাও. এরা এইরকম. বাংলা টা কে খারাপ করছে

  5. বাংলা তে থেকে হিন্দি তে কথা বলছে. বাংলার অবস্থা খুব খারাপ

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