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Me first? My name is Ron Brown and I’m eighty-four years old My name is Bonnie Brown and I’m 81 and we’ve been married for 55 years this April the 9th. Ron: It’s kind of an
interesting story I walk into the bar and Bonnie was
sitting there all by herself and I said “are you alone?” she said “yes” I
sat down next to her and we started talking. Bonnie: Well there was a driftwood piece on top of the bar if you remember right and that’s what started the
conversation Ron: What was it? Bonnie: Well because you said what was I doing out there and I said I was just looking at that beautiful piece of driftwood I thought it was really nice. Then we talked about the van Gogh exhibit. Ron: Yeah. All my life I’ve been
interested in art and see none of my friends… art was something we never talked about and she was the first girl that I ever knew
that was interested in art. Bonnie: I thought he was
really cute and I liked him right away. Ron: I knew she was crazy about me. *Bonnie laughs* She really liked me. I could tell. you now. Bonnie: Yeah we just kind of liked each other. Ron: I mean… we could talk. We could just talk together. We liked the same kind of things.
We liked music. We liked the same kind of music too. I liked a little bit of jazz you know?
Bonnie: You were a good dancer Ron: Oh she taught me how to dance are you kidding?
I couldn’t dance hardly at all I mean you know in high school you would go to dances but I knew to impress her, she
really liked to dance so I had to step up and learn to dance a little bit better. Bonnie: We’d go dancing and we’d go every Wednesday and one of the lady’s that was the singer she said you always danced together and I said yes I don’t care to dance with anybody else. Ron: I never asked her to marry me I just assumed that she would. Bonnie: We were in a
restaurant and you said something and in part of the conversation you said
well maybe you won’t marry me and I said sure I’ll marry you, you know
and so it was just a given. Ron: So we went to Vegas and got married in a little white chapel and it was like 1 o’clock and we went back
to The Sands and saw Nat King Cole you know. It was two in the morning so we thought we were really hip it was the worst ceremony that you could imagine. *Bonnie laughs* It wasn’t beautiful or anything.
Bonnie: It wasn’t a romantic ceremony let’s put it that way. Ron: I’ll tell you what I did do though. On the 50th wedding anniversary I invited
all our children and all of our relatives there and all of our friends. I got on my knees and proposed to her. I said it was because I never did this and I want to do it now. And I give her the chance to say no I don’t wanna do it but I knew she would Bonnie: Yeah I was shocked I was really
surprised because I didn’t think you would do that I thought oh he’s not gonna do that but he did. *Bonnie laughs* We probably love each other more now because all
the things that transpire when you’re married sometimes it becomes an issue and then
as you age and you’re together it isn’t such an issue anymore you can
let it go I kind of know how he’s going to react to
things and he pretty much knows how I’m gonna
react so there’s no surprises Ron: Cause she can make fun of me and she does
but I like it you know because I deserved it and same as her. I give her bad times too. Bonnie: Yeah you do sometimes. Ron: But we don’t take it
seriously. Humor! I think is really important Bonnie: And trust
you have to have a lot of trust enjoy each other and don’t take yourself
too seriously Ron: Kids are too serious these days. They want everything. you know nobody’s perfect that’s for
sure and if you’re looking for perfection you’re
never gonna find it Bonnie: I think we’re perfect for each other. Ron: I think we’re perfect for each other. Yeah. I do. *music plays*

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  1. It's a shame now with third wave feminism that most women expect everything of a man and never seem to be happy. Marriage has changed and it just doesn't work like this anymore.

  2. Hi Ron and Bon!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! "I walked into a bar…" (I know these two people—they are so special…)

  3. my grandma and grandfather were gonna turn 50 years but my grandad died 2 months after there anaversery 😳

  4. This is so cute, my grandparents are In their 90's and they have been married for 70 years. I love them so much and this is so great

  5. Awwww…wonderful! Thank you for being an inspiration and healing the world with your love. 🙂 God Bless you and the legacy you have created in your family.

  6. Love it so much. They're darling. +1 on the dancing every week life! We did that while dating and I think it brought us even closer– now we're getting married on April 9– apparently this couple's anniversary! Thanks for telling their story.

  7. my favorite couple so far out of all the others in this series. I share their philosophy about life being life and humor. absolutely sweet couple

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