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  1. After seeing the movie, how do you think it affects Joaquin's chances as Driver seems to be his closest competitor? Personally loved both but I'm not sure which one I think is better

  2. Thanks, Grace. I've got to watch this when it comes out this Friday. Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married does touch on these themes.

  3. adam driver is the ugliest actor to ever have so many prestigious roles. hes even uglier than adrien brody. how did this happen I wonder?

  4. Watched it at the London Film Festival a while back, it’s my favourite movie of the year. Just the subtleness of the whole movie and the nostalgia that brought back to me from when my parents divorced was really powerful.
    So glad you liked it x

  5. Would you compare it to Blue Valentine because I fucking love BV because of it’s painful realness

  6. If only Kylo Ren and Black Widow had been upfront about their Disney property secondary lives, maybe the marriage would have survived. Maybe.

  7. I disagree with your point on Adam Driver’s musical number. I thought that was one of the best, and emotionally moving scenes of the film, and a lot of people seem to agree too. He gave it his all in that scene.

  8. Poor Grace..once again being the smartest person in the room. I hope I can appreciate the movie and understand as well as she did.

  9. I knew Adam Driver would one day be a star when I first saw him in Girls. Even then he shone bright among all the other actors. What a talent!

  10. We had a film called Daffodils in NZ this last year based on true story of a NZ couple in the 60s and it was also killing how more communication would have made such a huge difference.

  11. Poor Scarlett and Adam. When they pass away, they'll primarily be remembered as Kylo Ren and Black Widow, and not performances like this.

  12. I appreciate this introspective type film and will definitely check it out since it’s on Netflix. Thanks for the review or I might have skipped it.

  13. Joker is still the most uplifting movie of the this holliday season.. who wants to watch a movie about divorce even if Kylo is singing

  14. My Top 10 Films of 2019 (so far):
    1. Parasite
    2. Marriage Story
    3. The Farewell
    4. A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood
    5. Knives Out
    6. The Peanut Butter Falcon
    7. Joker
    8. Rocketman
    9. Ford v Ferrari
    10. Booksmart

  15. When two people fight and argue it's very seldom about the topic itself. It's usually about the ego rising up to defend itself. The ego can be a real devil and everyone needs to work on keeping watch on this most dangerous inner foe.

  16. Can't wait to watch it once my final studies are done. I already heard Scarlett gave the best performance of her career and I hope that's true so she can get her first Oscar nomination

  17. I didn't even heard about this movie before you mentioned it, now I can't wait to experience it with my boyfriend when it comes out on friday 😊

  18. Grace that song you hated is Being Alive from the musical Company which is hardly an off-off-off-Broadway avant garde show. It’s won multiple tony awards and is being revived on Broadway next year.

  19. I'll watch it for the performances but I think the young casting and clearly much more mature story was a mistake. They look so out of place among the other adult characters/extras in every scene of the trailer. I'm crossing my fingers.

  20. I’ve never seen Kramer v Kramer but the poster is very memorable for me and I thought it was similar to this poster.

  21. Adam driver sings? Is this a musical? Real question though, I know nothing of this movie. Other than I'll now watch it thanks to this awesome review!

  22. When Adam Driver sang the song from Company, I inexplicably burst out sobbing. That was SO powerful. You must have missed the point.

  23. I was very moved by Adam Driver singing. It was one of my favorite moments in the movie, I had to immediately look for the actual song. I'm so in love with this film.

  24. Do you want to experience an authentic story about the nuances of marriage? Stay clear of anything produced by the asshats in Hollywood. You're welcome.

  25. This is DREADFUL! LOL I saw it at Chicago international film festival and boy was it difficult to sit thru INDEED. But laura dern is delightful to watch.

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