Marvel Studios’ Black Widow Unveiled, Celebrating Marvel’s Stan Lee, and more! | Marvel Minute

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, true believers. I’m Lorraine. And this is the Marvel
Minute, bringing you 60 seconds of Marvel news. So let’s dive in. Stars of the Marvel
Universe assemble to celebrate the life and
luminous legacy of Stan Lee. Viewers will go on a journey
throughout the life of Lee and across the Marvel
Universe, sharing never before seen interviews
and archive footage with Lee himself. Watch Celebrating Marvel Stan
Lee airing on Friday, December 20 at 8:00 PM eastern on ABC. She is done running
from her past. The teaser trailer
and first poster for Marvel Studios’ Black Widow
is now available on and the Marvel YouTube channel. And in theaters on May 1, 2020. Oh, I’ll be watching it
on repeat until then. And we have a new episode
of Marvel’s Hero Project this Friday. On this week’s episode, we
meet Jahkil, who distributes blessing bags full
of essential items to help the homeless
in his city. Go to to sign up
and catch up on episodes now. Plus, in Marvel games
news, the mercs for money have now joined
Marvel Future Fight. It’s time to make friends
with these wacky mercenaries; Slapstick, Negasonic
Teenage Warhead, Gorilla Man, and Lady Deadpool. Over in Marvel Puzzle
Quest, feel worthy with Beta Ray Bill
and his hammer, Storm Breaker, which
have now joined the game. The Bifrost is ready
to go full rainbow as Heimdall is now playable
in Marvel Strike Force. And the Silver Surfer catches a
cosmic wave into Marvel Contest of Champions this Thursday. That’s all the time
we have for this week. But hey, I’ll see you next
time on The Marvel Minute.

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  1. Who else loves Marvel ?

    Ps : I doubt anyone is gonna see this but if any kind soul has some time to spare , I'm so close to 1.52k $ůb§ 💞💕💖💞

  2. Charlie's Angels 2019:
    "Men don't want women to do action movies"

    "Hold my vodka"

  3. Imagine if they make a X-men game just like they are doing with the avengers … come on marvel we are READDDYYYY🙂🙂

  4. I have 2 weeks to live, can we get Scarlet to sit on my face in the Black Window costume please? Just for 1 minute pleaaseee

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