Marriage Story Scene-Second hand trombones?

Micro manage Parents with advice. I’ll give you a hundred quid for ten. That’s my final offer. What are you doing? I’m panic buying loo roll! I’m panic buying secondhand trombones! I’m panic buying tippex! I’m panic buying compost! I’m panic buying panda pop Cola! I’m panic buying secondhand soda streams! I’m panic buying hand sanitizer! Hand sanitizer? We can just use soap! Soap are you mad this is 2020 not 1920! Have we got deal? Micro manage parents with advice You’ve just said that you don’t need to say it twice. Thank you so much for watching this all the way to the end. It really helps with what I am trying to do. Please give it a thumbs up. And if you really liked it, please subscribe to channel if you’d like to watch another daft Micromanaging skit please click here.

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