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  2. Daniel 12: 3 "Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever."

  3. Man this could be a good convo on featurism, standards and gender role but overall it all comes to dark skin women always get the short stick..PERIOD

  4. He said he was the 1st to get married in his family i thought he was gonna try to be perfect tbh and didnt want to ruin thibgs

  5. Listen her guard is up. And she's not attracted to him. She's trying to like him. And he's covering up his frustration with little jokes and humor. When really he knows she dont want to be with him.

  6. He struck me as the type that will say what he thinks should be heard…he sucks. Poor girl. I hope she ends it. Hes a dishonest dude.

  7. This is no reason for them to end the marriage, both of you can sit and talk it out.. one of the reasons why marriages don't last is miscommunication . In my opinion he should have never left the road even if they sat and tried to trash it out. Rule no.1 put God first, no.2 never go to sleep angry no. 3 never leave the bedroom unless there is abuse.

  8. Black women get screwed over so much on this show. I guess in that way, it’s reflective of Our dating experiences in the real world.

  9. Girl your so beautiful and sweet hes not a honest good person he is going to get worse trust me girl you deserve better let go and be done sweety

  10. This guy is dishonest. He reminds me of Luke from the United States series that was paired with Kate. Luke completely disrespected Kate. Luke ignored Kate & made insensitive remarks to Kate. Luke portrayed himself differently on-camera and was a different person off-camera with Kate. I read that Luke was allegedly homosexual and wasn't honest with experts or with Kate. This guy in this scene seems as if he changes his personality dependent upon the audience as Luke did. He evidently communicated different information to experts, her family and to the girl he was matched with. I hope this girl moves on quickly so she doesn't waste her time.

  11. I applaud him for being the bigger person. She went low and picked a fight with him. Had he gone to her level, he would have been labeled badly. He needs to get out of the marriage ASAP because she is a headache.

  12. They seem as different as night and day. She has chosen to ditch her ring, and to walk in "The Truth" ; and he seems to have chosen the path of deterioration. Even the other couples don't see them as a team. So unless the are on the same page, there will be no hope for improvement for them. She is so much younger, and has come off looking smarter and stronger. I hope I"ll see him in a better light next week.

  13. I think its her… She doesn't seem into him and probably just doesn't want to sleep with him. Using her interpretation of their conversation on the plane to get out of the marriage and to put the blame on him.

  14. I applaud them for not yelling and name calling. This conversation could have turned into a point of no return. Good luck guys.

  15. She’s not attracted to him in no form that was very clear at the wedding. After the wedding. During the pictures. She is very guarded. But she signed go to marry a complete stranger. She didn’t have an open mind. Her expectations were not met

  16. She likes the camera and the drama…she came to play….He may be dishonest but she is a bit confrontational …I am glad she spoke up though..You can tell she is accustomed to taking charge..

  17. You could tell from the wedding, they were on different wavelengths. She is 25 and gorgeous! I don’t know why they paired them together. I hope she doesn’t let this scar her too much. She will do just fine without him.

  18. She is very confident fir her young age. He said he liked the natural look, which is what she was wearing. Why the straight hair and fake ponytail.

  19. It's clear she's only doing this for her 15 minutes of fame… If she has intentions of sleeping with him at any point in this process/marriage then what he may or may not have said during a conversation she fail to mention who brought up to begin with doesn't matter… She even admitted that he said on the plane that she was taking his words out of context…. She was also warned by his family that he doesn't deal well with drama and shuts down, so what does she do? She bashes him on camera and when he denies her allegations, she just calls hom a liar… He did the right thing by sleeping in another room and I hope he doesn't waste his time…

  20. I don't believe her, she showed her true colors before the wedding, she wanted to complain about her dress when there was nothing wrong, she is just picking at him. He probably made a joke about it and now she is blowing it up just like she did the dress. She seems like she loves to play victim.

  21. Wait one scene she got braces on the bottom of her teeth. Where did they go at the hotel?

  22. It’s awesome that their conversation was peaceful and respectful. Good for her for addressing the inconsistency in his words and actions. It’s sad for him because he may often function in a way that he says what people want to hear behind closed doors. Therapy would help him. 💛🌅

  23. Dude shouldnt have put the pressure on her like that but we dont know his side of it. Shes not perfect and neither is he thats why they are on the show. He left the room because he doesnt trust her and i would have too. Shes complains about little to nothing like breakfast and alot of people on these shows talk different off camera. Too much attitude and if that conversation made her that uncomfortable she should have asked to be removed from the show instead of continuing to front him even after he apologized.

  24. Girl being with him will cause you SO much distress. People like him make the strongest person wanna kill themself and the most gentle person wanna kill him. He's claiming he doesn't understand and deflecting the FACT that he's a two-faced liar. JUST GO. He's not worth all the trouble he WILL come with

  25. She liked him until he showed her who he is. He's wearing a mask!! People who wear a mask are fakers! She's a truth teller!! Until hes ready to be transparent nothing real will ever work!! Run girl Run!!

  26. Does Michael know how to romance his wife into the bedroom? He is a bully for sure…But does he know how to make Meka want to "sleep" with him voluntarily, when they get into the bedroom?

  27. Girl let him lie and bounce, he can’t even take responsibility for being dishonest he a narcissist because he seems so great in front of ppl but trash behind closed doors

  28. My cousins said from the moment he saw her at the alter he wasn’t into her. Because of his facial expressions. Now we are seeing it. Not surprised.
    They need to start finding better black men for the women, or open it up to being interracial. So far the only black couple I like is from last season, the half Nigerian man and the woman with natural hair.

  29. She started complaining with the dress and I could tell she is one of those women that will always find fault in everything. She is too serious and too confrontational. Way to keep those stereotypes alive.

  30. Only a coward, leaves his wife the first night of their honeymoon, because of a disagreement and why not sleep in a different room or on the sofa? I’ve learned just because someone speaks calmly, doesn’t mean they’re innocent, perhaps, they’re extremely manipulative. Regarding her, the moment she said that she’s a “go getter”, which’s usually a code word for aggressive/confrontational, I knew this marriage was in trouble. Here’s a message to the ladies, you can be assertive, successful and still be gentle…easy to get along with.

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