Married at First Sight: Katie Is Hung Up on Her Ex (Season 10) | Lifetime

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  2. Well no one can realistically fall in love at first sight. I don’t understand what the problem is with what he said. Actually six months is great timing to fall in love. You really have to get to know each other and I mean truly know each other not just have a crush or an infatuation. And she needs to stop thinking about her ex boyfriend before she sabotages her marriage.

  3. They act like there’s something wrong when you wouldn’t fall in love with a stranger in a week 🤣
    People use word “I love you” like nothing. How can you love a person that fast? It takes months and years to love someone. To be completely frank in some cases mothers don’t fall in live with their new born children right after giving birth. It takes a couple of days. Think about that!

  4. It’s always a red flag if someone still has feeling over exes…….. Seriously, why can’t people just move on?? When it’s over it’s OVER!!! Don’t hurt another person with your inability to control and manage your feelings. Some people just can’t be in relationships……..

  5. I think Katie is vengeful. I think she said that only because her "husband" said it was going to take him time to fall in love with her. She really likes him and he seems to really like her, but when he said that it could take 6 months or a year before he loves her, she brought up her ex. I think she is vindictive.

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