Married at First Sight: Jonathan and Molly’s Final Decisions (Season 6, Episode 16) | Lifetime

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  1. Molly disgust me so much.. I really can't stand her. I'm not surprised they got a divorced at all. Molly is a mental nutt bagg.. Smh.. She is disgusting on so many levels.. she wasted Jon's time.. on so many levels.. Her sorry behind had her nose in the air acting as if she's all that. News Flash Molly is unattractive and not all of that. She sickens me.. I'm over her.. Jon can do better..

  2. Your typical trend just wanted exposure. That dudes way to soft for a type like her women like her will stop all over softies.

  3. Definitely looks like she was not into him, then why tf did she lead him on. Too much love for the camera? Do they get a divorce and like share property?

  4. She was only in this for the exposure hoping she would get discovered! She is an extreme liar, hateful, aloof and Cold as Ice! She should have to pay money back to the show because all she did was ride it for tha fame never intending to stay married to anyone they put her with!

  5. When he said he wanted a devorce she gave him a look like she was hoping he would say yes but he didn't and was crushed on the inside.

  6. What a self-deluded, narcissistic, immature taker. She used him for fame, nothing more. I feel sorry for her next victim. I don't think this guy realises just how lucky he is to have divorced her.

  7. Honestly this show has such a bad track record that I don’t understand why they pretend that divorce isn’t the usual outcome.

  8. I can't believe him and that doctor are together now… I think that's why she didn't encourage them to fight for the marriage, besides the fact that Molly was verbally abusive to him…

  9. mad to see Jonathan confirm hes now dating the expert psychologist Dr Jessica from the show can see the connection good luck to u both 😊 molly just couldn't see the guy he was her loss lol

  10. It's now been several months since Jon and Molly ended it. I would think that Jon has met someone or is dating and she is not. I wonder where she is now not in a good place I would imagine. When your fake plastic cold and someone like Molly times will be tough and lonely.

  11. She basically threw him into Dr Jessica's arms. Jonathan is a catch, and this sid from ice age lookalike with bad skin did not deserve him.

  12. She's not wrong to tell her mind about not being attracted to him. It's what she felt the chemistry was not there on their wedding day. I can't imagine myself in relationship with someone I don't feel attached to. But bouth are not mature enough to have a meaningful relationship and because they are beautiful they have that arrogant attitude where people "must accept them" for their beautiful face or body. Potty to see he loved her but it didn't happen on her side she was frank about what she felt for him. None of us would have faked it if we were in her position.

  13. Ugh Molly.. She thinks she's so gorgeous and perfect.. When in fact she isn't even in the same ball park with Johnathan on either aspect and so many others

  14. She's one of those women who doesn't have realistic expectations and is somewhat entitled… bc of that she will never be happy or satisfied in her relationships

  15. People are so obsessed about this " Match" Thing, great now you know having a match does not absolutely tell the relationship is gonna be successful. I sometimes wonder. How come our grant parents who had nothing most were very average when it comes to money ect.. but had long lasting marriage. Today, people pretty much fight for success and get more from society( Education, higher degree, well paid job, ect..) But so little understanding about what marriage is all about. We have BIG EGO…and expect marriage to work. Even when people say they look for the perfect person yet the choice is always based on something superficial. Like i want this guy to have a great body, i want that lady to have butt, ect,.. all superficial elements. Oh lord help the world. Marriage is not even something respectful nowadays. GEt married today divorce tomorrow. Is it some kind of joke? Yet when sharing the vow both people vowed to stick together for better and worst is it again just to look right from of people not knowing what those sacred words mean?

  16. She is sooooo resistant to accepting her responsibility in this. Felt so bad for Jon. He's so much better than I would have been.

  17. Crashed and burned on day one mate, she never had ANY intention to commit. He stayed with her his life would have been a disaster.

  18. i think this is what real issues with insecurity does….Molly is incredibly insecure in her own skin. I Think she has intimacy issues. women like this CAN be more prone to promiscuity than sincere intimacy with one man.

  19. She is shallow asf. He isn't even bad looking. DF? Who cares about looks when you have someone loyal, supportive and loving.

  20. You know the movie, Wedding Ringer? Well this was a ringer couple. A fake couple. It feels VERY disingenuous. I feel duped.

  21. Why do they pick kids to go this show…20+ year olds are still trying to figure out who they are..havent been around long enough to endure life lessons so of course this won't work out…this is just another life lesson to learn from in order to grow stronger as an individual..he's just triggered emotions in her that she needs to work on…why do you think people date before they married?

  22. Clearly she has a boyfriend at home and this was all for money. Her body language something is wrong. Who knows maybe she has genitalia warts

  23. i dont anderstand what went wrong, they both beautiful , Spontaneous, fun and appropriate.
    i loved them Together before it was destroyed, why did it happen?

  24. LOL She is ugly!!!! sorry, but it's the heart too. She is not committed and she never gave him a chance. She was like, "you are not my type, so Im not going to open up to you." there was nothing about him that she ever told him if he do to help her open up….SO There, divorce b/c of you, woman. You're in this show for fame, not for love.

  25. Molly reminds me of my narcissistic sister who chose her husband and threw him away two years later feeding our family a major story of crow on him. Marriage is not to be trifled with and divorce is wrong.

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