Master of Voice Six Month Anniversary & Play Button Unboxing

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice and, in this episode, something a bit different as we’re here
to celebrate our six-month anniversary of having content on the channel. Now, if
you look at the About section of my channel you will see it says I started
in March. Well that’s just because I’m a procrastinator
and it was actually August 28th before I uploaded my first video to the channel
and Wow. Wow as you all like for me to say. What a
ride it has been. I am so thankful to you all first and foremost for your kind
words, your support, your shares on social media, just everything. I’m truly
overwhelmed. When I first started this I was so hesitant. I’ll go ahead and it’s
down my list here but I just want to thank my best friend Wes. He is a
YouTuber and he was so encouraging of me, had me on his channel a couple of times
and just said start…start something, you know, and I was just hesitant. There’s so
much behind-the-scenes that goes on with this and I wasn’t really up-to-date on
editing the technology side of things I didn’t have the technology, you know, I
started recording using my cell phone and it’s just been so much learning but
so rewarding at the same time from the shocking amount of support and response
that has happened for the channel I am truly blessed and I am humbled by the
outpouring of just kindness and love and support I just can’t say that enough
before we dive into a few things here I did want to share a little bit of the
stats with you of how I started and how it all sort of has snowball to this
six-month anniversary point you know I do feel lucky there are so many
youtubers that are really putting an excellent content
you know just great editing great videography cinematography if you will
and their channels do pretty well but you know even those that are very
experienced at YouTube like I mentioned my friend Wes and some others are just
shocked by the numbers that you all have put forth for my channel and the the
reach the widespread reach from across the world if you will
I am just shocked I’m amazed when I especially when I looked at the rundown
of the numbers earlier when I was preparing for this episode thank you
thank you thank you my heart is full from you all from just all of the
outpouring of support thank you so much you know I did put out that first video
on August 28th when I go back and look at it now I’m almost embarrassed I was
just sort of fumbling around for things to say you know I am a trained musician
a singer for many years I have a degree in education I have a lot of knowledge
but that doesn’t mean when you sit down in front of a camera in your kitchen
that is where I am actually that that is all going to come out in the proper
manner in a way that’s well received by others you know and I just I didn’t know
I truly didn’t know how it would be received on YouTube but I mainly did it
to learn the back end of things I just did that video that day so I could learn
how to edit using some free software I’ll link to that down below as well
and I’m going to have several other videos about several aspects of reaction
channels the editing the copyright issues and I’m not going to get into all
that today but I have learned so much and I’m just thrilled also though to
have learned so many new artists wonderful new performers from the past
from the current music scene I have grown so much as a musician as a teacher
as a music fan I just can’t describe to you how much knowledge and just
excellence in me that I have taken him over the past six
months well you all have seen it if you’ve been a fan and watching the
videos and you know it’s weird for me to even use the term fan for you all that
watch my channel I just think of you as my community my family at this point if
you will supporters of the channel and I am truly blessed and thankful but I did
throw up that video on August 28th and then I’m seeing here about two months in
I had put up a community post on the channel that said we were at 12,000
subscribers and 1.5 million views I was truly in shock
we were several videos in I explained all this in my recap of 2019 video back
at the end of December but then on November 7th is when we hit 25,000
subscribers within just a few weeks later on December 4th we had already hit
50,000 subscribers and so that was shocking you know and then as I said in
that recap video of 2019 at the end of four months we were at a little over
75,000 subscribers nine million views of my videos at that point and I was just
truly in shock but really it was on January 11th when I hit that main
milestone number on YouTube of 100,000 subscribers at about 4.5 months it truly
was unbelievable quite honestly and I have you all to thank for that
I just I can’t thank you enough in this video quite honestly but YouTube does
reward certain channels when they reach 100,000 subscribers they don’t always
give out play buttons to people and so I was a little nervous reaction channels
can’t have issues behind the scenes especially with copyright claims
copyright takedown notices and strikes and I have dealt with all that I will
have a video in the future about all that just to fill you all in a little
more and maybe help other reactors out there understand the process just a
little more because I have learned so much
that end of things as well but I did work back and forth with YouTube they
reviewed my channel a few weeks ago and then a couple of weeks ago I received
the play button in the mail and I’m excited today to do a bit of an unboxing
with you of this play button it’s been sitting on my couch I knew I was going
to do this six-month video and it was only a couple weeks ago so I thought
instead of doing the two I’ll combine it all into one video and I’m so thrilled
to show you today that the play button came in the mail I removed all the mail
in the tape actually my partner did and thanks to him he’s put up with a lot of
stress on my end sometimes a lot of late nights of me editing and I’m just
appreciative and to my friends and and family as well you know they’re all very
encouraging they don’t really know what’s going on this is new to them as
well except for my friend Wes as I mentioned his channel is high falutin
low carb so if you’re a low carb eater or if you’ve ever considered eating low
carb or just want to explore that go take a look at his channel I’ll leave a
link up here and a link down in the description as well he’s my best friend
I’ve learned so much from him during this process as well I’m very thankful
to him he has his own play button and his channel is very successful with
sponsors and a great community there but let’s start unboxing this play button
here I’m eager to have it freed from its box if you will I’m just gonna hit just
lifts up here very nicely packaged by YouTube it comes with a bit of foam
covering here and then also a letter from YouTube and then the play button
itself it says presented to master a voice for passing 100,000 subscribers so
I’m happy to have this now and be able to display that in the back
it comes out of the box here and there’s some other things behind it but it’s
quite happy actually I like that I know it actually has a mirror in the play
section here so I don’t want to blind you all too much with my lighting but
we’ll take it out of the wrapping here and there it is the play button for
master of voice you guys I I have to admit I’m thankful to you all but I’m
also very proud I have put in a lot of hard work in this channel you know the
learning curve was pretty steep I did a lot at the beginning then I probably
didn’t need to be doing and took a lot of extra time but that was just part of
the learning process and I’m so thankful to have this I’m thankful to youtube for
providing this outlet for creators I’m just you know to think of myself as a
youtuber it’s just weird still even though six months in I have been
recognized a little bit more locally even some my friends of course they’ve
seen me promote on my social media just a bit but they’ll mention it in public
and I think oh yeah my friends are watching in my family I was actually at
a Mexican restaurant here locally and the manager there came up and mentioned
to me she started by saying you know I’m gonna tell you a funny story I was on my
cell phone and I was on YouTube and I thought oh goodness
she said and wait a minute I recognized that face of course she does I love some
Mexican food and I was there but I’m there quite often and so that was just
fun it was my video one of my videos reacting to the Cente Fernandez of
course his one of his videos was just recently my first video to hit 1 million
views all by itself so that’s truly amazing in itself just to think of that
the letter from YouTube on a nice cardstock paper here says you’ve just
done something that very few YouTube creators accomplished you have an
astonishing 100,000 people subscribed to your channel we know that numbers on
YouTube can get really big but we hope that you
lose sight of the reality behind that sixth digit milestone each and every
person that you all who has subscribed to your channel has been touched by what
you created they were in I didn’t think I was gonna need any tissue for this they were inspired challenged or
entertained I hope I’ve done all three for you all I know I have for myself oh
goodness you achieve this milestone with hard
work perseverance and probably a healthy sense of humor too that’s absolutely
correct what you’ve accomplished can’t be taken away from you and we’d like to
recognize you and all your hard work with the silver creator award a small
token of our esteem and respect we know that you don’t do this for rewards you
do it because you have a drive to create and share and because you found an
audience who cares believe us when we say that we can’t wait to see what you
do next a million subscribers may seem like a long way off right now yes it
does but you’re closer than you think and we’re rooting for you
congratulations you’re sincerely Susan the CEO of YouTube but I am so thankful
for this silver play button very very appreciative I’m proud of it and thanks
to you all I am just truly blessed to have you all in my life I appreciate it
so much I appreciate you all so after we’ve reached the 100,000 subscriber
milestone in early January maybe mid January it was just 20 days later on
January 31st that we reached 125,000 subscribers and then just recently
February 21st that we reached 150,000 subscribers and I say we because you are
all part of this community I you know I really just thrive off
the feedback the positive feedback there are negative feedbacks at times and I
try to take them with a grain of salt I just know it’s part of the internet and
part of YouTube but it’s been so minimal that you know the outpouring of positive
comments and feedback just swallow them up you know just wash them away and I’m
so appreciative for that some of our current stats are that we are at about a
hundred and fifty videos so I have a library of several videos for you if you
want to go back and take a look 150 videos like I mentioned we have one
video now that already has 1 million views just on its own we have 18 point 8
million total views on the channel with 1.1 million hours watched of these
videos that just blows me away to think about and in the past 90 days I can’t go
back any further than that for this number but we have 5.7 million unique
viewers 5.7 million people have watched this channel in just the past three
months that just is insane to me to think about I it just blows my mind you
guys I just and from across the world it actually skews heavily toward men which
does surprise me just a little bit 68% of viewers for the lifetime of the
channel are men and the top five countries that view the channel since
that first video was uploaded 30% for Mexico my top channel muchas gracias
Americo I appreciate you all so much 25% from the USA and the topsides rounds
out with Philippines Spain and South Korea and you know the list though goes
much longer than that we are talking literally countries from around the
world and so just wanted to make this video today to
say thank you so very much for your support
that’s the six-month point all of these milestones all of this data these stats
they just blow my mind it’s encouraging though I just mainly have been truly
grateful and appreciative for this outlet to create and to share the world
of music with you all you all have taught me so much
by sharing all of these artists that I have never heard of before until this
channel several artists I have and I have featured some of my own favorites
and I look forward to being able to do that a bit more in the future but
otherwise it’s just been such a learning experience all the way around and I’m a
better person for it thank you all so very much I hope you enjoyed this video
and as always I hope you have a great day
thank you

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