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This video is sponsored by Mubi. Marriage Story, or knowing your tools What I love about Marriage Story by Noah Bumbach. The photography.
Randy Newman’s music. The way I see myself in
Adam Driver’s character. The editing.
This shot. Laura Dern’s monologue. This face. The subtle humour scattered around the movie.
The kid who’s so cute. All of the actors who sound right.
The songs they used. The way I see myself in
Scarlett Johansson’s character. The double posters for the movie. The fact that Netflix left
its introduction silent. The costumes.
The discourse. The story. Marriage Story is a story about love,
and the divorce of Charlie and Nicole. Both are fighting for custody of their child, and
beginning their separation in good terms before slowly degrading It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that left me,
to speak frankly, on my ass, without me knowing exactly why. But when I watched it again, I noticed some scenes
that really left me speechless. For instance: This is a “fade to black”. “Fade to black” can mean loads of different things but generally it indicates the end of something.
And it’s the case here: After meeting with a lawyer
that’s too expensive for him, Charlie leaves and the next scene
takes place about a month after. Other ellipses of the same kind occur
in the movie and always have the same goal: putting an end to something. The act of finishing up an act
with a fade to black is quite a classic, it’s one of the most popular tools
in editing for it is one of the easiest, and it can be used by any amateur director. But Noah Bumbach is no amateur;
He knows his tools. His movies don’t rely on a flamboyant visual style, but rather on snappy dialogues
that really capture, to me, real-like rhythms of discussion. You can find it in tiny details, like these out-of-context phrases
that often come across conversations. I feel like he knows what he’s good at: writing stories, characters, dialogues. And to highlight those elements,
he needs a kind of sobriety in his staging, as well as some freedom. I’m not finding a certain visual gimmick that
he’d use over and over again throughout the movie, like the use of a certain lens,
or a specific framing; I’m finding dozens of very different things,
always serving the screenplay, echoing themselves. At some point he’s going to use a large frame, with a wide angle, to position each character
in their respective environment, and then gets closer and create a real
difference in clearness between the two, Noah Bumbach doesn’t want
to make a film about sound, where it’s just about the talking
and not about the image, but he just want his staging to highlight
the screenplay with simple tools. To create an opposition between a couple going through a crisis
using the two characters’ surroundings: in his apartment with nothing around, and above the LA lights. To convey a difference in intimacy
when we see a lawyer in an clean, wide shot, and a broken woman, more detached from
the background and closer to the lens. Play with the absence of a couch
that his wife took from him. Using a “long take” to show
how a character breaks, or just putting forward
the frenetic rhythm of dialogues. These similarities with
the theatre are understandable when we realise that Bumbach first creates
the set, the situations, the movements, and only then places his camera
to capture the scene he imagined. So I asked myself, what kind of tools does Noah Bumbach
uses to construct and tell his story ? I do.
First, the actors: Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver
were considered for the parts before the screenplay
was even entirely written, and I think they were a perfect choice. On one hand a girl, quite short,
with an voice that’s often cracking, and a quite tall and strong man,
with a very deep voice. Their physical difference is often
highlighted throughout the movie and I think it makes them
very human and realistic. They don’t look like
they’re perfect for each other. Also, they’re never really shown at their best, and even though to me
they still are incredibly attractive people, they are, first and foremost, regular people
talking in Charlie’s apartment. The set is also really interesting: Divided in two, it’s got two shades of colour that allow a person to stand out,
or to show how they are both, in their comfort zone. With this shot, Charlie and Nicole aren’t in conflict quite yet:
they’re exchanging small talk. But then, Nicole steps into Charlie’s darker space,
and stands out because of her light sweater. The use of colour is very important by the way. This eye for detail is typical Bumbach: it’s not an unnecessary bother; it’s the well thought element that implicates
the spectator in his story without them noticing. Few people will have noticed how Charlie is wearing a red sweater
whereas Nicole is wearing blue top. opposite colours for opposite characters. Or how Charlie’s clothes evolve from a blue that he wears a lot at first that represents New York, to warmer colours that symbolize Los Angeles. Color that Nicole wears a lot,
and who wants to stay in LA. It’s also worth mentioning the double poster for the movie. You can even tell how Bumbach
uses colours to identify the characters, but also how those same colours have repercussions
on the allies and enemies of each parties in this separation. Nicole’s mother, who adores Charlie, is wearing a blue top. Nicole’s Lawyer, who’s on her side,
is mostly wearing warm colours. Even the kid, Henry, often wears double layered clothing,
reminding us of both parents’ colours. Even though the movie tends to be very beige,
the colours are extremely well used, including here. What’s funny is, I’m noticing
the camera’s position only after all of that. The positioning of the camera evolves
very naturally with the conversation : we begin in the middle of the characters, with the well-known shot/reverse shot technique
where Nicole and Charlie are each isolated. The set is extremely important in Marriage Story, because
the movie is about feeling our world crumbling around us. The colour of their clothes allows them
to stand out in this very monotone surrounding. Except that’s just the beginning of the conversation. The camera angle changes. What was a simple discussion has evolved into a confrontation.
They want to hurt each other. What I find amazing, is the way Noah
makes this fight visually so interesting, and most of all how it looks so easy and flowing:
the characters are moving for two reasons. Reason number one is that, when you’re having a fight,
you tend to do something else with your hands before you get really mad. Reason number two is that, when you move, the changes in the camera axes seem more natural.
You don’t even realize that the camera is constantly changing its angle. It’s better if you take into account how this scene was filmed: no improvisation, a small team to work on one single camera,
and two days of shooting to build the length of the argument, because Driver and Johansson constantly had to do it all over again
from the beginning for each and every new take. Like a theatre rehearsal. Also, the blocking of the actors was locked before
the camera was ever considered. And that’s how it ends.
As it began. Their opinions haven’t changed:
they both still want what’s best for their child. But they said what needed to be said
and the story can now move forward because the character can finally put this behind them
and go on with their respective lives. Noah Bumbach chooses to place
his camera in very decisive places, but with a very theatrical staging
that’s already completely orchestrated, that allows him to capture the wonderful scene
that both his actors are playing to perfection. He’s not thinking about how the tools he uses
are going to make sense with his way of shooting, but simply how they’re going to be in accordance
to the story he’s telling at every particular moment. That’s how you can find tragedy, emotion, songs,
or even scenes that could be from a thriller movie, like when Charlie receives the letter from Nicole’s lawyer and
that letter becomes the centre of the scene, built with a rising suspense. I can’t even mention all of the details scattered
around the movie that are then brought back by the lawyers, giving Marriage Story a kind of detective-movie feeling almost. Even if he already has the film well anchored in his mind,
he lets his chief editor, Jennifer Lame, have some freedom with the takes she uses or where to cut,
a relatively rare thing when a director, who also wrote the movie,
already know pretty much how he wants it to look like. The camera is a tool that comes in second place
for Noah Bumbach, after really writing a story because the story is what is most important to him. He even goes to the point where he says that it was his words,
but it was also his actors’ film because they were the one carrying the story to the screen. So, in order not to overshadow them
and the story he wants to tell, he lets go of the “expert” directing techniques and sometimes
uses very diverse and simple tools throughout the movie. Splitting a frame in two parts to
point out Charlie’s bloody forearm. The parallel between two poses in the subway. Underlining the environment. Crushing the character at his lowest point. Using different genres to serve
the emotional rollercoaster that is the movie. Using colours to show how
each character’s empathy changes over time. Reusing every detail from the screenplay. Progressively evolving from her to him,
and from him to her. And finally, using a simple fade to black to show
a jump in time that’s necessary to the storyline. It’s all very simple. Very basic. But real talent is found in how you use and combine
all of them to create something unique, and most of all how you tell a story that really deserves to be told. Thank you for watching this video, I really hope you enjoyed it! I really wanted to talk about Marriage Story, this movie really had an impact on me I think it’s one of my
favourite movies from 2019 and it’s available on Netflix; check it out if you can. I also want to thank everyone who supported me via Tipeee, I have a new reward system where basically if you donate, you get the video one day in advance,
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take care of yourselves, stay alive.

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