Marriage Story Review (2019 Netflix Movie) (No Spoilers)

Marriage Story stars Kylo Ren, a man who takes
after his father And the team player black widow. Acting across the board is great, and I would
watch an entire movie about Ray Liotta’s character The writing is good overall, but the humor
in the first 40 minutes isn’t really my thing. But there’s a slight tonal shift once we
get into the actual divorce and everything from that point onward is pretty enjoyable. The movie did a shockingly good job of making me feel the confused frustration of Adam Driver’s character. And the courtroom scene is one of the most
evenly matched back and forth’s I’ve seen in a while. My complaints would be that I hated Laura
Dern’s character since some of her dialogue felt like it was coming from Twitter. I would’ve also enjoyed more court scenes
and more Ray Liotta. The opening, while good, should’ve been
more succinct, it’s 7 minutes of narration straight, which is just too long. Imagine if that untitled David Fincher movie
had that much non-stop narration. If I had to rate this tale of misery and malarkey,
I’d give it 7.6 ominous insider reports out of 10 5 Scary REAL Videos With Disturbingly
Dark Backstories. I’m gonna go drunk dial my ex-girlfriend,
and I’ll see you on the next one.

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  1. What a weird fucking cast. Who is like „kylo ren and black widow need to play a married couple“ this is more a crossover waiting to happen than a movie about divorce

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