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What I love about Nicole. She is a mother who plays,
really plays. What I love about Charlie. He loves being a dad.
He loves the things you’re supposed to hate,
like waking up at night. She knows when to push me,
when to leave me alone. He never lets other people
keep him from what he wants to do. -Dad, you’re too far.
-I know. It’s not easy for her
to close a cabinet. -He’s incredibly neat.
-She’s brave. He’s brilliant. -She’s very competitive.
-He’s very competitive. So, I’ll tell Charlie
what’s happening, and Cassie, you then
hand him the envelope. I just get nervous. Well, can you un-serve? You mean like take it back? Charlie and I
are getting a divorce, Mom. You can’t be friends with him
anymore. -G-ma!
-Charlie-bird! Mom. Mom? What? You know, most people
in my business, you’re transactions to them.
I like to think of you as people. Oh, okay, good. You remind me of myself
on my second marriage. Part of what we’re gonna do
together is tell your story. -Did you dye your hair again?
-No, this is me. You don’t like it? Is it shorter?
I prefer it longer, but… How are you doing? I realized I didn’t ever really
come alive for myself. I was just feeding
his aliveness. I’ll never get to really be
his parent again. He needs to know
I fought for him. It’s not as simple
as not being in love anymore. Eventually, it’ll be
the two of you having to figure this out… together. If we start
from a place of reasonable, and they start
from a place of crazy, when we settle, we’ll be somewhere
between reasonable and crazy.

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  1. Lmao can you morons stop saying it’ll get oscars? That’s NEVER going to happen because the academy considers streaming services to be beneath them. Just say it looks like a good movie and stfu with the inane superlatives

  2. Ohhh, no… I hope they don't get divorced… I reeeeeally hope they right their wrongs and work it out in the end.. (as I do with all divorces, I suppose… >.> )

  3. I just saw this last night at the NOLA Film Festival. It's genuinely one of the best written, directed, and acted films I've ever seen. Every actor delivers superbly. But Adam Driver's performance is truly a force of nature the likes of which hasn't been seen in film in years. He's coming for ALL the awards.

  4. In cinemas and on netflix on the same day? That cant possibly be bad for box office sales. 😀
    Box office haul: like 3 dollars…

  5. Saw this movie last night at the Heartland Film Festival and let me tell you, it’s one hell of a movie. The trailer doesn’t do this enough justice. Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson both deserve Oscars and Laura Dern steals every scene she’s in. The script is so raw and realistic. This is far from an easy watch, but it’s also a necessary one. Can’t stop thinking about it.

  6. Just saw an advance screening of this at the Heartland Film Festival. It’s brilliant, and the two lead performances are perfect. A must-see.

  7. If they don't get back together I'm gonna be more pissed than an Australia at a pub that's run out of beer… or hasn't it works either way 😛

  8. This trailer is incredible! I am ready to cry to this! Seems like Adam and Scar Jo work well together. I know it is a divorce story but with this trailer I hope their characters still find a way to be together? Lol! I feel sorry for the kid huhu.

  9. been looking forward to see these two back on more indie, drama films than the huge blockbuster ones. Thanks, Netflix (:

  10. Oh wow, Adam Driver and especially Scarlett Johannson look amazing in this. I didn't think anyone could give Renee Zellweger a run for her money, but maybe Scarlett Johansson could? I could see this winning Best Picture, which helps her. I think Adam Driver is a bigger contender than anyone thinks. I don't believe Joaquin Phoenix is winning Best Actor.

  11. I always thought how is Scarlett's eyes are changing as she getting older and i now just thought shes now looking Jewish within a sudden although i know shes american but found out that she does have Jewish people in her family LOL makes sense now but i love Scarlett.

  12. For a split second I thought omg Netflix is making a movie about a man and a women being married with a kid!

    Then the divorce papers showed up and all was right in the Netflix world.

    Still glad I canceled

  13. It's called Marriage Story not Divorce Story, I think the denouement will be way much more happier than what the previous trailers could make us think

  14. Please, for God's sake, studios, STOP using award nominations and awards as reasons why we should see your movies! We know who Scarlett & Adam & Laura & Alan are, and whether or not they've won an award isn't going to be the reason we see your movie. Trust me. It just means your trailer sucks, which this one does.

  15. This is an unfortunate trailer, doesn’t really the capture the entire feel of the movie and spoils a little too much!

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