Married at First Sight: Mia’s Family Interrogates Tristan (Season 7, Episode 9) | Lifetime

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  1. People (her family) tend to forget that this is not a tradition marriage… So they can't expect them to move in a traditional way

  2. How long can Tristan look the other way thur all those lies. He is very special…lets see for how long…her family needs to butt out now. They are a couple. She needs to stand up for tristan. I bet she had let them run her life..especially her father…maybe it is a cultural thing?????

  3. She knew exactly what she was doing.
    She doesn’t want to go at all.
    She knew her family would interject.
    She wanted to throw him under the bus.
    Tristin will except whatever she throws at him.
    Cause she’s light skinned 🙄

  4. Do what best for you and you man you not married to your family. they already live the life its your turn and tell your dad and your sister to back off.

  5. What husband and wife discuss is between them only!!! Don't envolve family and friends in your business. She should have checked her sister

  6. Mia dad is Trinidadian I am a Trinidadian ,, but please dad you know how we roll when family wants to be all up in our private life. Mia sister is controlling there realationship because they give her that privilege. She needs to butt out. They no what married at first site is. Mia grow up you are a wife now not a kid stand up for your husband and let your family nos you are a grown woman. They treats you like a kid. Tristan is a good man a man not a boy. Otherwise someone will accept him. Twice in your wedding it had ups and downs. Knive broke while cutting cake, and her glass fell b4 they even cheers. If Mia don't buck up she will be left chasing after him and he will definitely be filling a restraining order against her. Because of that foolish sister whom thinks she birth Mia. Let the sister out your marriage and go get one of her own. Leave them be.

  7. correct me if im wrong but her sister has way too much to say when it really isnt any of her business or her decision. Mia should have squashed that but then again since she hasnt he should be giving her the side eye

  8. Mia never said anything racist. Tristan is the racist one. I dont know y all of this attack on Mia. Mia is obviously blk. Look at her sister. Tristan is the one who married someone bc of skin color.

  9. Both of them are play games on each other! Let me ask again! Is this a reality show or some sort of fiction drama going on here?

  10. Her sister is such a disrespectful person. Family should never get involved in any other marriage but their own unless there’s domestic violence involved or some type of dire situation.

  11. Ok she did say she was feeling integrated. Just bc she said Chris feeling uncomfortable does not mean she through him under the bus. Throwing someone under the bus is when someone betrays you or give information to get you in trouble or to make u look bad n them look good. I thought. She is not an argumentative person but she stood up for him.

  12. 😂😂😂 can someone tell me what light lunch means ad he keeps making reference to it. I thought it was a smaller portion size or even a salad lol. I don't think this boy is awear that he can not dictate the way the conversation goes. He is ver immature and shes to mature for him.

  13. Mark my word, Tristian has some abuse/control issues. How are you going to dictate how conversation must go when you're having lunch with three other people? It really seems like he has to constantly control the narrative and direction of EVERYTHING or he storms off or he's uncomfortable or thrown in to a tizzy. Guess what dude, life is uncomfortable and full of questions and hard conversations. You're talking about moving with your wife of three weeks to another part of the state and you're offended my her family's questions?!? WTF?!? I think he's trying to separate from family so he can start with the serious abuse

  14. And they cl black women crazy…If we went off the rails like this, it wouldn't be received well. He wouldn't be as docile, I'm sure.

  15. Mia wud annoy me with what she did at the table. There is a time n place 4 everyone then she left him to fight her sister

  16. why is her sister jumping down his throat like that? He wants her to come to houston and HE SAID HE GAVE HER AN OPTION. Calm the F down!

  17. Wait they are in the same state ….So if she moves to Houston rather than Dallas thats their business. They are the ones married. I think the sister should be respectful of what they decide.

  18. Bro can her sister shut up and leave.!! And what's wrong with that Mia running her big mouth but then being real silent when she needs to speak

  19. I could be wrong but it appears he's the type of person where its his way or no way. He's powering down because his lunch wasn't light like his woman.

  20. She’s manipulating the situation. She’s doing this to seem like she’s not the problem but as if she cares how he feels

  21. Throw that whole family away!!! Do they know he is her husband lol he has control over everyrhing even When she gets sick lol

  22. The sister wasn’t wrong, but she’s a bully. Her sister is used to being bullied by her and therefore doesn’t know how to speak up for herself and her relationship. Additionally, that “man” turned out to be an emotional abuser.

  23. Family plays a major part in choosing ones mate. Marrying into a phyco family without knowing it brings so much unnecessary pain & heartache.

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