Married With Children Moments They’d Never Get Away With Now

The Bundy family never fit the mold of a typical
sitcom. In fact, that was basically the whole point
of the show. But breaking boundaries also meant crossing
some lines. Looking back, there are a whole lot of moments
in Married… with Children that simply wouldn’t fly today. For one thing — and at the risk of stating
the obvious — Al Bundy regularly fat-shamed women. “Ms. Blaub.” “Uh yeah, I’m sorry. Your name was partially obscured by some errant
flesh.” In fact, Al seems to have a fat joke at the
ready for every occasion. Of course, the character was never meant to
be a role model, but if the show aired today, his jabs would only be tolerated in small
doses — if at all. What wouldn’t be acceptable is how the show
itself openly mocks curvy women. “Two, four, six, eight, don’t make fun of
our weight.” Married… with Children would often place
plus-sized women in embarrassing and unflattering situations. “Let’s go someplace where they treat us with
respect.” “I’d try the moon. You’ll weigh less there.” In the season eleven episode “Crimes Against
Obesity,” several women enter Al’s shoe store to confront him about his rude behavior — and
two of them get stuck trying to walk through the door. That’s a fat joke written into the show — not
one of Al’s fat-shaming remarks. Although the episode has plenty of those,
too. “It’s a birthday gag. One of you is supposed to jump out of a cake
but you ate it on the way over, right?” “Bundy, we are activists.” Married… with Children ventured into some
troublesome territory in the season seven episode “Tis Time to Smell the Roses.” About midway through the episode, Peggy tells
her husband Al: “Why, every day, more illegal immigrants,
some of whom speak English, are out there flooding the job market.” She then goes on to impersonate one of those
imagined immigrants: “‘Please sir, I will gladly serve you a Slushie. Thank you for not killing me.'” The way the episode depicts minorities is
especially problematic. The story involves Al taking a job at Home
Plate Athletic Shoes, where he’s soon introduced to three new co-workers: “I like to call ’em ‘The three Habibs.'” “That’s management for you — they’re all
alike.” “You just call us Habib and point to the one
you wish to speak to. That’s what we do.” Shortly after that exchange, Al really crosses
the line with an offensive joke. To express how long he’s been working at his
profession, he says: “I was selling shoes when you guys were just
a gleam in a New York taxi driver’s eyes.” In other words? Yikes. Married… with Children wasn’t exactly known
for its strong feminist slant. The dialogue can even make the most important
meal of the day sound… sleazy. “That Jiggly Room serves a good breakfast.” “Yeah, the melons, the muffins, the sticky
buns.” “And the food wasn’t bad either.” Marcy D’Arcy’s idea of feminism certainly
wouldn’t have a place in today’s TV landscape. In the season six episode “If Al Had a Hammer,”
she even creates a women’s group called W.O.M.B. “… which stands for Women Owe Men Bubkes.” Throughout the series, she constantly berates
Al and other male characters. “Go pick your hiney. Women are talking.” “Let me give you something. Ten fingers of death! I hate you, I hate you!” In the end, Marcy comes off as a lazily-written
stereotype — and bottomless fodder for Al’s groan-worthy one-liners. “Marcy, come here. Look… There’s a woman.” Amanda Bearse, who played Marcy D’Arcy, doesn’t
mince words when it comes to Married… with Children. In 2018, she told News Corp Australia: “It was a mean-spirited and misogynist show. It was just so completely inappropriate. Today I don’t think the show would be produced
because it’s so globally offensive.” There was definitely a double standard in
the way siblings Bud and Kelly Bundy were depicted. For example: In the season ten episode “Al
Goes To The Dogs,” the audience cheers for Bud when he goes off with an unknown woman
wearing a skimpy outfit. But in the same episode, Bud mocks Kelly’s
new look by saying: “You no longer look like a North American
s—. Now you look like a South American s—.” In other words, Bud’s sexual adventures are
literally applauded, whereas Kelly’s sexual appetite is a subject of ridicule. Would Bud’s habitual shaming of his sister
ever fly on TV today? “G-N-O spells no!” Married… with Children was generally targeted
to a male audience — and it often objectified women. Whenever that happened, the live studio audience
totally ate it up… to often ridiculous effect. In fact, whenever Kelly reveals a little skin,
or bends over, the crowd goes completely bananas. “Whoopsie.” A lot of female characters are treated that
way. In a season three episode that’s worryingly
titled “Her Cups Runneth Over,” the audience falls to pieces after seeing a young woman
in lingerie. “If you were my boyfriend, would you like
this?” It’s hard to imagine any of these antics airing
on television today — but to be fair, this particular episode also objectifies men, so…
there’s that? “Well, I gotta go. Bar exam tomorrow.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  1. Actually, people weren't naive about political correctness back then, and this show shocked a lot of people simply by crossing the line. But it shocked us in a good way, because we were all fed up with political correctness by then. That was the key to its popularity.

  2. They made fun of everyone. No one thought anything of it. It wasn’t even a topic of conversation because people understood it’s just a show.

  3. What's the difference between Al Bundy and a Millenial when they get triggered? Eh? Eh? 😁 A Millenial deals directly with the problem, Al Bundy complains and is an ass to everybody!

  4. The man was a prophet ! I shall remake the church of No ma'am . Now , with the world filled with marcys . An Al must stand up .

  5. I was 14 when this show started and I'm 46 now and love it even more…Christina had some of the best lines, she was great.

  6. Love this show!!! This video reminded me of how great it was….and I think it would absolutely be a hit today, if the television executives would listen to the majority of their audience, and not the tiny group of people who watch shows specifically looking for things that upset them, so they can run to Twitter, and pretend that they are enlightened.

  7. Yep this show was offensive but now days it's ok to be sexist so long as female and objectify a male or make them look dum ie Ghostbusters 2016. Married with children is a classic and still dam funny

  8. That show made fun of everyone. Bud couldn't get a girl, Kelly was a slut, Peg was lazy and Al was a dumb ass. It was GOLD!

  9. I loved this show!! I am Fat, and love fat jokes because my lazy ass won't go walk, work out and eat right. I deserve it! It was hilarious. 🙂

  10. You know nothing of Married with Children and its obvious. Particularly when it comes to the Al Bundy character. There's no way you can try to make him into a mean and bad guy. You've totally missed the plot of the entire series. If the show was so bad back then then tell me why in all its seasons running that only one person complained? And that one person was a rich,white, good looking housewife who was not a fatty. FU

  11. Its called humour, something no one has these days. Nothing but a bunch of special little snowflakes that got to be protected.

  12. Oh well. The point to a joke is to have funny climax moments. Today everything is offensive. Even "Good Morning". No!!!! I'm not making this up!!! GOOGLE IT!

  13. Of course they wouldn't produce that kind of show today. This was made back when TV was funny and entertaining and before this entire country was totally pussified. Btw Christina Applegate is still uber-hot.

  14. 1980: Lets make hilarious jokes that are based on harsh reality.

    2020: ignore and suppress reality, and shame anyone who doesn’t on social media.

  15. You really did miss the point. It was funny and that's what tge show wanted. The crap on tv today is also social justice bullshit. Long live Married with Children and In Living Color.

  16. This show was awesome!!! These butthurt fun haters of this snowflake day an time can stick it where the sun dont shine.. pissing them off is a favorite matter how hard they try to control an dictate to real Americans? They will always have their @$$ handed to them .. the stinking losers .

  17. God I loved this show, the offensive shit was amazing, I mean I’m a minority, and the racist jokes had me rolling especially the 3 Habibs, I’m Arab and ntelligent I hope, not a single human being in their right mind would be offended by a television show, I mean this is obvious but… don’t watch what you don’t like, how is a triggered person watch married with children and make it all the way to the end, they wanna be offended.

  18. I miss shows like this…I grew up watching Benny Hill in the early 80's. I'm a 70's child nothing offends me. Things only effect people who wanna make a big show for people to notice them. C'Mon peoples, like water off a ducks back.

  19. The commentator needs to lighten the hell up.
    Did those jokes hold up? No, or course not. But they helped define the characters: trashy lower-middle class Chicago suburbanites.
    No, it shouldn't be glorified. But off all the sitcoms on at that time, at least this one was honest. It didn't try to be pretty: it left that to Alan Thicke.

  20. You have to have a sense of humour about things or you'll go through life as sour ass! You learn through humor like All in the family and Married with Children. If you can't make fun of yourself then you have a problem, and that's probably why most people are on anti depressants today.

  21. Take it easy it was only a f**** show was supposed to have humor that's why this country stinks anymore and if the goofball that played Marcy had such a complaint why did she rob a pay for 10 years!!!!!

  22. Its weird that this show after so many years makes me laugh even if I know what will happen, I don't know a person who did not like this show or dislike it now, would be nice if something like this aired again.

  23. Archie Bunker and Al Bundy = great men. Ms Swift, go get me a sandwich and a beer and keep your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself.

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