Masha And The Bear – Song of Beauty (Terrible Power) Fun song for children

Song “Beauty” I learned from the fashion press Rules of how to impress, ‘Cause if beauty’s not arresting, No one finds it interesting. It’s so tiring And uninspiring! But I know How to change from head to toe! Cream and powder foundation For the basic transformation. Then it’s time to take it up a notch! Shadows, blush and glossy lipstick, That should work and do the nice trick. I’ll become a Swan Queen! Just you watch! I tried hard, but all in vain, Caused myself a lot of pain. If the truth is oh so ugly, Then I’d rather be a duckling! I have to break up With the pretty makeup! I admit it, That I went over the limit! When I glance into the mirror, Facts become a little clearer – I look really scary in this stuff. In the eye of the beholder Is the truth that’s so much bolder – Skin deep beauty’s never good enough!

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