Married WWE Stars Who Kissed Someone Else In Front of Their Spouse

– [Zach] Getting to
work with your loved one is great, but maybe don’t
if your workplace is WWE. Plenty of wrestlers
marry fellow performers, and we often see that
reflected in storylines. When that happens, the story is just begging for some kind of love affair. The intensity turns up
even more when we see a married woman getting
romantic with another wrestler, right in front of her real-life husband. It’s all part of the script,
so let’s take a look at a few. Rusev had a huge opportunity
on September 30th, 2019. After saving the Universal
champion, Seth Rollins, from a beat down, Rusev demanded
he receive a title match. The Bulgarian Brute got his
wish later in the evening, as he and Rollins went toe to toe. With so much riding on this match, the last thing Rusev
needed was a distraction, but unfortunately, that’s what he got. During the middle of the contest, Bobby Lashley came out to make his return, but he wasn’t alone. Rusev’s actual wife,
Lana, joined the Almighty on the entrance ramp,
and laid one on Lashley. While the two lovers were
pleased with themselves, The Super Athlete was
completely disgusted. During her early years
in WWE, Torrie Wilson began an on-screen romance with Tajiri. This carried into 2002 and
on an episode of SmackDown, the Japanese wrestler was set to defend his Cruiserweight Championship
against Billy Kidman. Before the match, Kidman
met up with Torrie, and acknowledged that they
had their differences, but wished the best for her and Tajiri. The champion saw this and thought the two were getting a bit too close and demanded Wilson kiss him not once but twice. What makes this storyline
so bizarre is in real life, Torrie Wilson was dating Billy Kidman, and the two would be
married the next year. Well, this at least confirms that Kidman and Wilson are a
couple of team players. Triple H and Randy Orton’s feud in 2009 seemed like it couldn’t
get any more heated. Well, the Viper found a way
to do that on March 23rd. What was supposed to be a
two on one handicap match between Orton, Ted Dibiase, and Triple H, turned into a chaotic
brawl between both sides. Of course, the numbers
favored the Apex Predator, and the Game became completely helpless, when he was handcuffed to the rope. Seeing her husband in
distress, Stephanie McMahon ran to the ring and
pleaded with Randy Orton. The third-generation
wrestler halted his attacks on Triple H and concentrated his attention on The Cerebral Assassin’s wife. Since that wasn’t enough
for him, Orton then decided to lay a kiss on the
unconscious Stephanie McMahon. Triple H was boiling with
rage, but was helpless to do anything about it as
the Viper slithered away. The Boogeyman had been terrorizing Booker T and his wife
Sharmell for weeks in 2006. It kept getting worse
and worse until finally, a handicap match was set up between the couple and the
monster at WrestleMania. Both Booker and Sharmell were
scared out of their minds, but the five Time WCW Champion was all business when the bell rang. Despite all the abuse,
the Boogeyman managed to fight back and take down his opponent. While her husband was
stunned, Sharmell attempted to interfere, but her
plan backfired horribly. Boogeyman turned around and laid a wet, wormy kiss on the wife of Booker T. To top it off, the face-painted performer hit the future Hall of Famer with a two-handed choke lift and won the match. Which moment did you
find the most shocking? Let me know in the comments, and then check out the video on the right. It’s recommended specifically for you. Until next time, I’m
Zach from Tap Out Corner, and take it easy.

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