Married to a Diabetic [Type 1]

Hey everyone, this is Levi with Between Two
Lines. I’m gonna try to take a funny look this week at what it’s like to live with a
type one diabetic. If you haven’t subscribed, please do and make sure you
hit the bell so you know each time a new video comes out. Babe! Babe, your alarms are going off. Are
you okay? Yes I’m fine. Okay. Okay goodnight. Babe are you okay? They’re
still going off. Do you need to do something? I gave insulin already just give it a minute. Okay, okay it’s just
really loud. Babe you’ve got to do something! They’re going off over and
over. I already turned them off. Oh babe! Levi! Are you okay? Yes. Okay well they’re going
off every five minutes. That’s impossible. I already snoozed them. Oh my goodness! Hey what are you doing in here? I had to sleep in here because your alarms were
going off all night long. I’m sorry babe. Hey I’m running late but next time wake
me up. I can turn those alarms off. I’m gonna kill this man. Hey what’s that? It’s medicine. That’s not medicine! That’s a cookie! My blood sugar’s low. It’s medicine. That’s not medicine that’s a cookie! Goodmorning! Excuse me, do you know
anything about this? Yes actually. Last night I think what
happened is that raccoons broke into the house and ate a bunch of our food. Those pesky- Can you just clean up after yourself? Yeah absolutely! Sorry this is the last
time. It won’t happen again, ever. Okay everyone go wash up!
Dinner’s almost ready! I’m excited for y’all to try my new- what are you doing? I’ve got a low blood sugar. You do?

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  1. This is Steven’s wife. These are awesome! However, the wife would’ve kicked you out of bed. Or at least that’s what I do to Steven when his alarms keep going off. LOL Thank you for these and helping us all see the little bit lighter side of this life.

  2. I'm on MDI so for me it's a lot of "babe have you seen my insulin?" And he'll ask " the yellow one or the gray one? 😆😆

  3. Hahaha
    My husbands phone and dexcom alarms go off plus my phone, and my watch if it is connected every 5 mins. He doesn't hear any of them. The other night with a low I finally got him to respond and he jumped up and started tearing the bed apart trying to save me from an alligator, LOL. My youngest two kids are also T1, so there is almost always an alarm going off that I have to respond to. I have enjoyed your videos!

  4. Oh yes! I’m sharing this one with my husband for sure!! I don’t know how many times he has tried to wake me because I’m beeping like crazy. Usually he gets hit or sworn at! 😢 Thank God for our loving spouses!! When my oldest (now 17) was little, I tried to explain that the juice box on my night table was ‘medicine’… after that, he didn’t want to drink juice boxes because he thought they were ALL medicine!! Keep the awesome videos coming, Levi – I love ‘em!!

  5. Great video! What I get from my darling husband all the time is “How’s your sugar?” Keep up the great work, Levi.

  6. This is so accurate ! As a wife of a type 1 diabetic husband . I can so relate to this . Great videos thanks for raising awareness and being a positive role model .

  7. I can't turn off certain alarms, they're meant to keep you from dying lol, however… sometimes they get too annoying and I just turn my whole phone off 🤷‍♀️

  8. Wife of a type 1 here. This is so true but we need a part 2. Of all the times the sugar is crazy when you have stuff to do. Or when they get the man flu which is even worse then the normal man flu. Lol but in all seriousness great video.

  9. I can really relate to your "wife" in the first sketch of this video. It's our daughter who has T1D in our household, but of the total of six people that live under our roof, I am somehow the only one who wakes up for CGM alarms, even all the way across the house.

    When my daughter moves away to college, I'm getting her this as a graduation present, and hooking it up to her phone.

    Keep up the great videos, these are so hilarious and so relatable!

  10. I just got all last week, why your BG so high. I have bacterial with antibiotics, that's way…then he list every way to get my BG down like I didnt try everything.

    1. Yes, I know he cares that way he was asking
    2. Yes, I'm but better today BG back in triggered.

  11. My 17 year old son was diagnosed over 10 years ago. Your video is relatable to Mom's too 😂. There has been times when we were in the camper at night and I have to climb out if bed and go wake him up because his pump is beeping. Technology is a blessing and a curse.

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