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  1. I don't mean to be rude, but it's time for this lady to find an appropriate means to make money. Get some much needed therapy & say goodbye to this joker.

  2. You didn't know he had a problem looking at women when he met you when you were a stripper… then he left his family for you… I'm seeing stop signs left and right. This whole situation is messed up.

  3. Where do people like this come from, dr phil really be out here givin all the facts and shes just like "yes yes" but not actually grasping any of it. And honestly her being worried about him watching porn is a joke 😂 shes straight up escorting and shes mad at her husband just watching other girls lol. Whatd u expect lady?

  4. He's cool with his wife risking her health and safety on the daily- but she thinks the problem is him checking out cute young girls? Wow.

  5. Why would anyone allow their wife be a escort/prostitute, sick.

    If you look at this situation closely, you would see that he would not only be her husband but also her pimp.

  6. I could care less if my husband watches porn, I have never understood women being jealous about that. Unless its occupying every moment of his day and completely neglecting the family unit, who cares if he rubs one out every now and then, he's not with another woman. Blows my mind that porn bothers her yet she screwing 2 and 3 men or more a day….and that's fine…smh. I'll be honest, I think it bothers him more than he lets on and he has emotionally unattatched himself from her.

  7. It felt like the movie "Pretty woman", except he isn't rich, LOL. He is not rich, and she is not pretty…so what part is like the movie?

  8. She didn't think he had a problem looking at other women?
    They met at the strip club she was working at…🤣
    They couldn't even put a bed in the spare room at least?

  9. Her first clue should have been dudes creepy mustache. Dr. Phil's mustache is not creepy. That dudes mustache is a creeper stache lol. Also I highly doubt any cops sent people out to rape you. Highly unlikely. And not taking creeper staches side but he was a fkn weirdo when u married him. Just as he is now. Sorry but u knew this was his way. You dobt deserve it at all tho. Get the fuk out lady. And do whatever dr. Phil says so you can heal and be happy

  10. She's worried about him watching porn but is an escort, she just realizes now that he has an issue with watching other women when they met at her strip club when he was married… Ok so she's moronic and he's gross. What else.

  11. Lol talk about hypocrisy…. she is an ESCORT, and she’s upset he watches porn or goes to a strop club? Bahahahha Jesus Christ…

  12. GIRL HE LEFT HIS WIFE FOR YOU AND WAS UNFAITHFUL TO HIS EX WIFE !!!!!!! how did you think you would special ????? you broke up a marriage ur a home wrecker and deserved this !

  13. Alright… so uh, did some digging & im pretty positive she’s actually been in several PH videos… two interracial ones and there’s one with two younger dudes in a hotel. She goes by the name sandy something. I forgot it but dude… I swear it’s her

  14. So he’s fine with her swallowing another mans seed and coming home and kissing him?? And she’s a escort that doesn’t believe men can watch porn?? Lol both of them are disgustingly insane

  15. I think they match one another. What a…. hmm 🤔 couple. I cannot even find words to describe them. I wait till my thoughts will be polite.

  16. Hahaha their relationship is a joke and how they met us even worse. Who cares if he looks at other women at this point, your an escort meaning you look at other men all the time. Don’t be a hypocrite

  17. See men, u marry the hot mistress and she turns out 90% of the time to be worse than ur current person after the excitement dies down

  18. I did the math- 2 hours per day at the least… bc she says she has 2 clients a day at the min $200. That’s $400 per day, $2800 per week. She’s the top 5% and ur telling me that she wants me to believe she can’t afford to get out? She’s wearing Walmart clothes

  19. So many red flags. He's not a jealous person. In relationships, there is a amount of jealousy that is healthy. Of course he's not emotionally in the relationship, he doesn't have a problem with other folks in his bed.

  20. you sleep with other men sweetie and are worried about him looking at women what
    i use to dance but this is ridiculous i quit dancing when i got with my boyfriend because he was not okay with it he is using her

  21. Isn’t that illegal what she just confessed to on tv? These two are totally bizarre. That’s one tired looking escort. Yuck.

  22. Am I the only one that finds it crazy how she doesnt want him watching porn or lookin at chicks when she fucks dudes for a living?

  23. So she met a married man in a strop club, married him and now she’s upset that he looks at porn? Wtf, why is a professional escort concerned about any man watching porn?!?

  24. I think she wants him to be more concerned and protective of her and he's not here for it. He might love her but he does NOT care about her in the way that matters. Sis needs therapy and a break from men.

  25. So you date a married man but you’re surprised that you can’t trust him??? Come on if he cheats on his ex he’ll cheat on you!!!

  26. Wait, wait… you can't watch pornography when you're in a relationship? What? That's absolutely news to me… I've been with my GF for over 3 years and I still watch porn. Not to any obsessive level and I'm not secretive about it either, but I genuinely didn't know that could be an issue in and of itself. I thought it was usually considered an issue if it became obsessive or intrusive in the relationship. Besides… this woman is actually sleeping with other men, instead of watching other people go at it online. This situations mells fishy.

  27. Sickening couple
    He just wants the $$$ and do his thing or the side
    They should’ve stayed home
    This show is pointless today
    They are advertising for her services 🤯🤯

  28. Lady, there’s NO man on the planet that doesn’t look at pornography. And if they say they don’t, they’re full of it.

  29. How could any man be attached to a women emotionally who sleeps with other men on a daily basis and the nature on how they meet.

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