Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island – Isabella Is Upset with Tyler (S1, E5) | Lifetime

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  1. Now, i'm no fan of Isabella's, by any stretch of the imagination, but i'm with her when she's right. I don't want females slapping my man on the azz either, or rubbing his tattoos or whatever. There really is a such thing as boundaries, & 4 Brandin 2 barely tolerate Jon touching her, she sure is stretching them elsewhere.

  2. Oh Isabella! So its either your way or the high way? Tyler was really patient with you and you drained him. Maybe work on yourself first so that you are able to be a partner with someone else. Good luck to both of you.

  3. She apologized to Isabella and told her the truth about Isabella is taking it way too far. But Isabella has a way of being way too controlling unpredictably emotional and just concerned about how she feels that means she's just very prideful

  4. I think, with Brandin touching others and not Jona, being humourus is a defense mechanism; Such as a nervous laugh or joking too much. I think like Brandin said she's playful and she is playful with Jona but they still just met and it's hard for her to be vulnerable and intimate in certain ways off the bat. Hopefully Jona understands her need to laugh in intimate times. Anyway, I'm glad Isabella is gone!

  5. This girl needs boundaries. She walks around touching everyone she wants to touch? And at the sametime tells her partner that she does not like to be touched?! Isabella overreacted but still…boundaries.

  6. Y’all keep saying she is overreacting but aren’t they married. Don’t touch someone else’s partner PERIOD especially if they are married as well.

  7. Although that girl should have not touched her man, Isabella has issues. She should have not pushed this petty issue so far.

  8. Isabella is only 25…no.wonder she is immature, dramatic, controlling, possessive, petty, overly sensitive and will a long hard time trying to find Someone. Very poor communication skills as well. If its the smack on the butt incident, its losing the game incident. She will always find something to complain about! By the way, Tyler is NOT technically your man till he putd a ring on your finger. For now, you both are just getting to know one another.

  9. BOUNDARIES….thas whas wrong with the world. WE need BORDER BOUNDARIES, RELATIONSHIP BOUNDARIES….Americans are starting to hate BOUNDARIES…

  10. Isabella. Good lord. Don't care how pretty you are. You have major issues. You are gonna, already have chased guys away. A game? A loofah? Look deep inside girl. .

  11. Let her touch my mans butt and tatooo I’ll punch her . That’s so disrespectful touching someone else’s partner . If it was a guy it would’ve been a serious matter .

  12. Dang, girl read Isabella like a price tag at a 99 Cent store. "Look at the real problem here because it's not me." Double Dang!

  13. Girl bye she is to crazy why is Isabella even on the show. She is the type of girl that will literally kill you in your sleep I think anybody wants today her needs to be aware of that she's not dateable.

  14. that girl Brandin needs to know her boundaries, it’s other people’s boyfriends and she needs to realise that what she’s doing is gonna cause problems

  15. If the guy respected their relationship, he won’t let another girl touch him period. Can’t believe people are defending the guy and the girl who touched the guy

  16. She is right about the boundaries. In no way would females be ok if their man was like if I want to touch someone's but I'm going to touch it.

  17. I'm extra AF too so I can't judge I've just found out it's better to look crazy than get cheated on that way he won't even dare.

  18. It’s not about changing who u are it’s about the simple fact that u crossed a boundary still and yet!!! Even if she doesn’t communicate with him like she should if she felt like you were overstepping by touching him and smacking him on the butt you should just stop and don’t do it!! Let someone smack your husband on the butt. Who gone check her boo? 🤔 you? 😂 but seriously who🤨😑

  19. Now haven’t watched this season so 🤷🏽‍♀️ but I’m just saying. A boundary is a boundary.

  20. Whatever else she has going on, Isabella is 100% right. Amplified by their circumstances, it is her partner's obligation to draw the line; his body

  21. Isabella needs ro find out the root of why she is so critical You just need therapy sos or youll get dumped in every relationshipTyler was so sincereWhy you are far from perfect and dont see your mistakes you are hipersensitif on your partners not rightdont project everything on himYou neveradmit you are. !!!!wrong

  22. The us mafs has nothing on the Australia version. Everyone on here is trashy but pretending not to be . It feels fake like ppl are on their best behavior

  23. Cheating is touching,just dumb ideals of relationships,it's not accepting to touch other people even when contiplating a future,if it was the other girls they would feel the same

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