Married at First Sight: Shawniece Is Part of Jephte’s Family (S6, E17) | Lifetime

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  1. They had a rough start and it’s so nice to see how much both of them has grown! Such a beautiful couple! I wonder if she had the baby yet!

  2. I love them together and that’s a good best friend. Everyone needs at least one friend who will tell them the truth

  3. I lived in miami 5 years for university and i can say Haitians are very kind ppl. They are hospitable and community and family oriented

  4. Wow I Really Wish Them The Best it's Hard To Make a Marriage Work Today But Prayer, Patients, Love , if you combine These 3 things Together They will have a. Successful Marriage And Life.

  5. I whole heartedly wish these two the very best. May love continue to grow on your journey in life together. And May the peace and joy you experience in your home be as big and beautiful as Shanice's smile!

  6. They are truly a beautiful lovely couple and I hope for the best with them. And I love that wifee keeping herself attractive for her husband.

  7. I don't keep up with the show cause I'm super busy but I love this couple. My first time watching the show was seeing them. I wish them a lifetime together and congrats on the baby.

  8. I am in love with this couple. Shawniece is so loving and i just truly appreciate her love for her partner. May God continue to bless them. Was excited they have a daughter. I feel strangely part of their journey. Much love to them

  9. Every married have it’s ups and downs and you just got to focus on what made you want to be married in the first place. It’s about communication, honesty and love 💕. You can’t think that you are single anymore. Yes sometimes you do things by yourself but also you do things together. The 2 became one. Learning and Nurturing I’m getting to know each other. It’s all about opening up about each other.

  10. She's gorgeous. Jephte was just enamored with amount of pressure with helping raise his siblings. I really hope that they have move forward and deepening their love together.

  11. His miserable, she’s holding on for dear life. It’ll never work he already admitted to cheating on her while pregnant. She found the condoms n took of their rings. Poor thing.

  12. Never would I ever want a marriage that worldly publicized like this. Any thing about my life in general…. for any reason. People don't even care about prjvacy anymore, so desperate to be seen & known

  13. Jephte seems a little on the spectrum and it's o.k. I see myself in Jephte. I really don't think he shuts down intentionally the more I watch.

  14. He has not told her the hole time they been together that she’s beautiful not once and that because he doesn’t think she is he still not attracted to this beautiful queen black men can never see the black women’s worth 😞😞

  15. Jephte asked for this by being on the show and no one forced him. it is because this is what he wanted and he should stop doubting his decision he got exactly what he wanted reality and he really got it Shawnice took the leap and realize what she asked for and is fulfilling the part she is living her dream because it has materialized wake up Jephte and look at what you asked for you got it really !!! it is what you asked for so live the life and make the best of it because time there is no refund look at your wish that came true !!!

  16. let your Blessings be seen by both of you, not just one! So the union with blossom like a tree with many branches leaves and memories that will last a lifetime

  17. I really love Jeffrey and shawniece way of interaction and the love that they have for one another and the respect they have for one another and their maturity in this whole endeavor I believe that they have and everlasting commitment and marriage for one another beautiful couple

  18. In any marriage they are 2 persons,no one else matters, you 2 live your lives for each other,dont listen to the comments around you.Just live your lives

  19. awww then shawniece and jephte had there baby at 8 months so that tattoo really is working for them lol 😊

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