Marriage Story—Explained

– Noah Baumbach’s “Marriage Story” is technically about real estate, but it could also be titled
“Marriage, Is It Bad, Who Knows? Let’s Ask Some Wealthy
Actors and Find Out.” – [Man] Three, two. (stately music) – [Joan] There are hella spoilers in this. In an alternate version of New York where being married to a
theater director is cool, actress Nicole, played by Scar Jo, is feeling suffocated in her marriage with playwright Charlie
Barber, Adam Driver. They hate each other for the same reason all artsy New York types do. They attend marriage counseling, but because Nicole is
an evil, vindictive wife who changes her feelings like
she changes her haircuts, she flees with their son on a
wellness sabbatical in L.A., where she meets super-bitch
divorce-attorney-to-the-stars Nora Fanshaw and films a television pilot. – [Man] Where’s she been
for the past 10 years? – [Man] Doing weird theater in New York. – Distraught, Charlie,
who assumes she plans to return to NYC after the pilot is done, follows her to L.A., where Nicole’s sister
serves him divorce papers and a pecan pie. At first, he’s hesitant
to hire divorce attorneys, and he’s like, “Wah, I’m
a poor theater director!” After Nicole hacks his emails though, he hires some sharks. – We need to hire a private investigator. – Really, I mean… really? – Does your wife do drugs or anything? – Nora explains feminism to Nicole while Charlie performs a knife trick for the court-appointed
custody investigator? After the two finalize their divorce, Nicole realizes that
Charlie’s shoe is untied, fixes it, and the movie leaves you with the rather boring question, but what if they still love each other? (bell dings)
Who cares! (upbeat music)

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