Hey, guys! So tomorrow is Mary’s birthday and we’re gonna go get her a cake … and we gonna buy a toy for Mary! And guys, it’s raining so much The rain got angry? It’s raining so much. So we’ll see you at the store Okay guys, so we just got out of the store and we forgot to vlog… Dad… But we found like the perfect cake for Mary. She loves chocolate and we got her a chocolate cake, but… huge, huge one — yeah, it was really big, and we tried to like put writing on it for her, but there was nobody there. But there was someone there, but they said they can’t do it. Even though they worked in the bakery Yeah, we’re gonna do it ourselves. We got frosting, we got… we couldn’t find a chocolate 1. We got candles, but it says 14 – the 4 is a chocolate, but the 1 is wax, because they ran out of chocolate 1’s. And we got Happy Birthday candles, and balloons, yeah a lot of stuff, so we’ll show you guys when we get home Are you videoing actually? Yes. Let me see, okay… Okay guys, so it’s the next day and we’re gonna show you what we got. So here’s the cake and here we got some… Zoe… we got some blue decorating frosting, red, green, candles for 14, they were out of chocolate ones, a happy birthday, and a musical candle – sings Happy Birthday!, and some candles. We’re gonna write Mary’s ‘Happy Birthday, Mary!’, because the writing people at Safeway were unavailable I think I’ll write ‘Mary’. Okay, ready? You can do it? Yeah Hopefully this comes out. You see, ‘Happy’! Okay, it’s just gonna be a little bit sloppy You can just write ‘Mary’, because you have the candles say ‘Happy Birthday’ already Put a red one now, no? Okay, let’s put our red now, and then we’ll put our name in green. ‘Happy’ – it’s so sloppy Oh, this one’s easier to come out. Not so big, so you can fit it. I can fit it I should probably make the R like that. ‘Happy bir-‘ Maybe she’ll laugh at it Now, my turn. No, I wanna do the ‘Mary’, you’ll do the roses Okay guys, so dad’s gonna do ‘Mary’. We got the green icing open. Alright? Yeah Why are you doing the M like that? This is so small. Uh-huh, okay now put R And Y and Y There you go. Okay, now we just gotta put like flowers or something Bless you. Thank you. Okay, that looks weird… Oh, we should make balloons and then put the line instead of flowers. Oh, yeah. Yeah, and just fill it in with red or something to make it colorful Okay, let me do some designs. Oh, it’s looking so nice, I think we got it good What do you think, guys? Are we good? Oh no, I got some chocolate frosting with my arm. ‘Happy Birthday’ Okay guys, so we’re done and this is the final product. We got 14; our musical candle, okay I’ll turn it on later; ‘Happy Birthday’, and two candles over there And we’ll hope Mary likes it. We’re not really professionals at decorating, but we did our best. Okay, see you soon Guys, it’s Mary’s birthday today and we woke up extra early and got her Starbucks and these really cool balloons, so we’ll blow them up. And we also have a whole bunch of presents over there So we’re gonna blow up these balloons and then we’ll surprise Mary Shhh, you don’t wanna wake her up Okay guys, let’s check out this bunch of balloon things and see how it works OMG, that was so cool. Mary’s gonna love these balloons. Let’s go put them by her presents Okay guys, so we have all the balloons ready and Mary’s sleeping, so let’s go wake her up and surprise her with Starbucks, and presents, and balloons Wake up. Good morning! Happy birthday! Come Mary, we have a surprise for you! This way. You can open your eyes OMG, thank you so much. Are these all for me? Yeah, happy birthday! Thank you Say Happy Birthday to Mary! Starbucks! Thank you Do you wanna eat breakfast or open your presents? Open my presents! Okay Okay Mary, which one do you wanna open up first? This one It’s the Light-up Pad, I wanted this, thank you! No way! AirPods 2, really?! Thank you! Last time Mary lost her… I didn’t lose them. Someone stole her AirPods Those are the AirPods Pro. Oh, I thought they were 2. Another one? Is it the same? It’s with a different colored box I think they’re a little bit different Let’s open this one. Woah! It’s markers, and crayons, and colored pencils. Thank you! Oooh, hand mannequins for nails. I got nail polish, and this is like to practice to put nails on them – mannequin hands These are so weird. I saw them in the Amazon box and I was like ‘uh, I’d be scared’ Oh, I love this gift! Junior told me this, I thought he was kidding! It’s money toilet paper. He told me what it was, I thought he was kidding Junior wanted to buy that for Mary. Thank you! Do you like the cool balloons, Mary? Yeah. They were so easy to blow up That’s so cool Woah, what is that? It’s a lot of markers. They have numbers too Тhis is R614 Hey, 60 acrylic colors. It’s paints. Oh, paint brushes. We have these ones Paint pens, I’ve never heard of paint pens Wow, canvases! Thank you! You like it? Yeah. No wonder the bag was so heavy That’s so you can decorate for Christmas. Yeah, for Christmas! Thank you. It’s cool. It’s a Christmas present This is… Spin&Spiral Art Station. I wanted this! Wow, an acrylic set! You like it? Oh, it comes with a sketch pad, an eraser, Wow, color pencil, and chalk, and here – acrylic paints How may drawers are there? There’s two. Thank you This one is from Gabe and Junior! Thank you, an umbrella! Thank you! He wouldn’t stop crying until we gave him the bag to give that to you Oh, that’s for the nails. Do you own acrylic nails? The powder… Yeah, and you can practice on those hands. And the liquid to do it. Thank you You know how to do nails? Dad knows how to do a lot of things Oh, this is the mechanical nail filer, I wanted this It looks just like the one they use in there Oh, it’s a nail kit. It comes with a gel nail dryer, nail filer I think these are the powders to put on your nails Oh, it comes with a finger to practice on. Can I see? Wait, what? He tried to put it on his own finger They are like the perfect length, thank you Woah! You can write letters and put it in your room Happy birthday, Mary. Thank you Those are string lights, you hang them on the wall in your room and you clip on your Polaroid pictures. Have you seen them? Yeah! Thank you I love QuickZip sheets Yesterday Zoe pooed and peed on my sheets, so all I had to do was take off the top and the bottom. Thank you, I love these kinds of sheets Oh, a sketchpad and markers. Oh, it’s a coloring book. Oh, that’s cool, thank you This is my favorite bag. Twister! Thank you Oh, a Smart Sketcher. I’ve wanted this, thank you. Thank you for all the presents Okay guys, so it’s Mary’s birthday. Mary’s in the hot tub right behind mom They left it in the car. We left nothing in the car, we didn’t even have anything in the car Okay, so I think they’re gonna… Are you guys gonna race to the other side? Yes, and back. And back. Okay, ready, on your mark, get set, go! We have to move that cause we have to swim under it, we can’t go over that Oh, the vacuum? Yeah. I told you she always wins Happy birthday, Mary. Thank you Izzy, let’s go to the outside and when we’re there we will start swimming to mom and we’ll see who can swim, how far without coming up for breath and wherever you come up, that’s where you stay, okay? We’re not racing right now Okay, ready, set, go! She’s kicking. You can’t kick Well, why not? She lost You’re cheating Guys, we’re gonna go look for treasures underwater. You ready? I found a Batman hat, a balloon, this jewel and this jewel Surprise! Mom’s gonna turn on the waterfall. Mom! OMG, it’s starting to rain again. I don’t know if you can see it on camera Can you see the rain? She’s catching the rain I’m actually tasting it. Ah, me too It’s such an ugly day, guys I’m gonna go drop off from the waterfall into the pool. Ready, Izz? OMG! Look at all the birds That’s too high for me. Wait, I’m gonna hit my feet, I just realized that Cannonball! Cannonball! Okay, you ready guys? We’re gonna jump Did you guys have a good jump? Happy birthday to Mary! Aw, thank you Mom, can you order Chevy’s now? Chevy’s? OMG, someone wants Chevy’s You want an Oreo? We have Oreos in the pantry Are you gonna eat it all? Do you think Chevy’s is cake? It’s dinner Birthday splashes It’s her birthday dinner. Chevy’s to-go so she can eat it in the pool No, not in the pool. In the house You better order a lot of tortillas. I can’t believe some people say tortiLLas Comment on Instagram if you say tortiLLa, it’s just so funny It makes me laugh every time Caramel, caramel. Caramel tortillas What if they’re eating your cake? I bet they’re eating Mary’s cake and dad’s playing Fortnite Dad actually said… it’s supposed to be a surprise, but while me and mom were swimming in the pool I heard the car, like ‘Oh, they’re going to get the cake’, because yesterday they went to get the cake, but they ordered one and said they had to go back again… We didn’t order one! You watch the birthday video when it comes out!… and then they said that they had to go back tomorrow, cause they ordered one. That’s what they said… and he said ‘Daddy’s gonna get mad, cause he’s gonna think I told you’, but I already know Me and mom already guessed it Nooo, we did not order a cake Okay guys, we’re gonna go jump in. You ready, Izzy? MOM! I thought there was a TV in the neighbour’s pool. Is that a TV? Okay, ready, set, gooo! Wait, I… I see Junior. He’s right there Wait, I’m scared… ready, set, NOOO! Don’t pull me in You’re not supposed to pull me! You’re not supposed to pull me Just get up here! Get up here really quick I can’t get up! Get up! I can’t. Get up, Izzy Get up. Guys, look at the sky. C’mon Izzy Ready, set, go! Shh, if you’re quiet you can hear the rain. Look, do you see like all the stuff dropping on here? Can you guys see it? It’s dripping everywhere but my face How dare you? Izzy has a birthday song for Mary Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to my annoying sister, but I still love her. Happy birthday to you! Ta-da Happy birthday to 14! Happy birthday to 14! Happy birthday, Mary! OMG, she’s so old, she’s 14 It’s really starting to rain now. Can you see it in the camera? Let me see. Not really. Let me see You can catch it on your tongue now. You can see some of it. Alright, here The boys went inside. I bet they’re eating Mary’s cake I don’t know where Gabe is, but Junior on the other hand is sitting on the couch Gabe’s probably like “Happy birthday, Mary!” Oh, you can see it hitting the water. Wait, I’ll show you You can see some of it on camera. You can definitely see it hitting the water We should probably get out before the lightning comes. Is that actually thunder or is that just…? That’s thunder, mom! They can see it now, look Do you hear that lightning though? There’s no lightning, it’s thunder, Mary Trying to check if the sound is thunder Mom, once there’s wind here, you know there’s wind here It’s a thunder Hey Mary, I almost forgot. I’ve got a surprise for you, and it came yesterday Really? You’re gonna love it. I had to beg dad for it for a month, just to get it Okay, let’s walk in and see it. It’s not inside, it’s outside Really? I have no idea how you didn’t see this Okay, follow me. It’s raining, guys WHAT? A trampoline! How did I not notice this? C’mon, go jump on it. Hurry, it’s cold How did I not notice this? I have no idea how you didn’t notice this Well, it is in the back. We shouldn’t go out here, especially when it’s raining It’s cake time, we’re having cake before dinner Happy birthday to Mary, it’s your birthday. The fire burnt my eye You act like I can’t hear you, but I’m right here Happy birthday to Mary. The chocolate’s gonna melt You want the chocolate? I want chocolate Wow, those are sparklers. Yeah, like fireworks Don’t talk that loud. Firework! Gabe’s doing that on purpose No way, that candle turns on? You ready? Wait, wait, wait, the other P Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Mary! Happy birthday to you! That’s a chocolate candle We made it ourselves because the people weren’t available This is for you guys and this is for me Oh, it looks good. It’s chocolate marble. You guys did a nice job And dad did the balloons and hearts, and I did like that little thing, whatever you call it

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