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Hypothetically, is going
to a strip club a bad thing? It depends on what you
do while you’re there. Well, that’s the
most important– because going to church is
bad if you’re going to– I mean, it depends on
what you do when you’re there, no matter what it is.
– Right. So what that means,
then, we can be honest. We’re not lying. – We didn’t go to no strip club.
– We did not go to a strip club. No, they went to
a club, correct, that has strippers in the back.
– OK. Well, there you go. – Were they nude dancers?
– No, they weren’t. They weren’t nude. They were wearing bikinis. You know why? Because it’s Miami. And it’s appropriate
for the beach. Were you guys
throwing money at them? We did pay for services. I know we paid for the bottles. Marsau, were you buying
bottles last night? I did buy a few bottles. Y’all know Martell
don’t usually drink. So what has shocked me is that– I couldn’t wake
up this morning. He actually had
a drink, though. I drunk 3 or 4 drinks. Of the $1,300 I spent. So you spent $1,300 on drinks? Y’all spent $1,300 on drinks? Something ain’t right
with that, Marsau. This is my brother. I don’t care. That’s your brother you
spent $1,200 on, though. You said you spent
$1,200 on drinks. Ma– You just now said
you spent $1,200. $1,200! What’s wrong with you? My relationship
with my mother-in-law, [INAUDIBLE], It’s um– it’s like, uh– you know?

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  1. She slowed it down so he could get it: TW AAAY HUN-JID DAAAHLUUUZS😂 I love the mom- she is not here for Marsau's wordplay & foolery👏🏾

  2. What did momma just say???? 🤨. Anywho, I think momma will get Marsau together on the spot with words that are her own! About time he shuts that mouth! Tisha sitting there looking spineless 🙄

  3. I love the fact that his mother-in-law doesn't accept nor takes any BSA for Marsau. Love her personality and how outspoken she is. "Something not right about that 1200.00 Marsau." Too hilarious

  4. Baebay, in case you didn't hear me the first time, I said "twell hundrid dahluz". Yes ma'am…tell that! 🤣
    BTW…I'm loving the way we are trying to spell $1200 the way Mama said it.

  5. Married women it’s okay for your husbands to go to a strip club. Relax. Y’all sound so insecure. And mama just mad he spent $1200 but got her daughter housewifing in that small townhouse 🤣🤣.

  6. Will someone please explain to me why in the hell is Kimmi looking at Martell when Marsau is the one who said he spent $1300 on drinks? Once again showing they are always trying to flip things on the Holts. Martell and Melody please leave these people. They are haters. The mom is loud and funny.

  7. Lawd🙌🏾…If I never hear "Twelve hunid dolla" again in THIS lifetime AND the next, it would be perfectly fine by me🤦🏾‍♀️…GooooodNESS😂🤣😂

  8. Now the mother in law wants to move in with Marsau and Latisha. She was out of line. That is not her marriage. She obviously isn't married or in a romantic relationship. She likely doesn't know how to be in a romantic relationship. If she moves in with Marsau and Latisha she will ruin their marriage. She is not disabled. Marsau has the right to say no.

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