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  1. Omg everyone on these commentd act like they have never been in this situation! Its easy to judge but come on now get off y'alls high horse

  2. You do not say you want a divorce if you don't want a divorce just to see if the other person is really commited. That's pure mind games and it's toxic.

  3. Why does he keep harping on her? He either forgives and forgets or he leaves. He can’t keep punishing her and making her feel unwanted if he is staying. Oh Lord, just make them stop.

  4. Lol this girl though….she is coming on TV and playing with our emotions😖🤬🤬 …just stop you two…..Tristan I'm guna pray for you…..Mia, you need to be committed. Experts!!!! we forgive u for making this mistake so make it right and please please please get us another couple!!!! These two make us change the channel!

  5. It's too earLy for all these hiCcups! They're supposed to be hugging kissing and smiling not watChing the " Tristan now I look bad " shoW! They're polar opposites he's a cRybabY!!

  6. She is truly a manipulator, after all the so call abuse she is coming back telling him words that she don’t really mean. She is so fake, he fall for it. So tired of seeing her little tears and her fingers in her mouth. WELL, surprise!! She file for divorce!!

  7. Sometimes the best thing to do is to leave and regroup…. however, saying you want a divorce and leaving like that is probably the most childish thing you can do. Especially, when you only said it to get a response back. You wanted him to beg for you to stay… ridiculous

  8. There’s more going on behind the scenes. Mia is playing victim on the show but behind the scenes she’s probably a crazy lady. This man seems to be at his breaking point with her when he could have walked away when she got arrested in the beginning. He clearly doesn’t want her anymore because he knows who she really is. She seems like one of those people who throw rocks and hide their hands.

  9. Even though this is old and Mia filed for divorce alrdy I swear their relationship was sooooooooo draining to the eyes nose and throak YES THROAK lol

  10. The lack of kissing is so noticeable and cringe! 😣 Two people in love wouldn't be able to keep their lips to themselves

  11. Mia needs to be alone for awhile. She needs to find herself and be content who herself. This is an unhealthy situation and she can't put pressure on Tristan to be her Saviour

  12. I'm convinced they just like drama! And it's just like how is it possible when u barely know each other to be so complicated so quickly yet feel some type of way about a fabricated marriage?!! Like I can't I'm ready to divorce them for them

  13. the therapists are really horrible for keeping these two together for entertainment purposes. it is so obvious that from her childhood, she would be verbally abused and she would have to stay or go back because it was her family and that's how she grew up thinking of love. now she is in a marriage and the man verbally abuses her and she runs because that's the natural response but she comes back because to her that's what love is, u go back that's how she grew up….these therapists are b*tches.waw

  14. What up with the bruises on her arm ?? They dnt belong together. Tristan seems like a woman beater behind closed doors..

  15. I don't blame Tristan if he asked for a divorce because Mia has a secret she's hiding, she's not straight forward with the guy. All the time creating problems.

  16. Those are bruises NOW I'm looking at him totally diffrent and I want to know where they come from I dont support abuse at all

  17. If these to pick each other at the end they are stupid they are not meant for each other and that's what he gets for not wanting to be in a relationship with a black woman

  18. Smh this show here is a pure disaster….. just pray for your God ordained husband/wife, well i guess only if you believe in the power of prayer, and God, but if not good luck choosing on your own👍

  19. Plot twist.. He finally comes out and reveals that he is attracted to men 🤔. I'm so over this guy . They are both getting on my nerves matter of fact.

  20. She literally said you want a divorce but got mad when he said he'd also say no. She can't be playing these mind games. T hhat turns anyone crazy!

  21. He does look like Jay-Z. I am sick of both of them, and I hope the situation day they decide to get a divorce because they're both irritating

  22. First Tristan says the way Mia takes things is "on her." I have seen how Tristan behaved and it amounts to an angry attack on Mia in the car. If Tristan wants to discuss, fine but don't raise his voice, cut her off or behave in a threatening manner. Tristan needs to CALMLY and PATIENTLY let Mia finish what she's going to say, then stop and take a moment to calm himself again and THINK about what he's about to say. He then needs to say it in a constructive manner, NOT an attacking manner. When Tristan does what he thinks is 'working it out,' or having a discussion, is really a rabid pit bull being let of of his cage and charging his victim. I don't care if he claims he's frustrated, upset, angry, watching a football game and felt disturbed – he needs to behave maturely not attacking. His overly aggressive angry emotional attack is suppressive and abusive. Take it out on a punching bag first Tristan. Mia is NOT your punching bag!

  23. Tristan should forget about marriage. Some people just shouldn't be married. Also, notice he said he wants to get married and leave a "legacy?" Cause that's what marriage is for???

  24. Is this the guy who made it CLEAR he doesn't date BW… lol. .. welp there you go .. they are the GHETTOEST couple in franchise history…

  25. I honestly feel like he has feelings for her and wants to be with her but he doesn't know if he can trust her. She lied to him once and also was deceitful because she still had dating apps up. You have to put into consideration how he felt. If the shoe was on the other foot do you honestly feel like she would have been so forgiving? We'll never know.

  26. dis two are my fave couple just like shawniece and jephte. Remembered how shawniece and jephte use to fight with shawniece crying but look at dem now. They are still together and even have a cute baby.

  27. Please get your stories right on this channel last night you told us that Mia put in for a divorce September 4th. Tonight on the show they both accepted each other in matrimony now what's the real story here

  28. Mia you could do so much better baby. Wait on GOD truly and let your husband find you. Take it from a woman that has been married for 30 years.

  29. These 2 Busters Deserve Each other she's A Wack-A- Do…and he's Slow, Dumb, and stuck on Stupid…he's Going By The other Appearance of how she looks and she Ain't That Great looking Just like she walked out on him when thing's Get Tough she'll Do it Again,…He said he was sick of her….Then just in one week he Ain't Sick of her…They Both Have Self- esteem issues…….

  30. This is a high school relationship and they’re 30 like it seems like they both have so much baggage and insecurities that it is the demise of their marriage

  31. I don't know how the 2 of these talk about in their bio how they want a person that believes in God and serves God but yet they always using indecent language and telling lies so easily!

  32. Good because these two are not for one another, she has to many issues and she is two faced and she only is making Tristan confused . Get out Tristan you are better off

  33. She is so backwards. She told him that she wanted a divorce expecting him to say that he wants her ???

  34. I love these two people because they are really compatible but I don't really know why they are trying to stay away each other.


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