Marvel Contest of Champions Update & Celebrating Marvel 80 Years | Marvel Minute

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, true believers,
I’m Lorraine, and this is the Marvel Minute,
bringing you 60 delicious, delightful seconds
of Marvel news. It will not stop raining
here in New York. Thanks a lot, Storm. So let me at least try
to brighten your day up with our top stories. This week, Marvel Comics
is here for the team-ups. We’ve got the Asgardians
of the Galaxy number 9, Mr. And Mrs. X number
11, and X-Force number 8. Why fight baddies alone, when
you can do it with the ones you love? So get your friends
and take them to your local comic book shop
to pick up these comics and more on Wednesday. Get in losers,
were we’re comics. And pop those confetti
crackers because we are still celebrating Marvel’s 80th
anniversary across all of our digital shows, including
Marvel Top 10, Marvel Becoming, Eat the Universe, This
Week in Marvel, and more. This month, we are currently
celebrating the ’80s, so check out all that totally tubular
content at And in a quick
Marvel games update, Cull Obsidian joined the fight
in Marvel Contest of Champions. So large, so imposing,
much lizard face. And that’s all the time
we have for this week. But hey, I’ll see you next
time on The Marvel Minute.

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  2. I am a big fan of Marvel
    And I got questions for endgame
    In the final battle , we saw Spider-Man slinging in front of everybody
    But did it work? What exactly did he slinging his web to?

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  5. Happy 80th Aniiversary Marvel (Also R.i.p Stan He's the Main Man Who helped marvel get to this point..)

  6. Since Avengers series has come to an end, it's going to be remembered as one of the best franchise; Same with the legend Stan Lee who makes avengers possible.

  7. Congratulations to Marvel for celebrating 80 years of success playing a hell of a major role in the world of pop culture. Many of the characters and storylines that the company have definitely changed Comic Books forever. It could’ve been better if Stan Lee himself would have more time to witness what he accomplished in life. Happy 80th Anniversary and R.I.P Stan

  8. I would love to read the new X-Force-Series but unfortunately the Art is horrible! Not worth my Money!

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