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We all know what a love story is about, But, what is this Marriage Story? This is one damn movie.. that made me weep. Love.. .. is an art that comes from two hearts. Marriage is a pact between two souls to stay together, to love and cherish
each other forever. When the faith on love is questioned, over tides and rough weather Will it survive the tough times? Or will love let it self go? Not without leaving behind the never to be forgetten tales. Welcome to “Marraige Story” In Tamil movies like Alaipayuthey,
Mouna Ragam and Sathileelavathy we have seen the challenges a couple
face in their marraige life And only some movies portray a deeper understanding about marriage. One such movie is Marraige Story The plot revolves around a stage director
and his actress wife their marraige life drifts away
in different directions, they nurture different goals, while they upbring an 8 year old son. They decide to split up and get a divorce. In pursuit of their Divorce. This has got a proper blend of humour,
heartbreak, emotion and performance. There’s a scene where Scarlett Johannson
explains her lawyer about how her husband doesn’t listen
to her ideas and her dreams she starts to weep in the very scene which will catch most of us off-gaurd. Adam Driver, known for his portrayal of
Kylo Ren in Star Wars. His character in Marriage Story, will
appear to test our patience, We might even feel sorry for ScaJo. But when he struggles to find a lawyer, when he spends time with his son, we will pity him for sure. Netflix, the producer of this movie has tried something differnt with this. Marraige Story had a theatrical release before it was released on Netflix. So it qualifies for award nominations. And it also won many nominations in best motion picture, best actor, best actress, best supporting actress,
& best screenplay categories in the prestigious Golden Globe awards This emotionally overloaded drama is directed by Noah Baumbach. He makes sure you are seated
in the edge of your seat. The cinematograpghy scores are perfect. The screenplay is a tall, slow and steady
roller-coaster ride. The writing is at the best. The supporting actors have done a good job. There’s a scene where the lady lawyer says, “Women all aroud the world have
seperate roles thrusted upon them, which the society expects them
to do as a good woman.” You might feel Marriage Story is
an overrated movie. Maybe because you are single and unmarried. If you could relate yourselves with the
movie’s characters, this is going to be your best ever movie. Do not forget a pack of tissues
to wipe those tears. I cried thrice,
Tell me your count in the comments below. Thanks for your series & movies suggestions It will take me a while to watch them all. Meanwhile, do subscribe the “Mirchi Tamil” Youtube channel & press the bell icon too. See you next week! Bye from Mirchi Naveen.
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  1. Wooow , I so wanted to watch this series , Naveen has given me an idea on wat to expect especially the story telling in the beginning is awesome .. keep rocking ,gona binge into this today …

  2. You narrated so well.. I ll try to watch. You even tell about the awards. Nuances are covered when you tell about the movie. That's nice

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