Married at First Sight: Jessica Demands Honesty from Molly (Season 6, Episode 14) | Lifetime

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  1. You can tell Jessica was crushing on John which is why she acted very difrerntly with him than the other guys and since July they have been dating. Very happy for them cuz Molly seemed too selfish and always acted like a b to John. Glad he found love and happiness

  2. Molly is just a little OFF! Jon is so CUTE! Don't know how she couldn't be attracted? As far as looks go WOW. Jon deserves much better

  3. Dr. Jessica is the clean up woman….. A clean up woman is a woman who
    Gets all the love we girls leave behind
    The reason I know so much about her
    Is because she picked up a man of mine. The clean up woman will wipe his blues away
    She'll give him plenty lovin', twenty four hours a day
    The clean up woman, she'll sweep him off his feet
    She's the one who'll take him in when you dump him in the street
    So take a tip, you better get hip
    To the clean up woman, 'cause she's tough
    I mean, she really cleans up!

  4. Dr jessica treated molly with disdain and didn't try and help her, was short with her and very judgmental. Dr jessica is now dating John, so it was kind of unprofessional towards molly

  5. To guys out there, if you come across Molly turn around and RUN. Don't be deceived by her beauty, which personally is not all that.

  6. Molly…. You are not somebody that I could ever be friends with because of the fact that you are to immature to except responsibility for your disrespectful, hateful mouth and actions. You are the one that is disgusting.

  7. This woman is uncaring and insensitive.
    She comes across as if she's miss world and she's a plain Jane.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  8. Dr. and Molly kinda look alike.. ION I can see Dr. Swallowing saliva for Jon😂😂.. And finally they are dating! Wow

  9. I watched this season from beginning to end. Molly treated Jon horribly. Jon is absolutely gorgeous and seems to be a descent guy. I think Molly did this for the fame, not for love. They don't get paid to be on MAFS, btw. Good News it tho, Dr. Jessica put Molly in her place and snatch up her man for herself. I really like them together. Jon & Jessica, baby! They seem so happy together.

  10. I think Dr Jessica should not be talking like that to a client….you are discussing is something that angry women say sometimes. ..though it's not good to say that but I think it's not like a big crime. …though yes they have issues. .that's true….but I'm shocked at everyone bashing her instead of helping her. ..I guess western world us a bit different to ours

  11. Lol oh it was definitely "the nail in the coffin in their marriage" for U!!! Because yeah she was pure trash but u wanted him BAD!!

  12. Yay Dr. Jessica! Molly was a b"$#@ in the beginning. She treated John as if he didn't exist. From the start she was sending mixed signals. He tried so hard & she could care less. She was jyst there for the money & exposure. So happy John is with a real women! You go Dr. Jessica!

  13. Yes Molly was in the wrong in the way she spoke to Jon but Jessica just totally took Jon side from the jump because she liked him and wanted him for herself. She never gave molly the benefit of the doubt and honestly I think it was her intention the whole time to have him on the show just to get close to him. It was a bad match from the start. That's my opinion

  14. Pretty on the outside, but what a horrible, disgusting, repulsive lady on the inside. Whoever dates her….you've a real winner

  15. She will end up alone!!! Such a faker. Jon is such a patient and good guy, and hot!!! She acts high class but so disgusting inside

  16. Jessica turned into a huge liar and again the doctors made a huge mistake in selecting her as a candidate. Every season they pick a mental case and they say they do background checks.

  17. Wow Molly I can't be live your upset when you did say the things and you just expect him to put up with it no girl don't put it on him when there's prove you did say it

  18. You can see the therapist fancies him! X
    It is obvious the way she goes full on against her, not at all professional although the wife is a right cow x

  19. I’m sorry…. is this “counselor” taking sides?? Is something more going on here? I think the counselor may have a crush on that dude.

  20. This chick is so gross. The manipulation is real. This is the type of person that doesn’t want to see other people around them do well in life and she’s bad at hiding that.

  21. Don't say what your ashamed off in first place ..she called him.disgusting then thought she could play victim how he handled it….so many weak arsed ppl like this these days…wannabe victims….

  22. ‘Dr’ Jessica is not really professional she is clearly taking side and she is manipulative so she can take Jonathan all to her self… the Americans psychological association should pull her license from her.. I ve never seen a counselor who encourages taking videos like that and uses them in their ‘therapy’ session

  23. I was thinking in my head only…dr. jessica looks like an older version of Jons type,maybe they should hook up. Now binging on these episodes looks like I was right lol

  24. I have mixed feelings about video.

    it is EASY to catch someone saying something really bad on video, especially if you secretly record them after trolling them over and over again. Even the nicest people in the world are going to snap after enough provocation.

    On the other hand, sometimes video is an accurate illustration of how they behave.

  25. Crater face is still around, I never saw anyone wear so much make up, she’s uglier on the inside than out

  26. women are always so angry when they get caught live in the act. then they always try to turn it around and blame the man….""" YOU VIDEOTAPED ME WHEN I CHEATED ON YOU???? HOW DARE YOU !!!! I CANT TRUST YOU BECAUSE YOUR VIDEOTAPING ME IN SECRET""

  27. DINO records MELISSA's conversation in MAFS Australia 2019. This is what should have happened. The channel 9 network edited Dino as if he were wrong and the experts didn't intervene. All for ratings not for marriage here in Oz.

  28. actually Jessica she dam right., I like how she looked her in the eyes and told her about her lies, am sorry white people out there actually I want to marry a white guy some day, but I hate the drama for white women they want to be pampered and begged all the time. yo 34 yrs u came in there to look for yo future husband how can u call yo husband disgust after video taping u texting another guy? u came to look for future husband but hey still in yo old pants I mean come on if she is not ready she can quit Instead of being in there and waste people time.

  29. You can tell even in this clip there’s a connection between Jess and Jon. And now they’re a couple! Adorable.

  30. I'm glad the doctor and him are dating now he deserves a good strong woman that defends him trays him right and Doenst mistreat him

  31. Jessica needs to be on the Australian show, she has guts to hold people accountable for there actions.

  32. Dr. Jess was like I am gonna scoop him up. I legit would have given him a hug right then. Like he tried his best. There was no pleasing Molly. Congrats to them both 😀

  33. I was completely disappointed in Molly and her ridiculous behavior. What a witchy personality. I was actually embarrassed for her. She has some serious problems and need psychiatric help…ASAP. Def Narcissitic tendencies.Not sure if she could recognize the truth if it smacked her in the face. I'm glad her true colors finally came through! Jonathan was very lucky her true self was exposed.

  34. its because of women like Molly that men get sent to jail on false allegations…stay away from the mollys of the world

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