Married at First Sight: Tristan and Mia Make Their Decision (Season 7, Episode 16) | Lifetime

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  1. All these people in the comment section should leave this two people alone. The ups and downs are making them stronger. You guys should stop trolling this couple please.

  2. Mia is unattractive looking and overweight. I would have left that ho at the alter. She is a criminal and liar.

    These match makers need to vet these women better. They are usually basket cases. Too much mileage on their odometer.

  3. I think that [email protected] should include more information on these couples.. To include if there in a relationship before there matched.. with how long.. What there expectation are.. These two people want what they wanted but both were lying in the beginning of there relationship.. Things were hidden and when they were confronted.. he looked worse than she was… Packing her up and moved her out of the apartment was something he was intending to do all along…
    He wanted full control over the marriage and when she didn’t comply it was all over for him…
    This show definitely shows people’s weakness and strengths..
    Even though we do see things on the show that isn’t in the best light on people’s behavior… it is interesting how far people will go just to get to try to get to that perfect relationship… Nothing is perfect but as you try into a relationship that isn’t working in one manor or the other.. It is time to say that We are two different people who have tried but couldn’t be happy together in this relationship but who says in a different reality with someone else that it will work!!! 💕

  4. They need to calm down on the camera cuts! How can the woman have tears in her eyes, and then be dry eyed smiling in 2 seconds!

  5. These two both have issues—mainly immaturity, but Mia? Mmm mmm mmm mmm mm! Girl’s got some serious issues and needs to take a look At herself.

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