Marry im Roboter-Parkour geschlagen Wir testen den DJI Robomaster S1

Hello and welcome everybody for a new video just in time for christmas some of you might ask what kind of weird toy there is on the table normally you would buy toys for christmas, like a remote controlled car or roboter but this is actually not a toy, even though it looks like one and it is a lot of fun this is the DJI Robomaster S1, it has been around for some time in the US and is now available in germany DJI send us two of these Robomasters we will take a closer look at them and will show you some examples of what you can do with them it is really meant to be some sort of a learning or training roboter it emerged from the RoboMaster League RoboMaster League is an annual intercollegiate robot competition where students program these things they are also meant to be a training excercise to learn
programming languages like Python the RoboMaster has a lot of sensors and cameras, which are supposed to be programmed so that the robots compete against each other autonomous with this ‘Blaster’ or also via Infra Red the Robots can fight against each other and try to eliminate them there also is a camera above the Blaster so using programming languages you can ‘teach’ the RoboMaster to fight against other Robots that is really cool and you can also fight against other ‘players’ – and that we will try out later here on the desk you can see an assembled RoboMaster S1 in order for us to compete with each other DJI send us a second RoboMaster and they send this on not assemled, just like you would get them we will put this thing together now which gives you the benefit of knowing how it is put together because the other one was send to us already assembled but there was a lose cable sommewhere and we couldn’t figure out where because we didn’t put it together ourselves we had to try out several things which took some time so we will build this one here you can see 50 individiual roller for the Mecanum Wheel – let me get one out of the box – that allow the RoboMaster to drive sideways later on as you can see with the finished oe we will start by putting together the wheels for that we have a ‘template’ here and all the parts of the wheels like these inner hub rings that hold together the Mecanum rollers for the wheels first we have to put some grease in there before we put in the loose rollers which we also be held in place by this damping ring and then the wheels should be ready on the damping ring are 3 little arrows and a red marker on the outer hub so that the ring fits into the outer hub on top comes the inner hub with the notch matching the three arrows starting with the right arrow until the ring (outer hub) sits on top and when you now rotate the outer hub to the left the rollers lock into place second wheel is done, two to go what i really like – besides the nice screwdriver – is that next to every step in the assembly instructions is an image of the screw box and the compartment you find the needed screws in is marked in this case we need the screw out of this compartment and this is really user friendly and helps with the assembly process we now put in the assembles front axle into the chassis just slide it in there and fix it in place with the front shaft cover as you can see the front axle is supported so it is more flexible which helps the RoboMaster offroad This is the Motion Controller with the connections for all the little motors the orange connections are for the wheel motors, we just have to put it in here this is the power plug power is supplied by a battery this one right here when you push this button you have a control LED, this one is charged as you can see and the battery belongs into this compartment One charge gives you around 30 to 40 minutes operatig time this is a cover plate and i just affixed a sensor to it with these the RoboMaster knows when and what hits it into the side 4 brushless motors power the RoboMaster they look like this and have an orange cable – i hope it is orange – to connect it to the Motion Controller this metal bracket also functions as a cooler. 3 motors a done and the 4th will follow now one of the the RoboMasters main features is this 2-Axle-Gimble that can rotate freely to the left and right and also up an down. The Blaster is mounted to the gimbal that is this thing right here which shoots the gel beads, which is really fun as you can see later and on top the blaster is the tank or magazine for the gel beads you can simply remove it like this as you can see the gel beads are fed to the blaster fromm the magazine by falling from the magazine into the ‘breach’ of the blaster finally we affix this camera to the front of the gimbal it can record videos in 1080p @ 30 FPS on top in the CPU Unit (Intelligent Controller) you can put in a MicroSD Card so that you can see everything the RoboMMaster sees and record is as well of course we will do that later we finished the assembly of the RoboMMaster S1 and because we wat to compete with each other later on DJI provides these Gel Beads that you have to soak in water for like 4 hours but don’t take to many otherwise you end up with these many as we did there a 2 Modi, the infrared mode that we sill use in the competition and of course shooting with the gel beads but i would recommed using the gel beads only outside, otherwise the gel beads will fly everywhere i will show you how to load the blaster with the gel beads just push this button to remove the magazine remove the magazine push this hatch back there are still some beads in there push this lever back just take the beads und put them in there the push the hatch so that it snaps to the front and then it is loaded just slide it back ito place above the blaster done Controlling the RoboMaster is really easy i would say really ‘aggressive’ and fast it responses really fast to the inputs and also quite directly Programming the RoboMaster is done using the ‘Lab’-Function in the bottom right then go to DIY programming to create your own programms click on ‘New’ and then you can start by choosing from various elements on the left side you can find a variety of of commands like some LED functions. for example an LED has to light up for a certain amount of time in a certain color just drag and drop it here into the programm and you can continue doing that further and further like the blaster is supposed to shoot after the lights or turn right – or left, just click the drop down whenn you then hit play in the top right cornner the RoboMaster will execute these commands rathere new are the music blocks where you can programm music like ‘Function a1’ will play the C-Note additionally the LEDs will light up in yellow then a short break followed by the next note a ‘G’ followed by some LEDs while the gimbal is rotating left and then is going down and then to the right ad when we hit play it looks like this somethig nice to play around with for sure you ca try out a lot of stuff the programming options are almost limitless Both Robomaster S1 are ready for action, one has blue LEDs and one has pink LEDs because you can individualise them through the app we also have these paperboard stands with number from 1 to 5 on them and we will create a parcour with these that you have to complete and hit the paperboards with the blaster either with the gel beads, although i would not recommend doing that inside because they will fly everywhere great for outdoors but not insides, so that we will use infra red we will put up the parcour, see who is faster and compete with each other so this is the parcour we will have to take we start here looking right at the 5 so we have to turn first so that we can go to the 1 passing the suitcase as an obstacle then to the #3 from 3 past the suitcase to #4 and finally to the #5 45:96 was the time ups, that was wrong 43:09 last but not least we will show you the battle modus where you basically have to destroy each other ok, lets get to the conclusion about the RoboMaster S1 first, it is a ton of fun i played all day yesterday with it it is really a great toy for adults because it is just a lot of fun even though being a toy is not what the RoboMaster suppossed to be because you can spend a lot of time putting the parcours back up again and have the RoboMaster drive along it and see who has programmed his RoboMaster better and also with the S1 having to shoot the targets or you just compete with each other by battling it out you can do a lot of fun stuff with it, for sure. But keep in mind that it costs like 500€ and that is quite expensive it is really fun, especially that you have to build it yourself that is a lot of fun and a job well done by putting it together you get an understanding how it works feel free to take a closer look you can find a link down in the video description we hope everyone has some nice christmas holidays and a happy new year maybe there will be 2 or 3 more videos by then – i don’t know until then, bye bye

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