Martell and Cedarric Get Physical at the Cabin | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

What we’re going
to do here tonight is we’re going to
solve a few problems. [LAUGHING]
Yeah. And we’re going to
do it gladiator style. I call this
“Gatlinburg Gladiator.” Yeah. Oh, my god. We got the– we got the joust right here. I got your headgear. I got your
mouthpieces, gentlemen. Mouthpieces! [LAUGHING] Here you go. Oh, I don’t need it. I’m not going to
do this [BLEEP].. Here’s the thing–
a few house rules. When I blow this whistle– [BLOWS WHISTLE] –that means stop. Hey, what I’mma tell– what
I’mma tell you right now, you’re not in a position
to ever have me doing some stupid [BLEEP] like this. You’re already in! My thing is I don’t play that. OK. And I don’t play no wrestling.
I don’t play no– none of that. We’re not wrestling! So I feel that– no. I’m not fixing to be
playing a game with Marsau right now that I’m upset with
him because this is going to turn into something
different other than hitting each other
with these big Q-tips because I probably will
hit him a little too hard and a little too much. Feel this.
Feel this. Feel this.
Feel this. [INAUDIBLE] go?
Here we go. – I like it.
– Yo, yo. Stop, for real.
– Hey, Marsau. Here.
[LAUGHS] Don’t you do it.
Damn, you’re getting aggressive. Don’t get aggressive
with me, boy. So you see how it works? I don’t like it. Damn, man! I don’t like that! Don’t [BLEEP] push me like
that again because if I [BLEEP] whoop your ass, you’ll be mad.
– I don’t want to fight with it. OK.
[BLEEP] OK. Dude, chill, man. [BLEEP] Dude– – We wrestling now.
– –chill. – Hey!
– Hey, hey, hey, hey! [BLEEP]

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  1. 😩 Martell is a wanna be thug serial cheater so mad for no reason who hurt him oh wait his father was in jail when he was a child

  2. Please find a more conducive couple for this show. Martell and Mel – smh. Good for drama but role models for young black couples – Hell No

  3. Martel overreacted if he just stood his ground more verbally about not playing they would have gotten the point it’s just a game

  4. Martell was very clear he did not want to play that game…..Cedarric got man handled & things escalated…his wishes should have been respected.

  5. I don't like Martell , but in this instance, I agree. Martell said he didn't want to play. I have seen these gladiator exercises turn into full fledge fights. The guy that instituted this immature antic almost got his beaten up because of this testosterone exercise. They couldn't think of more stimulating game without being physical? I think this guy wanted Martell and Marseau to actually fight, but instead almost got his butt kicked. I don't trust this "so called" friend. Everything he has done thus far is to create more drama than healing.

  6. Is Martell in the gray shirt? He looked like he wanted to laugh when he was wrestling with the other guy. This seems like it was staged for the cameras.

  7. Martel so sensitive about everything I really like the brothers and their wives but something rubs me the wrong way about Melanie and Martel they act as if they are better than folks and have everything together yet have all these unresolved problems ugh

  8. Cedarricc is annoying and very childish for a grown man. He likes to instigate, and stir the pot between the men.

  9. In this moment I feel maybe the producers told them to act up maybe for ratings cause I cant see why things turned left

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