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what’s up everybody today I’m here to
review a marriage story so I just saw this movie earlier today and it was
trending on Twitter people talking about this movie everyone is bawling because
it’s very heartbreaking and yes I was one of those people I was crying towards
the end I was crying films and this is a drum and that’s why sometimes I even
though I love drama I love like few with the character like that sometimes I was
like okay I need to laugh I need to watch something else or some adventure
because yes it is very intense that said this will be a non spoiler review it’s
just my overall thoughts perhaps you can make a decision if you want to watch
this film or not so this movie is now available on Netflix and it was directed
by Noah Baumbach a director I actually never heard of but he was nominated by
an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and we also have Skyler
Johansson and Adam driver they are the protagonists so the story of the film is
basically a marriage couple going through separation and it is pretty
heartbreaking it is funny at times and it’s very realistic to relationships and
to no struggles of having to deal with a relationship and it I felt that this
movie is also it doesn’t really have a hero or a villain for for instance you
know you don’t really point fingers it’s your fault or is your fault
it really it really shows how difficult relationship ours and how complex
despite people actually loving each other and it really makes you oh my god
just like can you just get along and that’s how I was feeling throughout this
feels I can you just get along please because it’s just like it’s a beautiful
screenplay it is also very nicely directed and the performances are very
powerful you know like I cannot even tell you how many times I broke down
tears sometimes with Scarlett’s sometimes with Adam driver and there’s
one particular scene with there it’s a big fight scene and towards the end
I I just like okay here comes the tears again I was very impressed with the
performances that premiere me the best thing in this film is these two actors
because it really feels like a character study so we’re just following them you
know sometimes we go to scarlet characters and we see her point of view
sometimes we go to atom drivers character and we see his point of view
and in the middle there is a kid so it’s also story that can be very relatable
you know a lot of people that are a child of divorce they understand how
hard the separation can be and it is pretty realistic to be honest and yeah
heartbreak it’s probably the best way to describe this film because but I also
thought is very powerful and a movie that is definitely worth checking out if
you have time you know if you like drama if you like this real stories you know
Ranas and you know human behavior and one of the things that I thought they
capture very well is the stubbornness of people you know like sometimes you’re or
you’re too consumed on your own world that you don’t see the needs of your
partner and vice versa and I just thought I just it was a beautiful film I
really really enjoyed I also thought the cinematography was great it has a nice
spacing and it’s very heavily it’s a movie that relies a lot on dialogue
because it’s a lot of conversation you know and it was it’s definitely a very
strong script and I don’t know what else I can say without spoiling because of
this is just my overall views of the film but I would say yes if you are into
drama if you are are into you know reality and how relationships are you’re
probably going to enjoy this film and you know what just the performance of
these two people are absolutely fantastic there’s one part in the film
that Adam sings a song and the song is pretty much reminding him of his
relationship you know the lyrics and the way that he delivers that scene
I was like wow he’s just it was fantastic
so yes go check it out it is available on Netflix it’s a great film and if
people are raving about it everyone was tweeting about it because it is
fantastic I don’t know what else can I say I give this movie a 10 out of 10
it’s very simple story but at the same time very complex story and also very
relatable because even though if people haven’t gone to divorce they probably
have gone through a breakup some time in their lives and you can’t relate you
know Laura Dern is also in this film Wes Anderson so yes great cast great
directing great screenplay go check it out and then come back and let me know
what do you think about this film and that is my review thanks for watching
and if you enjoy this video don’t forget to hit that thumbs up subscribe for more
and I’ll see you next time and now I’m gonna cry a little bit more because I
remember a few scenes

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