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  1. Can’t wait for the new series following up w bobby n Danielle and the other 2 couples!!! They’re all expecting babies! 🤰🤱🏾💑

  2. Dave's already so happily in love with himself. How can he fall in love with anyone else. Always treated Amber as if she wasn't good enough for him. And she picked up on it. Hence, her insecurities intensified on air. She may have seemed paranoid about him being 'judgy' as she put it. But, it absolutely was justifiable. He is very much judgemental. In hindsight, she could do much better. As for Dave, he'll never find anyone good enough to marry because in his mind, he's too good for even the best. Take it down a notch Dave. That's my advice to you.

  3. Shes able to admit her mistakes and talk about what she learnt, something Dave is unable to do ever! The blame doesnt always fall on one party – he thinks hes so perfect urgh!

  4. The fact that Dave could not see himself in a relationship with Amber because of her former relationship with one of his friends just confirms what I thought, he's a narcissist. I love that Dr. Pepper confronted him with that topic.

  5. He didn't seem happy when he said he wanted to stay in the relationship, on decision day. He literally had a frown on his face. He still looks unhappy here … which is why

  6. looking at their facial expressions Dave looked away as soon as Amber said try to reconcile and she has a slight smirk on her face, I think she knows the answer like they've talked about it but she wants him to be the one to say it in front of the cameras. He wasnt the right guy for her tho she tried to fit into his mold. He said they went through something so crazy unique and weird together like he was on a game the amazing race…lol

  7. I liked her, she was insecure but seems like a nice woman. Also she probably changed her hair more because everyone online ripped her and her hair the whole season. This guy sucked all season though…he tries to act like he is so mature and better than her. The dude has issues and I think she can do better. Shes pretty cute to be honest.

  8. He got her where he wanted her- she finally ran hoping to be caught, only for him to finally have the out he wanted. He never wanted to be with her and she had insecurities because she sensed that, but he didn't want to be the "bad" guy so he let her fall on the sword and then he got to walk away. He's a true manipulator. Run Amber!

  9. The heightened insecurities and often feeling judged by him seemed all too familiar to me when I was in a very brief relationship with someone. That someone is a Virgo so I took it upon myself to check out this Dave guy’s sign and look at that! He’s also a Virgo. Sis… run. Not because he’s a Virgo but because you should never let a man tell you more than once that he doesn’t want you.

  10. He never loved her from day one, she felt he was not INLOVE with her as she was with him. Yet he tried to tell her it’s in her mind, don’t worry he’s old n bald . U will find your mr perfect .

  11. This guy is all about friends friends friends…w his "wall of friends" and his" friendsgiving " lol!! he should just stay single. And I hope amber finds love bc she deserves it .

  12. Dave, good for you. I do believe you gave this relationship your all. Amber, good for you. You should be with someone who rreally loves you. You cannot make someone love you and cannot make someone secure in their own skin. Everyone has to define their own self worth. I don't believe you guys were a good match.

  13. He's DEFINITELY a narcissistic, unemotional and IMMATURE person! You could tell she gave it her all, and she didn't know what else to do in a loveless marriage because the only person he loves is himself! He is so immature in so many ways, Amber you can do so much better!!!

  14. Not sure why so many comments blame Dave for quitting. He did try on various occasions to help her through her insecurities and she was very immature. Now that doesn’t go without saying that with any relationship things take time to improve on. She did walk away from him, moved out? That’s extremely offensive. They discussed it in one of the episodes when they found out one of the other couple went through it and clearly Dave and Amber both agreed they could not look past that if either one did that too each other. I’m all about us women empowering each other but making men the villain isn’t right. This is just my opinion.

  15. Constantly reassuring an insecure person is exhausting. People don't change and he knew he would be doing this throughout the marriage. Its too bad – I like them both, but he did the right thing.

  16. Wow she is dodging a bullet! He’s such a arrogant non bending overthinking jerk!! She has some issues too but he didn’t help by acting cold and uninterested in her. She needs someone that understands her and it’s not him!!

  17. Dave had already heard horror stories about her from a gym friend who had dated her. So, unfortunately, he knew what was coming and already was looking for the issues and BS waste of time arguments her "insecurity" would cause. They likely did materialize….so, he knows, this stuff never ends based on his and his gym friends experience with her.

  18. Dave never seemed to be attracted to Amber. He just doubts everything like reconciling their marriage. I feel bad for Amber. That relationship isn’t healthy

  19. Amber Dave is such a sweet guy. I knew you were going to push him away with all ur unnecessary wining….he shows u he cares all u had to do was work with him and do ur best. He choose u

  20. This show is terrible! It does not strengthen women's ability to recognize abusive relationships! And for them to think this marriage can work is such a delusion!

  21. I knew from the beginning that she was so insecure that the relationship would tank and be basically ruined by her

  22. I really hope Amber that you do not have any man including this Jerk, make you so unsure that you are constantly 2nd guessing yourself. Please, please take what you learned and apply it to the one man that GOD has chosen for you not some humans who are clueless. Something tells me that you already met your Mr. Right, but fear clouded your vision and you did not see him. Live your life and enjoy your life–he will come.

  23. At first I thought they were a good couple. Then I realized that he puts himself above him. It’s as those he his better than her. Sure she has some problems but who does. It’s as though he is perfect. I am sad for them but in the long run I am glad for her. Move on Amber. Trust me there is someone better out there for you. Stay strong lady.

  24. Hes not the best but she has emotional issues she needs to deal with her low self esteem and EVERYTHING else shes dealing with🤯

  25. He did Amber a favor. This guy loves to hear himself talk. He's great at making himself out to be the good guy and everyone else to be at fault. A-1 manipulator

  26. I think that Amber needs to be More secure in herself.. If you can't Love yourself then there isn't much room to Share your Love. Dave was Something.. I also think that Amber's insecurities didn't help any with their relationship.. As Stranded as All of the couples were.. Look at Danielle.. She was not the 'Touchy Feely' But she tried to allow Bobby to be that way with her.. Amber needed to let go e little bit more and so did Dave. He was a bit up Tight..

  27. Dave is a fool. Especially now that Amber is a brunette! She seems very sweet and carrying and now she is absolutely beautiful!!

  28. Her insecurities were unsettling and really did come off as pressure and strain their relationship. I saw this coming. He’s actually a good guy! Her uncertainties in herself created unnecessary arguments amongst the two of them

  29. This show has such a high failure rate. Marriage itself is tough enough. You need time to learn how to trust your partner and connect before marriage. Yes parts of the world still have arranged marriages that are successful, but this method just doesnt seem to work well for western culture.

  30. Dave never admitted any fault and acted like Amber needed to change for him. He was never interested, he seemed in love with himself and seemed passively aggressive abusive. I can’t imagine him ever being truly good to a woman. In time he would have stripped her of believing she was worthy of love. I’m glad she doesn’t have to live that.

  31. Dave dodged alimony and child support with Amber… It was clear from the start that she had a lot of self esteem issues and didn't want the responsibility of caring for another person. I'm glad he didn't let them convince him to waste his time with her.

  32. I think things change for him when he found out that they run around in the same Circle at the gym and one of his buddies has smashed her at one time and then talked about her with him before he met her and so then he was completely turned off when he found out it was her so he wasn't never the same after that

  33. I think he could not handle the insecurity in her personality….he said he wanted someone that he could lean on for support and vice versa….she needed so much reassurance it wore him out…..some people do not like weak people…or insecure people it can be draining…and she was really insecure…and a little scatterbrain at times…it was not for him…he was sexually attracted to her….but it seems he had a hard time talking to her…she was so offended at every little comment…Dave needs a more mature woman that is secure in her own skin….nice couple but not right for each other…he was turned off by the third week in….

  34. Poor Amba I feel u…ur such a beautiful lady but u lack confidence in ur self but I know u have learnt a lot and that will help u in future relationship. I know for sure u will get a better and a good man that will love u. Dave loves Himself 😀😀😀

  35. I think he was always enjoying making her suffer he never liked her to begin with, she is very insecure but he seemed to prey on that instead of making her feel beautiful and well loved, i feel that if she would of been stronger woman he would have kept from putting her down as much, she can do way better! Something about him is off he has a sinster feel to him, her issues are none that any real man cant handle and or help her deal and disolve, its sad cause she was ready to love and give her all!

  36. Just barely catching up…and Dave likes to do things his way or no way🤦 Amber needs reassurance and security and he can't provide that.

  37. The episode meeting friends she told his sister that she was worried because he likes brunettes. Look at her now? 🤔it is nit enough honey to make stay in the marriage

  38. Dave wants a perfect woman. There is no such thing, so the sooner he realizes this the sooner he'll realize he had something good. Then again, he may not because he feels he can do better. So far, it hasn't worked out for him though.

  39. Why are people so down on Dave? He was very patient with her and her endless insecurities. I wouldn’t want to put up with that either. Her constant need for validation was exhausting.

  40. My impression is that Dave did not genuinely give Amber a chance after learning whom she had dated previously. She appeared to always be trying to live up to his expectations and even if she was more insecure than some, her intuition was probably correct in judging how Dave was feeling towards her. Like most comments below, I feel she could do better!

  41. Wow this lady is sooo attractive and this man doesn't seem to be in love with her at all.. If a man is like this she is definitely better off away, really…

  42. I hate Dave but I gotta admit that Amber looks great as a brunette. Dave is a straight up Narcissist tho. He gives me American Psycho vibes.

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