Marriage Proposals: What Will She Say? (GAME)

( music playing )Well, well, well. Look who it is. It’s you. All right now proposing
to someone is one of the scariest things
that you will ever do. Will they say yes?
Will they say no? Will they say, “Please, sir,
this is an Arby’s. Can you move ahead
to the next window?” And so that suspense
can be torturous. – Yes.
– Which means
we’re gonna turn that into a really fun
game today! It’s time for… – I’m gonna project
a still image
– I get it! from a YouTube
proposal clip. – Mmm.
– You know how people– people say,
“You know what? I’m not only gonna propose, but I’m gonna memorialize it
in a video. – Yes.
– So people can see that she said no again
and again and again and then comment on it.” So based on this still
you’re gonna have to guess did the person
say yes or no. If you get three
of these right, you get to enjoy this
beautiful wedding cake. Oh, it’s a horse wedding. If you do not
get three right, I am going to–
Oh, it’s a unicorn. And a horse.
It’s a different kind of thing. – Oh, a horseicorn.
– It’s the future. I’m gonna take this and I’m
gonna smash it into your face. If I don’t–
What? What? – If you don’t get three.
– Why would you do that? I mean,
you can still eat it. So it’s still
kinda like a prize. – Wow. Hmm.
– All right. Okay, I know
what my mission is. – Any questions?
– Nope. All right, check out
this first one. This happened
on a live stream. So this is not YouTube. Just a small get-together in front of his closest
online followers. What do you think
she will say? Oh man,
it’s so difficult. ‘Cause I mean, I always say
that you should know that the person is gonna say yes
before you ask. That was the case with me.
I waited until I was– I know that this is gonna work. Anonymous is saying,
“Marrying her.” It’s so hard.
Now she looks– Tragic is saying,
“He’s gonna propose.” She’s immediately
emotional. She’s immediately emotional and
I don’t know if it’s just like, “I’m so embarrassed
for my boyfriend,” or “I’m so happy
that he’s finally doing this.” It could be mortification
or it could be infatuation. – Does she say yes or no?
– I think she says yes. – I think she says yes.
– All right. Let’s watch the clip
and find out. – Man: Too young.
– Will you marry me, baby? I love you. – Man: No?
– Man 2: That’s a no. ( people clamoring ) – Man: She said no!
– Please. ( man laughing ) ( laughing ):
Oh! I love the encouraging guy
in the back. ( mimicking man laughing )
She said no. Both:
She said no! Good news is,
this is the most views – he ever got in a live stream.
– Yes. You know what?
We need that guy here. – So if one of us wins or loses,
– Like right here. “You got it wrong!” That’s what we need.
That would take the show
to the next level. Damon, can you do that? Damon:
You got it wrong! He did get it wrong. That’s okay,
you can work on it. All right, not off
to a good start. Now on to the most romantic
spot on Earth. A pet store. Is this woman going
to make this man the happiest man
in the world or the crappiest man
in his pants? Oh man.
What a– This is just a bad idea. With a puppy. She’s almost stepping
on the puppy it looks like. Well, but you know what?
It could’ve been one these– obviously it’s not
just a pet store, this is like buy a pet day
at the pet store. And he’s like,
“Let’s go buy a puppy,” and she’s like, “But who’s house
is it gonna be at?” And he’s like, “Ours.”
You know? It’s like this is
a good set up. Yes, this is great.
It works. – She said yes.
– You heard it here. – I give it a thumbs up.
– From Rhett. Getting married
or proposing Both: at a pet store,
always a good idea. Always will work.
She says yes. – I bet my life on it.
– All right, let’s find out.
Let’s watch it. Man:
She’s gonna have a heart attack. ( crying ):
Yes. My God. ( people cheering and clapping ) Yes! Yes!
She said yes! I can never look at a bag
of dog chow the same again. All right, so you are
one for two, Rhett. Yeah,
I’m on the comeback trail. This next proposal happened
during the Mistletoe Kiss Cam at UCLA basketball game. He looks embarrassed
and she looks so uncertain. – I mean–
– She’s really sizing up
the ring. I mean, he’s actually biting
his bottom lip as he does it. He’s like, “Okay.” No, that’s sexy, man. When you bite
that bottom lip. No, the proposal’s
not supposed to be sexy. That’s always
a bad move. Sexy proposals, bad idea. She says no. Rhett says she says no
but what did she say. Let’s know
by watching it. Man:
Yes is the answer! Man 2: Yes! ( crowd sighing ) – Oh, hold on.
– No is the answer! That guy looked like an actor
there at the end.
He was like, “Oh, I gotta rub my brow.”
Or else he’s just an idiot. I tore the ACL of my heart
watching that. Okay. This next proposal happened
at a live taping of an Australia game show
called “The Footy Show.” Will this man put
his footy in his mouth or will she say yes? And I guess put it
in her mouth. I don’t know, I don’t know
how I convened that analogy. The foot. I don’t follow. Does the foot go in the mouth
in this clip? When a foot goes in the mouth that’s when you propose
and they say no. Is that what this game show is? – Foot and mouth disease.
– I don’t know, Rhett. Just give me an answer. Oh man. She looks like
she’s ready to run. You know? She’s like in the triple
threat position. Fight or flight. But you’ve got
a friend there. I don’t know.
Is that a friend on the left? I know the guy,
the guy’s a game show host. I know that’s not just a friend
who wears a suit and holds cards. Uh, golly. This clip would be
on the internet from a game show
if she said no ’cause that’s what why
this would be on there. She says no. All right,
let’s watch it. Just say yes.
Say yes. ( crying ) It does smack of a little
fakeness when he said, “I told my mum
to record it.” ( laughs )
Yeah. It’s like he didn’t need
to add that. – Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah, I’m starting to think– But either way,
I’ve gotten three right. You’ve gotten that right. I get that horseicorn cake. You do get that but I do have
another one I wanna show you. This next man is
on bended knee with a beautiful bouquet
of flowers, but will the outcome
smell sweet or stink? What do you think? I think the size difference
in those people disqualifies them
from marriage. You know what I’m saying? I think if you weigh three times
as much as the person you shouldn’t be allowed
to get married. I think that should be a law. – You know, I just–
– Well– I just, I’m worried
about that girl. I’m just, I’m worried
for her safety. I’m worried
about her, too, because that bouquet of flowers
is actually attached. Oh, it’s a third leg. It’s part of her body. She– oh god. That is her third leg, yes. I’m not gonna make
any deflowering jokes. Okay. – Oh–
– Oh, goodness. I certainly hope
she says yes. – You’ve already won.
– I hope she says no, but– I mean, that would be like
four no’s in a row. – She says yes.
– Let’s watch it. Hopefully we end
on a happy note. Of course! Rhett:
Of course you’re so big! Of course! I now pronounce you tanned
and more tanned. Ha, that’s right. – Give me that cake, man!
– All right, Rhett. Uh, there it is. And I’ll just–
can I just eat this part? Sure.
What a nice cake. I’m gonna share
this thing. My daughter came
and helped make that cake. – She likes to make things and–
– Really? – Mm-hmm.
– She’s got a future. I totally forgot we got some
celebratory stuff over here. Oh! Way to go, Rhett! Oh, you’re saving it all
for the end. I was gonna do this every time
you got a right answer. – Oh.
– And I totally forgot. Here’s the big one,
take a bite. – Take a bite.
– No, don’t point it at me. Take a bit of the cake! – I wanna cut–
– Celebrate, man. – I wanna cut it.
– Okay. I’m not gonna do it
until you bite it. Thank you for liking, commenting
and subscribing. You know what time it is. Oh. Whoa! What the crap? Hold on,
did you really think– I thought it
wasn’t gonna be that much more powerful
than these. Did it hit you? It did– It hit my hand
which was in front of my eyes. I was looking at–
I was looking at them. Uh, anyway, you know
what time it is. I’m Sean.
I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a snow day. Just finished shoveling
the driveway. It’s time to spin
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