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  1. Chis and Jada are a nice looking couple. This process is so short that it would be difficult for anyone to be “ready to get married”. My concern is that his daughter is no more than 2 or three years old. What assurances does Jada have that he is done with his child’s mother? Why didn’t they work out? Jada must be very careful. She is young to be taking on a man with a child.

  2. They are such a cute couple, still have some growing and learning to do a/each other. But, if they take their time, eventually they could get married. Until then, He needs to learn the words to “amazing grace”… Lol!..( or maybe he was just nervous) …and I love Jada’s father sweet soul…

  3. You guys look so beautiful together I want to see everything on TV I want to see engagement mileage baby everything love you guys💖😍😍😍👍

  4. This whole process is really silly. I mean…3 weeks to decide to get engaged or break up? All of the couples seem to be pretty good matches but it'll be ruined because there is no way they are ready to make that kind of a commitment, which is fair in my opinion. Most guys aren't gonna feel like Jona does about Brandin after this short of an amount of time…I feel bad for them and I hope that, if they really care for each other they'll just dismiss the "getting engaged" bs and continue to date and get to know each other after leaving the island.

  5. She pointed out her mom and Dad as if he couldn't decipher the difference lol 💖 she was so happy at that moment.

  6. Chris is foine. I get it.
    But what does he do for a living ?
    Is he done with his baby moms ?
    Jada is 27 with no children and a pretty girl, she does have options. I just hope she makes the right decision for her.

  7. I think Jada is more into Chris then he is into her. If Jocelyn would've mentioned his daughter. He probably would've picked her over Jada. He did say he wasn't physical. Attract to her meaning she's not fit.

  8. Yes to him having a daughter. All it is with this generation is blended families cause nobody wants to actually work things out. They have to much options out here.

  9. Too many red flags!!
    1. he got a kid = baby mama drama
    2. he wants to be a musician = he broke.
    3. Past history is an indicator of future results – he made a women pregnant and no ring, he will do the same thing with her. She going to be baby mama #2.
    4. The women is 100% in, this guy is not. He admitted he wasnt ready to marry.
    5. he comes from single mother home = dont have a clue on being a supportive husband or father since he dont have that in his life.

  10. Jada needs to date and marry interracial. She is single, never married, no kids. I feel like she settling for a LOSER who will break her heart.

    The guy has a kid and he is not financially stable and probably still involved with his baby mama.

    She will end up being the baby sitter for his kid, her money will be used for child support if she marries him.
    # Leave while you can girl.

  11. Personally he is a nice guy but not seriously into her he seem a little uncomfortable the idea of seeing her parents I think she can do better than him she needs to rethink her options

  12. To see Latino men of color finally marrying the sisters is nice to see most men of color in the Latin community’s r forced to date lighter skin nice to see northern kingdom marrying southern kingdom

  13. Eventually both kingdoms of Israel that was split during the Assyrian persecution (blacks and so called people of color in the Latino community native aborigines included ) will be put together in these last days we all the same people nice to see this unity

  14. They are so Cute! And yes, God’s Grace is A-mazing! Forget how it sounds..good choice!!! **Love to see more of this Beautiful the chemistry!!😍

  15. Omg he’s so fake! Playboy! I can’t believe Pastor Cal is believing this fake playboy!! “ biggest fear is trust, like I slept with 100’s of women cause I’m such a player and cause of that I never wanted to be in a relationship. I’m here to become popular and get more new women to mess around with.”

  16. Is this tge same Chris who does the relationship advice vids on social media?? I really hope he's as good a husband as i think he will be based on his videos.

  17. I think he would have chosen the white girl if he hadn't been forced into choosing this woman because he would have probably treated her better or been more into her at least. Sad but these kind of guys are more into other races of women than black women, eventhough he probably got a small percent of black in his blood.

  18. chris: “that saveddd, the dayyy”
    jada: “ooh that’s good!”
    poor thing, she knew good and well he never changed the lyrics on purpose. 😭💀

  19. Honestly I feel like she's just super excited that he's hot and she can be proud to show him off. He doesn't give me husband vibes tho….he seems like he's just having a moment.

  20. 0:52 Why was she pointing out her mom and dad,when she already told him that they are her parents, like he didn't know which one is which?

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