Marriage Story: A reflection of modern divorce | IN 60 SECONDS

Noah Baumbach’s “Marriage Story” is less
about marriage than it is about divorce, depicting the souring of what started as
an amicable split between an actress and her theater-directing husband. Like 69%
of divorces in the United States, the wife initiated the separation. We learned
that she felt oppressed in her marriage, believing that her career and ambitions
were consumed by those of her husband. But the marriage was fairly egalitarian
by modern sensibilities, with both husband and wife working and sharing
domestic responsibilities. This gets at what is one of the most important social
issues shown in the film, though likely not Baumbach’s intention. Studies show
that women on the whole seem to have lower satisfaction rates with their
marriages than men. Even after decades of men doing more housework and more
childcare, and women spending more time on their careers,
many women seem no happier than a half-century ago, and maybe even less so.
Maybe it’s that society has created unrealistic expectations for women.
Marriage not only means finding a soul mate and a helpful father and a breadwinner, it is also an exercise in self-fulfillment. Did you think the movie “Marriage Story” was
an accurate depiction of marriage today? Let us know in our poll. Also, let us know what other topics you’d like our scholars to cover in 60 seconds and be sure to LIKE and subscribe for
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  1. Maybe women just arent really as oppressed as they have been led to believe. Maybe the whole oppression gambit is just a psychological perversion….

  2. Women bring nothing to the table but except to own the castle 🏰, modern feminism is cancer and it is killing the western world.

  3. Some women are never Happy no matter what their man does. They just nag and nag and nag… And they're just always unhappy and feel like they don't have enough attention or a big enough house, fancy clothes, expensive cars, etc. A man needs to be able to put his foot down and stand up for himself sometimes to make it work but it's kind of hard to do that with stagfflation and lack of men's rights. Women throw their men away like old shoes these days like an insect eating it's mate after sex.

  4. It seems I'm one of the few lucky ones. The slow dissolution of marriage heralds the end of western civilization. No society can be stable without the solid foundation of man+woman. By the time many will see this fact it will already be too late. Optimistic aren't I?

  5. It is closer to 90% for college educated women and you will be treated more fairly by the Spanish inquisition than by family court as a man. If you want to work as a disembodied support slave for the rest of your life with no contact with your kids, marriage is your best bet. I'm sure she will be different and less fickle than the massive overwhelming majority of the others, absolutely, you'll win this game, you're the man.

  6. There is ZERO benefit for a man to get married…
    … the down side for a man is disappointment, neglect, loss of joy of living, being used…
    Females are into a continuous power play, control and are never ever satisfied…
    Most females claim they are victimized while victimizing men & their children…
    Simply take a long look at older women… they are extremely unhappy and don't know why…
    Having blamed men all their lives for their emotional problems they lack self-awareness.
    Listen carefully to a group of women talking, don't interfere, simply listen quietly, what you will hear is a continuous stream of excuses and complaining, don't become their victim.

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