‘Marriage Story’ Director Noah Baumbach: “I Like to Feel at Home on a Set” | Close Up

(upbeat instrumental music) – To what extent is art autobiographical? Noah? – Phillip Roth has a great quote about, that he always started by
taking two stones of reality and rubbing them together
to spark the imagination. And I find, I respond to
that, because I often, I like shooting in New York,
I like to shoot on streets that I have memories from childhood. And again, it doesn’t
have to have any resonance with the specifics of the movie, but it puts me in a place
of creativity, you know? I feel like so much of what we do is a kind of conversation
with the child we were, and it’s that place of play. I try to use all of
these things, and I put, then, familiar people in the movies. Friends, my doorman, our doorman. Yeah, because I mean, when your mom is. – My mother, my father, my friends. – Yeah, I know, and
whether you know it or not, you connect to something personal. It goes to what we were talking
about, how we like our sets. I like to feel kind of at home, and as relaxed and calm at home on a set, and I feel like then I can,
chaos can come from that. (upbeat instrumental music) – What do you most like
about the filmmaking process and what do you most dislike? – I like sets and I like being on set. I feel very deeply that
movies are made in prep. By the time you’re on set,
it’s too late, it’s happening. I feel quite vividly that
every you spend doing one thing is a second you don’t
spend doing something else. Now that’s true for your entire life, but I feel it most vividly on a film set. Whatever the negotiation
of time and art is, it’s absurd to have a timed art form. – Exactly. – But it’s also beautiful
to have a timed art form. – I think I know what you mean by that. – You’re always dealing against time and negotiating with yourself. – That’s painful. – It happens, you have to do this. – It’s the only art form that exists, yes? Where you actually have to
get it done on a schedule. – Fighting has deadlines,
people have deadlines. – It’s different, yeah. – Your deadline is not
when the sun goes down because it’s not the only day you do that. – To have that location. – ‘Cause you have that location with all the hundreds of
people that you’ve got. – [Todd] It’s true. – It’s different. And deadlines are good, too. – Yes. – You wanna create, where
there aren’t parameters in filmmaking, I think all
kind of we create our own rules because you wanna have those things. (upbeat instrumental music) – Noah, you and Greta are a couple. How does she influence your work? How do you influence hers? – I mean it’s beyond advice, it’s like the roots, she’s in
there from the very beginning. It’s not things that
we’ve discussed even about things we might wanna write
together or other projects. Sometimes we’ll end up taking, Greta has lines in all my
movies, that are actually hers. – Yeah. – Maybe things she’s said in life but also things she wrote
that I say, can I use that? – ‘Cause we’re always writing. – Yeah, we’re always sort
of thinking about things. Like somebody had asked me,
what was it like showing Greta Marriage Story for the first time? I was like, I don’t even
think of what the first time. I mean there was a first time, but it was, I felt like she knew kind
of what she was gonna see because we were so in it
together all the time. – It’s all the time, and all the time, we’ll see something, I think
he talked about with you, when we saw Silence and
there was the moment of the way you shot the scene where they’re talking to the Monsignor. – Oh yes. (laughs) – And he paused it and he was like, it’s actually, it’s great,
it’s wrong but it’s great. – We got in trouble and
I didn’t know what to do. Eye line, it was the eye line. – Yes. – I wanted the eye line to each person, so Rodrigo looked at me, he said, well that means we’re gonna have to go, because the two priests are here and the bishop is there,
the cardinal or whatever. – So you jumped the line on it? – Well you go from Monsignor to Monsignor. – [Todd] Oh, I got it. – It’d be like Lulu’s left shoulder and my right shoulder to Stephen, it’d be like cutting between the two. – And when we were cutting it together, Thelma and I, she looked at
me and says, is this crazy? I said, I don’t know. Yeah, let’s do it the other way. We looked at it the other way, she says, terrible, go back the other way. (laughs) And we got back to the
mistake, which really, a mistake, it was like
we were forced into it. – [Noah] And I lifted that mistake. – [Greta] For Marriage Story. – In Marriage Story I do this a few times, ’cause the movie is so
much about perspective and who are we with, and
so when they’re talking in the very beginning of
the movie to the mediator, I do that exact thing and I
did it again in the courtroom. And I always, of course,
it was actually yesterday, I asked Marty, but I had a feeling, it felt in the best way
like kind of something, a mistake that worked. – It developed on set. – Because you could have
always cut through ’em. – But on set, on set is where it happened, when we looked at each other
and said, okay, let’s do this. (upbeat instrumental music)

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  1. Kinda disappointed they didn't have Tarantino nor the Safdie Brothers

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  2. I will never like him after the way he treated his pregnant wife Jennifer Jason Leigh. Fuck Greta too. Also his films are a blatant rip off of woody Allen

  3. Imagine your wife calling you out for what you said during a Scorsese movie, in front of Scorsese, in front of cameras ahaha
    Damn, Greta, this was between you and i on the sofa.
    This is a such a great moment, though, i wish i could see more of these conversations, great that no one is interrupting the convo 🙂

  4. First I thought "it's funny to see Noah and Greta both at the Roundtable, because they worked together many times" but I totally forgot that they are a couple. This makes it even more interesting.

  5. Noah Baumbach's "Marriage Story" is such a better movie than "The Irishman" and Scorsese's tough buy movies …. why is Scorsese even here?

  6. I didn't know up until now that Greta and Noah were partners. Now I see where all that enhanced creativity is coming from.

  7. I can see why Adam Driver and Noah work together a lot. They share this mild mannerism and deep focus, two genius passionate introverts.

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  9. I simply love his films. They make you think and analyze certain aspects of your life. Marriage Story was no exception. Greta Gerwig had a great mentor and now she has her own voice and is a great filmmaker as well.

  10. I aspire to direct and act so bad just so I can sit at the same table and talk to some of my favorite actors and directors and producers.

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