Marry Me Now | 같이 살래요 Ep.1 [SUB: ENG, CHN, IND / 2018.03.24]

♪ Did you already ♪ Hyoseop. Were you waiting for me? Yes. Do you have something to say? Yes. Hyoseop. Say it. Hyoseop. Dad. Dad. (Episode 1) Dad. Jaehyeong hit me. Your son should be arrested for violence. – Get out of there. / – No. Get out. Did you hit Hyeonha? I didn’t hit her. Hey. I only brushed against you. You poured flour on me. Why did you pour flour on your brother? He sent a guy I like a no-makeup photo of me. This. Minjun must be shocked. Dad. He doesn’t respond to me anymore. He doesn’t want to see me anymore. What picture would make a man stop respond to you? Dad. Should I bring a club? Hey. You should bow to me. He’s known for living off women. Hey. I’m aware of it. I was about to dump him. How dare you send him my no makeup photo? Were you bored to live a jobless life? Jobless? Jobless? You get over here! Dad. Jaehyeong. Hyeonha. Are you fighting again? Stop it. I’m so sick of them. They could have helped me preparing breakfast if they’re up early. My goodness. I can’t take it anymore. – Come here. / – Stop. Stop it. I dare you. You already hit me once. Look at you guys. The whole kitchen is covered in flour. Grow up now. Why do you blame me? Jaehyeong did it. No wonder you’re twins. You’re both so immature. Get out. I’m busy. Get out now. My goodness. Get out. Dad. You should sleep more. Gosh, I’m awake now. How can you sleep in this mess? I’m sorry. It’s been over 30 years. Why did she appear in my dream? Wait a minute. If you’re jealous, you can visit me in my dream too. See? There’s flour everywhere. Who’s going to clean up this mess? Gosh. I’m going to be late. You’re busy this morning. Did you go buy materials? Yes. I have many orders today. Is your business doing better? How about a drink tonight? What are you talking about? Do you expect me to serve the group tonight alone? Go on your way. He’s too busy for a drink tonight. Yes. Call me if your worker doesn’t show up. I’m good at serving. I’m glad to hear that. You’re better than my husband. Have a good day. – Have a good day. / – Yes. Come on. Hurry up and come in. These look great. I hope these fit Eunsu well. When will I get to give these to her? – What’s up, Dad? / – Have you talked to Yuha lately? No. It’s been months since I talked with her. Really? Why? Do you think I asked her for money? Don’t worry. I don’t even go near her. She’s so cheap. It’s no use to have her married to a rich man. I refuse to crawl to my in-laws without anything in return. All right. Stop it now. Gosh. She nags so much. They’re such noble in-laws. It’s so difficult to meet my own daughter. Yuha. It’s difficult. Miss, you must serve refreshments on porcelain. Of course. Are there any colors that Huigyeong doesn’t like? Or anything out of order? No. I don’t know why they’re coming out of the blue. Dear. You said you’re coming with Huigyeong. Why are you alone? She left first. She said she has to talk to Dad. Then, we should hurry up too. Your clothes are ready. Okay. It’s me, Huigyeong. Yes. I heard you went to Father’s house first. Yes. He said he needs to talk to me before leaving. Are you on your way yet? Seongun just got home. We’ll leave soon. Okay. It’s going to take longer if you bring Eunsu. Eunsu? My children are coming after the private lesson. They’ll be here by then. Yes. Okay. I’ll see you later. Did she tell you to bring Eunsu too? Yes. Why didn’t you tell me? We’d be late if we go pick her up now. I don’t want to take her. Seongun. I don’t want my family and nieces to hang out with Eunsu. You know that already. I know you don’t feel comfortable. But we should help her meet them more often. Father believes that a family should stay together even if it’s for a show. I’ll bring Eunsu. I’ll try my best to be there on time. So buy some time for me, please. I took your car in for repairs. So I should drive. If we both go to pick up Eunsu, we will be late. Father hates it when we’re late. You should go first then. I’ll take a taxi with Eunsu. We’re having dinner with Father before he leaves. His word is law in your family. I can’t go against him. Don’t worry. I promise I’ll be there on time. I’m going to pick up Eunsu now. I’ll be there shortly. Get her to the door, please. Please check if she got anything on her clothes. It’s an important meeting, so she has to be neat. She can’t leave now. Do you have a shower room there? I’ll buy some clothes. Please get her cleaned up. Yes. I’ll be there soon. Pick out some neat clothes that are black and white. Her size hasn’t changed. Okay. (Dad) Dad, I’m tied up with something urgent now. I’ll call you back. Okay. Where are you? Are you in a car? I’m hanging up. Yuha, I know you’re in a hurry, but you should drive safely. I’m here to see her. I guess I shouldn’t have come. It’s huge indeed. Please make it quick, sir. Okay. Ms. Park’s dad is here. My father-in-law? – Ms. Park is out now. / – I know that. Can you please give this to Yuha? They’re shoes for Eunsu. Okay then. What time does Eunsu come home? I heard kids come home at around 3 p.m. these days. Since I’m here now, I was hoping to see Eunsu’s face. Don’t tell Yuha that her dad was here. Then, what should I do with the shoes? Throw them away. Mom. Did you have fun? Thank you. Where are we going? We’re going to Grandpa’s house, but I forgot. Grandpa’s house? I bought some clothes for you. Let’s change. Okay. You’ll get a lot of praises from your elders and have fun with your cousins there. Do you like that? I like it. My cousins are fun. Right? You like them, right? Let’s change. I like them, but I don’t want to. Why not? You have a hard time there. I don’t want you to have a hard time. Eunsu. I see you don’t want to go. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. I can’t believe this. It’s not even the first time. How could you… How could you forget to get approval for the event? Our client has changed the price, so we’ll lose tens of thousands of dollars. I’m sorry, sir. I was going to get approval, but that day, you went on a business trip. You’re making excuses again. You should come up with solutions, not excuses. But it’s true that you said you’d review it the next day. Is it about the free gifts for the event? Yes. Mr. Cha forgot to pay it. This will be a great loss. I’m sorry. It’s my mistake. What did you say? When you went to the event for the spring season, I should have got it signed, but I forgot to do so. You forgot to do it? That’s odd. You don’t make mistakes like that. I know someone from our client for the event. I’ll talk to them to minimize the loss. All right then. You should take care of it. Gosh, this relieves my stress completely. I should drink your coffee when I get stressed out. Why are you still here? I’m leaving. He just can’t do anything right. All right. It’s delicious. Mr. Cha. Next time, you should just admit your mistake. He’s getting upset because you keep making excuses. I didn’t make any mistake to admit. Whose side are you on? Are you on his side or mine? I’m so angry right now. Why would you side with him? Gyeongsu, someone would hear you. What if someone hears me? We didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not bad to date someone at my workplace. Seriously. He should be grateful for having a talent like me. I know. He was just mean. You should be upset. I’m too good to work at a company like this. You know I graduated from a prestigious college. Of course, I do. You’re a competent man. Can I tell you a secret? What? In fact, I spit in his iced coffee. Really? That’s so good. It feels so much better now. Why are you late? How could you make the elders wait for you? But why are you alone? Where’s Eunsu? I’m sorry. Eunsu is… I told her not to bring Eunsu. She got a cold. Really? Then, she should rest. Come and prepare the dinner. Why did you not bring Eunsu with you? You wanted to bring her here so badly. Eunsu doesn’t want to see me feeling intimidated here. I don’t want her to hate you or your family. She’s your daughter. Well done, Yuha. Dad is resting now. You should go now. Okay. I will see you at the airport. Yuha. – Yes? / – Will you bring me the paternity test result for Eunsu and Seongun? It’s good for you, so there’s no need to worry. You should go first. I need to talk to you, Seongun. Okay. You should go home first. When Dad goes to the US this time, he won’t come back. While being treated and resting, he’s going to consolidate his wealth. He’s going let you and Eunsu inherit properties and stocks. He will give them to you under a condition that none of it will go to your wife. And take a legal action to make sure your wife never touches Eunsu’s shares. That sounds just like Dad. He will only let his own children inherit. He doesn’t want to give a penny to other people. She has lived with his son for more than five years and she has been the most loyal daughter-in-law. Yet, he still thinks she’s a stranger. Is that why you want Eunsu and I to have a paternity test? You are unusually sensitive about it. Other families do it as soon as their child is born. It’s just for the formality. I’m home. What happened? Why are they asking you and Eunsu to have a paternity test? Dad started to consolidate his wealth. He’s going to let Eunsu inherit too. Then, we should give it to him. What will we do? Let’s send Eunsu abroad to study. Do you want to send a five-year-old abroad? Let’s do that. But she can’t even sleep alone. I need to help her going to the toilet. She can’t even use chopsticks without me. She has to see you before she goes to bed. She’s our child. Do you want to send your daughter away? I got permission from my sister and my dad. My nieces and nephews are leaving next month. Let’s hurry and prepare Eunsu to leave too. Then, we can use it as an excuse to not have the test. Seongun. That’s the only way out of it. Honey. Do you know Kim Dongwook of Star Group? He just sells coffee, but he’s so full of himself. Am I boring? People might think you’re forced to be here. Yes. I was forced to be here. Then, should we leave? I am sorry, but can I ask you a favor? Yes, go ahead. Can you dump me? What? Do you not like me? Actually, you are not my type at all. Not at all. You are so rude. How can I like a man who badmouths another person for two hours? How can he badmouth people without a rest? Mom, I am on a blind date right now. I heard you dumped him. Did he tell on me already? Come here right now. I… Where are you? (2017 to 2018 KIO Winter Season) Does Ms. Lee do car-racing too? What can’t she do? She’s got money, time, and no husband. What can’t she do? You have enough money and time too, but there are many things you can’t do. Right. You have Dad. That’s why you can’t do anything, isn’t it? Dayeon. You talked about things you shouldn’t have on the blind date, didn’t you? That’s why he complained. But he was really bad. For two hours, he only badmouthed other people. That’s how passionate he is. Have you ever badmouthed someone so passionately in your life? You’ve never hated anyone, have you? This is why people think you are stupid. You once said wasting your time and passion on hating other people was the most pathetic thing. Dayeon, your thoughts should be flexible. How many times did I tell you not to be like stagnant water? There must be someone you really hate. Why did you suddenly change your mind? Was it her? Ms. Lee? You should go home. You do everything as you please. Have a seat. You became another person. You are always so perfect. Give me coffee. You drink a lot of coffee, but your skin is amazing. You must have been born with good skin. How much did she spend at a dermatology clinic? Money is good. I spent so much money at a dermatology clinic. It has to be good. You are so honest. Even if you’re rich, if you’re not blessed, you wouldn’t have such nice skin at your age. It’s the power of medical technology. I got a face-lift and got my features tuned. I got some Botox too. The surgery went well this time, didn’t it? My goodness. You are funny. How can every word she speaks be so annoying? It’s strange. Why do I feel like you are always cursing at me? Can she read my mind? Your face is so honest. Because it’s my job to invest money, it became my habit to read other people’s minds. Why did you want to see me? I believe you are still with CEO Kim. My husband wants to have a meal with you. You and your husband are very interested in my love life. I am going shopping. What about you? Shopping? Is it for CEO Kim? Yes. I like this one. There are more expensive ones. You surprise me. You never worry about the price. CEO Kim is actually a simple man. He won’t like it if it’s too expensive. She’s enjoying her romance for real this time. I hate her. Dayeon, get me some water. – Cold water. / – Okay, Mom. Why are you upset, Mom? Did you get into a fight with Ms. Lee? Dayeon. I don’t fight with just anyone. All right. I’ll get you cold water. Fighting against such a spiteful woman will only lower my value. She’s a divorced single mom. Yet, she owns YL Building and even became the largest shareholder. You have to be very spiteful to do that. It seems like the CEO is here. But wasn’t the CEO a man? (CEO Yang Haksu) It has been a while. If I come too often, it will look like I am pressing you to work well. You have to come and press me for me to work harder. Right. I heard you’re seeing someone. Yes. I think he’s a good man. I am thinking of him as my life partner. Do you mean that you want to marry him? That’s good news. That’s why I’ve come to ask you a favor. (2018 new recruit interview) Number 23, 24 and 25. Please follow me. I am ambitious and passionate. Many years of part-time building experience has prepared me for this job. If you hire me, I will do anything. I know everything from doors to flooring. I am the prepared employee of YL Group. I will do anything. Do I really have to say such a cliche line? Would it work? Number 28, Mr. Park Jaehyeong. Yes. I am Number 28, Park Jaehyeong. Yes, sir. I hope you will come and congratulate me. All right. I am thankful that you are inviting us. Thank you for saying that. My mom is lonely and your wife is being a good friend to her. I am sorry, sir. I am sorry. What’s going on? It’s nothing. I will see you that day. Okay. Hey! Me? (2018 new recruit interview) (Number 28, Park Jaehyeong) You can wipe your shoes. Words weren’t enough, were they? Do you feel better now? My shoes are expensive. It’s worth three to four months of your salary. All right? Wait. My shoes are a little precious. My dad worked 160 hours to make this pair. Hey. Are you mad? Why? Did you know that it was mad to wipe your shoes on someone’s clothes? Gosh, I thought you didn’t know. It’s okay if you do it, but is it mad if I do it? You don’t know who I am, do you? Right. You don’t know who I am. Listen carefully. – I am… / – I don’t care. You look like you’re my age. Let’s stop here. Give and take. We are done here. I don’t want to cause any trouble here either. He’s making me really angry. He’s Number 28, Park Jaehyeong. Okay? Make sure you fail him. What if the CEO finds out about it? Hey. You’re scared of him, but you’re not scared of me? If he ever passes the interview, I will sack everyone in the HR team. If you can manage that, pass him. Okay. I will tell them to fail him. Mom. – You’re home early today. / – Yes. I wanted to eat dinner with you. Then, you should have called. You’re busy these days. CEO Yang said you are good. I have to do well. You’ll be humiliated if I don’t do well. Right. I am happy to hear that you’re doing well. Right. You remember tomorrow, right? Of course. Something good will happen tomorrow. I hope something good will happen to you. What did you prepare? I am hungry. I will go wash myself quickly. Okay. I’ll be late today. Heat up the crab stew I cooked yesterday. Manager Park. About the spring summer event file I asked for… I already went over it. Go get it confirmed. Okay. I will be late too. I’m drinking with a friend. Where is Hyeonha? (Family group chat) I am busy too. I know you have a two-day break. All right. I will do the dishes and clean up. Why are you nagging through a messenger? Then, help me so I don’t have to nag. I think Dad has been to Yuha’s house. I think he took her Eunsu’s shoes. Manager Park. Work is good, but let’s eat first. Okay. I’ll reserve a restaurant for lunch. Reserve seats at the codfish restaurant. Yes, ma’am. Can we leave now? Even if you put on makeup, you will still be you. Euntae, where are you now? The airport? I’m so glad to hear that. Your sister will be so thrilled when she finds out that you’re coming. Is Uncle Euntae coming? Let’s talk again later, Euntae. Watch your mouth. I didn’t tell your mom so she will be surprised. Okay. How many years has it been since he last visited? What made him come back when you called him? Are you going to put on a show or something? You’re all dressed up today. I’m just dressed in casual clothes. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Where are you going looking like that? I’m going to Miyeon’s engagement party. To serve as a bridesmaid. I told you it’s a secret. CEO Kim prepared all that without telling Miyeon. Without telling her? Do you think Miyeon would be so slow-witted? (CEO Yang) Hello, CEO Yang. I’m driving now. I’ll call you back. Ms. Lee, you asked me to check on CEO Kim the other day. About that? How did it go? Okay. Miyeon, thank you for coming. Are you surprised? Yes. I’m surprised. What’s all this? It’s my heart for you. Munsik encouraged me to do this. It’s nothing. I just did it for my lonely mom. Gosh, he’s such a good son. Thank you for dating me. Let’s make a promise in front of your son and friends. Mom. I want you to be happy with CEO Kim. That’s nice. Women are only comfortable in men’s shade. An engagement ceremony in front of my son and friends on a good day. I’m so happy. Miyeon. Mom. For a beautiful day like this, why did you not invite your friends? – What? / – Invite them now. The person who called you whenever you were with me. Director Kang on your phone. You talked to her on the phone when I was around. Call her now. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Why are you suddenly talking about my friends? Friends? Do you call your wife your friend? Wife? Did she just say, “wife”? Just stay quiet. Miyeon, there must be a misunderstanding. (Director Kang) Honey, where are you now? Your husband wants to have an engagement ceremony with me right now. Come and take him. My goodness. I guess he’s married. He’s been having an affair with Miyeon? I can’t end our relationship as a cheater. You’ll have to hit me if you want to leave. Gosh, what a crazy wench. Is that wench my mom? Munsik, I didn’t mean it. She treated me like a cheater. I’m not that kind of person. No, you’re not. It wasn’t just an affair. You approached my mom for money. What? My mom has no luck in dating men. Every man she dates approaches her for money or for her appearance. That’s why she should live alone, don’t you think? Munsik, you incited me to have an engagement ceremony. That’s what I’m telling you. Why would you overrate yourself and want to marry her? If you just dated my mom, I would have waited until she breaks up with you. I don’t want my mom to get hurt. I was going to reveal the whole thing today, but Mom found it out herself first. Don’t ever show up again in front of us, okay? Darn it. Manager Park. Did you get a reply from the client? Not yet. I’ll contact them and take care of it tomorrow. Gosh. You have to take care of it today so I can get approval from the president. So why did you try to cover up Mr. Cha’s mistake, to begin with? I was going to teach him a lesson this time. I’ll get a reply from them before I go home today. Will you? I heard you have a plan. It’s okay. Gosh, it’s cold. Mr. Park, you left work early today. Is there anything wrong with your family? I’m having dinner with my family. That’s right. You do that once a month. All of your children are very nice though. They want to have dinner with you. Gosh, I don’t even know what or where my children eat. All right. I’m a lucky man. – Please get going. / – Yes. Guys. Did they all forget that we’d meet for dinner today? (Sunha) Sunha? I’m working late tonight. Go ahead and have dinner. What? I see. Work comes first. Don’t worry about me. All right. I guess Team Manager Go can’t work without Sunha. He makes her work late every time. Gosh. (Jaehyeong) The phone is turned off. Please leave a message… Why did Jaehyeong turn off his phone? All right. I don’t have anywhere else to go. Don’t laugh at me though. Things wouldn’t have been so much different if you lived alone without me. You might think I’m pathetic, but this is how people live. You know what? I’m a little afraid though. Once all our children get married, I’ll live alone in that house for the rest of my life. That’s why I’m afraid. That’s how it is though. This song is “Dear Love” by Youshimcho. It was a hit in the 80s. Shall we take a trip to the past? Are you over it now? What’s there to get over? All my life, I experienced all sorts of men. I’m sorry. I had no idea CEO Kim was that sort. Even so, I’m glad I have you on a day like this. What whiny lyrics. Mom, shall we listen to classical music? Leave it. It’s nice to hear this after so long. Hi, Sunha. Are you off work? I’m on my way home now. What about dinner? I’ve eaten. Look at the time. I’m glad. I was afraid the others forgot like last month. Don’t you skip a meal. Don’t worry about me or your siblings and look after yourself. That’s your duty. Not that again. I’m worried about you. Why would you worry about me? I have you. Thank you. My bus is here. Dad, I’ll see you at home. Okay. You brat. Do you think I was born a dad? Before I became a dad, I had a name of my own. Park Hyoseop. Yes. There was a person who called my name. You guys have no idea how beautiful that person was. Hyoseop. Hyoseop. Get home early. You always make your dad wait in the alley for you. Go on home. Park Hyoseop, stop. Stop right there. What’s this? Is it for me? Then, it’s mine. It has my favorite songs. I’ll accept it for the effort. Anyway, it’s not my birthday or Christmas. Why did Hyoseop make a mixed tape? Why? There’s only one reason. Okay. Do it. Do what? Go ahead. Do it. Do what? Confess that you like me and want to date me. You’re here to say that. So say it. Confess. What was that? Mom, what’s wrong? That dream really ticked me off. How annoying. Why would I dream of Park Hyoseop? Who is Park Hyoseop? There’s a man. A total jerk. I’m home. Where is he? Was he not home when we talked? Jaehyeong. Hyeonha. What’s happening here? Did they have dinner and cleaned up meticulously? That’s impossible. These brats. Did they forget we were having dinner with Dad? Was it today? Was it today? Why didn’t Jaehyeong look after Dad? Why didn’t Hyeonha eat with Dad? Be quiet. How can you always forget a monthly event? Come to the kitchen now. How many times have you forgotten already? It’s just one day a month. I have to work overtime almost always. How could I take care of everything? Sorry, Sunha. Will you please stop? Stop with verse one. You’ve been repeating yourself. You two only cooperate when you’re in trouble. How will you manage without me? Seriously. What are you all doing at this time of night? Dad. What? Why is there food and alcohol? It’s to share with you. I’d like that. Let’s all eat and drink together as a family. Sorry, Dad. I forgot about dinner. Dad, I was really tired. You understand, right? Don’t make such a fuss over missing one meal. It’s fine. Sit down. Jaehyeong, pour us one. That’s where Eunsu will live overseas. You made the right call. If she studies and hangs out with my kids, she’ll grow up as a member of our family. Eunsu will need to get used to the place. Don’t even dream of going with her. I’ll hire an educational expert babysitter. She’s still young. She needs me to… She’s young. That’s why I’ll mold her to become like us. I know you’re smart. But those who received an appropriate education and those who didn’t will never be the same. Get cured. Get cured. Eunsu. Mom. Aren’t we going to have a bath today? Do you want a bath? You said you were sleepy. I want a bath before bed. With bubbles. I want to blow them. Do you want to play rather than having a bath? Does your foot still hurt? Then, we don’t have to bathe. It’s okay. I’ll put a waterproof bandage on my foot. Eunsu. What? You’re so silly. – Eunsu. / – What, Mom? What if we lived somewhere else? Would that be okay? Where would we go? Somewhere completely different from here. Will you be there? I won’t mind another place if you’re there too. Dad. Hi. Did you have a bath? Yes. But Dad, are we moving? Are we going somewhere far away? Eunsu, Dad is tired. Let’s talk tomorrow. Dad will be tired tomorrow too. I’ll be okay tomorrow. Really? Tomorrow, we’ll see Grandpa off. Then, we’ll talk. Eunsu, go to your room and play with Anna. I’ll put you to bed soon. Okay. Good night, Dad. Did you make up your mind? Your family made the decision. When they make a decision, I just have to go with it. You’re thinking it right. Before I married you, it wasn’t just your family that was against it. My dad and sister were against it too. I know. But I was confident back then. I was sure your family would acknowledge me. When they told me to quit working and have a baby and even when I thought I couldn’t take any more. Back then, you were on my side. You wanted to be a doctor. In return for your family letting you marry me, you started to study business and even studied abroad. I was so grateful and thankful. What wouldn’t I put up with for you? Back then, that’s what kept me going. (International Arrivals) (Istanbul, Delayed) Why is the flight delayed again? We’re welcoming a man who volunteered abroad. We should wait. Right? That’s right. He wanted to work in Africa until he died, but I called him back. When you write about him, don’t forget to mention my hospital as well. My brother-in-law is up for an award. Isn’t he? I don’t know anything about Jeong Euntae. What is he like? My brother-in-law? Turn the plane around. Sir, we can’t do that. You’ve heard of Dr. Jeong Deokyeon. Korea’s Albert Schweitzer. That’s my father-in-law. My brother-in-law is just like his dad. He’s the second Korean Schweitzer. He can’t ignore the sick, the suffering, and the poor. He even cures a death-row inmate before execution. He’s a living example of humanism. – Untie me! / – Calm down, sir. – Untie this! / – I can’t, so calm down. Sir. Sir. – Hurry. / – Okay. Sir. Sir. Hey! Hey, hey. Sir. Sir. – What happened? / – He’s having a seizure. He must be sick. I think he’s faking it. What if he isn’t? What if he’s really sick? – Let me have a look. / – It looks serious. Where’s the emergency kit? It’s right here. Who are you? I’m a doctor. You’re a doctor and you can’t tell he’s faking it? He collected spit and let it dribble. How can you fall for it? Yes, that is a possibility. But there could be a one-percent chance that he’s a real patient with a real seizure. I can’t let him suffer in pain just because he seems to be faking it. Even if it’s a misdiagnosis, I would rather cure him. Relax when this goes in or I’ll make you scream and writhe in real pain. So take this shot of vitamins and pretend to sleep. Hi, Changu. I arrived safely. Where are you? I can’t see you. Are you at the airport? Is that Dr. Jeong? – Get your cameras ready. / – Okay. Do you come to the airport with reporters in tow? I said I didn’t want to talk to reporters, but you still brought them with you? You deserve a welcome. Get out here. Should I run or not? Hey, you. Let’s have a chat. He was clearly faking it. Why did you give him a shot? Changu, just a moment. Talk into this. What is wrong with you? Do you have a doctor’s license? What was that? I caused trouble on the plane and someone’s complaining. If the reporters got to know this, they’ll demand an explanation from you. Don’t you worry. I’ll explain it to them. Are you saying you won’t see us? Okay, Euntae. I’m so sorry. I got the time wrong. He’s flying in tomorrow. I’m really sorry. Let’s go. I’ll buy you dinner. We can come back tomorrow. Let’s go. Thank you very much. Who are you and where do you work? Are you a real doctor? Jeong Euntae. I’ll soon start at Jahan Hospital as an internist. You might not know if you’re in business class, but I boarded in Uganda and transferred in Istanbul. I was on the plane for 33 hours and 30 minutes. On our plane, there were kids, moms, and elderly passengers. What I did was for them. I wanted to sleep too. It worked out for everyone. That’s medicine for you. Don’t you think so? It’s freezing. Right. It’s winter here. It’s so cold. Go on home. Let’s go, mister. Did my sister tell you? She will enroll Eunsu at a good school. Let’s go. No. Right after our honeymoon, Father told us to have a baby. You and I were under pressure even when we were abroad. We decided to have Eunsu out of need. You may give up being her dad, but I… I must remain as her mom. It’s been six years. What will you do? My mom. She died when I was only 12. I was in elementary school. I had Dad and an older sister, but I felt so scared and lost that I thought I’d die. But Eunsu is only five. I cried all night for days because I was scared, but Eunsu is much younger. So what do you want to do? Do you want to remain as her mom? Are you saying you’ll go against my family’s decision? Unless you’re prepared to divorce me, don’t even think of it. Let’s get divorced then. Let’s get divorced. (Marry Me Now) Hello, professor. It has been a while. I’m glad to meet you again. She really brought Jeong Euntae. You seem to come often. Are you picking a fight? Don’t you know why you didn’t get the job? A propose? Surprise events are all about money. Are you the one who met my husband? Who are you? I’m CEO Kim’s wife. There will be no divorce in my life. I’m going to send Eunsu abroad too. This is from my dad’s store. Did my dad visit?

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  1. I was waiting for LSW. At last he appeared at the end. Not only handsome but manly also. I'm here after All About My Mom and wanted to check his other woks.

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