Max & Ruby: Grandma’s Birthday / Max’s Hand Print / Grandma’s Surprise Dance – Ep.68

[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪]Max and Ruby…Ruby and her
little brother, Max…
[♪] [kids shouting]
Max and Ruby! [laughter] I can’t wait to
see Grandma’s face when I show her all the
birthday decorations I made. And I’m going to need all the
help I can get, okay Max? Huh?Rabbit Racer!Whoa![laughs]I don’t think Rabbit
Racer can help. But I know you can. Whoa! [sigh]
Little Brothers! [knocking] Ruby! Happy Birthday, Grandma! We have a special
delivery for you! We? Uh huh. There’s me and there’s…Rabbit Racer![laughs] Hello, Rabbit Racer! I hope you brought Max with you! Oh good!
Hi Max! Hi, Come on in! Now what’s all this
about a “special delivery?” It’s in this box, but you’re
not allowed to see until it’s all
perfectly perfect. Oh Oh Oh! Do you need me
to close my eyes? Actually…
um… We need a few
minutes to get ready. So… You know, I was just about
to organize my hat closet. Why, why don’t I go
upstairs and do that, while you get ready. Okay? [sigh]
Thanks, Grandma! [chuckles] Rabbit Racer! Okay, Max, it’s time to stop
flying your Rabbit Racer and start helping me
put up the decorations. The secret to great decorating is finding the perfect way
to display the decorations! Of course it helps if you start off with
beautiful decorations. Look at this paper
garland I made! See?
They all look like Grandma! Now…
where should we hang it? Hmm… We could put it there,
over the window. No, that’s too high. Or there on the fireplace. No – too Christmassy! I suppose I could
put it on the piano. What do you think, Max? Rabbit Racer! Oh, My garland! [gasp]
It’s… Perfect! Whew!
That was lucky! [gasp] [sigh] But we don’t want to take
any more chances, okay? Why don’t you
land the Rabbit Racer while I get
the next decoration.GRANDMA: Are you
ready for me yet, Ruby?
Not yet – but soon! Well, that’s my
rain hats done… Now for my summer hats! Ready? Ta-da! A beautiful bouquet of
“forever and ever flowers”! I call them “forever
and ever flowers” because they’re made
out of tissue paper. So they never need water
and they’ll last… forever and ever ! Now, we have to find the
perfect place to display them. What do you think, Max? Rabbit Racer. I thought you were going
to help me decorate. Huh? Whoa! [sigh] Maybe you should take
your plane outside until I’m finished decorating. Aaah! [gasp]
Oh, no! Whew!
It’s not broken. This is Grandma’s
favorite vase and… [gasp]
Grandma’s favorite vase! What could be more perfect for displaying the
“forever and ever flowers”? That was another
very close call. No more Rabbit Racer
tricks, okay?GRANDMA:
Are you ready for me
yet down there?
Almost, Grandma! Just a bit longer. Okey-doke! Ahh ha! I was wondering
where that hat went! This is the last
decoration to put up – and the most special. It’s a banner! Look familiar? We have to decide
where to hang it. Hmmm. It’s too big to hang anywhere. [sigh] Well, I guess I’ll just
have to put it here. It would look much better
if we could hang it. Oh, well… At least the garland and
the “forever and ever flowers” look perfectly perfect. Okay, Grandma – we’re ready!Oh, goodie!
Here I come!
Wait – I’ll come up to meet you! Rabbit Racer. I don’t want you to look ’til you get all
the way downstairs.. [laughs]
All right, Ruby. My, my, this is exciting! I’ve never had a birthday
special delivery before. I need you to face
this way, and… Okay – you can look now. [gasp]
Look at that wonderful garland! Those are cut-outs of me! I love it! And oh my! What a beautiful bouquet
of handmade flowers… in my favorite vase. They look perfect. And I made one other
decoration…. There’s more? Yes. It’s right over here
on the – huh? [gasp] Look at that
beautiful banner with all three
of us on it! What wonderful decorations! And they’re perfectly displayed! I know, Grandma! But I have to admit – I had a little help
from Max and — Rabbit Racer! Now that Grandma’s house
is decorated for her birthday, we have to make her
a birthday present. And I’ve thought of
the perfect thing! Do you want to know
what it is, Max? [gasp]
Lobster! [laughs]
I don’t think your lobster would make a good birthday
present for Grandma – but look at this! We’re going to make
prints of our hands in Plaster of Paris! See? We put our hand in the
wet plaster for a second, then take it out,
and when the plaster dries, we’ve got a perfect
copy of our hand! Look! Everybunny’s handprint
is different, so making a print of our hands will be a unique
gift for Grandma. Unique means there’s nothing
else like it in the whole world.[chattering]Lobster! All right, Max. You play with your lobster
while I mix up the plaster. Okay, first, I have to mix
some plaster of Paris powder with just the right
amount of water… …And stir until the plaster
is “thick but not creamy”. Then I pour it
into the mould. Grandma’s going to
love the heart shape! There we go. [gasp] I have to remember to
put a hole in the top for the ribbon to go through. That way, Grandma can
hang it on her wall. Now I’m ready to
make my handprint. Nice and straight. One, two… LOBSTER![chattering][gasp] Oh no! The book says plaster of Paris
dries really fast, so I have to wash it
off before it hardens. If I hurry, maybe I can
smooth that hand print over and try again. [sigh]
Too late. It’s hardened already. Hmmm…
It’s just a little crooked. That makes it even more unique! That was a lucky break, Max. I thought your lobster made me
ruin my hand print – but look! Grandma’s going to love it! Now it’s your turn. I’ll just get the plaster
of Paris ready for you. [gasp]
Lobster! As soon as this
plaster is ready, I need you to stop
playing with the lobster, okay Max? LOBSTER! Hmmm. I’m ready for you, Max! You need to put
your lobster down, so you can make a
perfect handprint. Oh, no! Lobster! [squish] [sigh]
Well, I guess anybunny
can make a mistake. We’d better get you
cleaned up. There you go.
All clean. Now let’s see if
the plaster has hardened. Mm hmm. That’s what I thought. [sigh] I’ll just have to mix up
another batch of plaster. Lobster? No more lobster ’til we’ve got your
hand print done, okay? Okay, let’s try again. [honk] [humming][splat][gasp] Uh-oh. We’d better wash you off. You don’t want a stiff ear. There.
All clean. Again. I have enough plaster
for one more print. Lobster? I think you should just
stay away from your lobster until we’re done
making your handprint. [sigh] [humming] Woo! [humming]LOBSTER!Whoops!
Whoa! Max, be careful![splat]No! [gasp] [laughs]
Come on Max. If I’m quick,
I might still have time to smooth it over
and make… Hello? Is anyone home? Grandma! Um, come see what we made
for your birthday? Ruby! That’s your hand! I’d recognize it anywhere! What a lovely gift! Thanks, Grandma. I tried to get a print
of Max’s hand too, but his lobster kept
getting in the way, so… [gasp]
Oh, look! There’s your foot, Max…
and your ear and… is this your tail? Oh, this is a wonderful gift. It’s so… …it’s so… Unique! [blows air] There.
Just like new. How are you doing
with the lanterns, Louise? I’m… al…most… done.
[grunting] Whew!
There! They look great! Thanks, Ruby. What’s that? It’s the dance trophy
Grandma won a long time ago. So she really was
a champion dancer? Uh huh. Look at this… That’s her. Wow! She looks so… BOTH:
…beautiful! When I found this trophy and
the picture in Grandma’s attic, I decided a surprise birthday
dance party would be perfect! How did you get Grandma
out of the house? Mr. Piazza invited her to tea. So while she’s out, all the guests
will hide back here. Then when Mr. Piazza brings
her into the back yard, we’ll all shout ‘surprise’! And then we’ll ask her to… Dance! Max, this dirty old shoebox
is going to mess up our table. What’s in here, anyway? Those aren’t the kind of shoes
Grandma would dance in. [gasp] But that gives me
a great idea! Let’s bring out her prettiest
pair of dancing shoes, so she can dance at the party! Come on Louise![laughter]Dance! BOTH:
Oooh! Which ones do you think
are the prettiest? How about… BOTH:
These ones! [gasp] [giggle] BOTH:
Beautiful! Dance…Look, Max.These are much
nicer dancing shoes. Much! [quiet waltz] There… [♪] May I have this dance? I’d be delighted! [♪] Dance… [giggles] I can’t wait to see Grandma
dancing to this beautiful…[loud swing beat]Dance! Max, we need beautiful music. [music stops] And that was not
beautiful music. Not at all! [sigh] It’s starting to get dark. Time to turn the lanterns on. [gasp]
Wow! Oh Ruby,
they look so… BOTH:
Beautiful! Soon our guests will be here, and then Grandma will arrive – and she’ll be back
in the spotlight. Except we don’t
have a spotlight. [sigh]
Little brothers! [giggles] The guests should
be arriving soon. Could you please
open the back gate? Sure Ruby! Max! [blows air] [coughs] A-ha. We saw your Grandma and
Mr. Piazza getting off the bus! How will we know when they’re
coming back here, Ruby? We’ve got a secret signal. When Mr. Piazza says “Come out and look
at the stars”, everybunny get ready
to yell surprise. Ooh, okay! It’s so exciting! Quick,
find a place to hide! [giggling] Hide, Max!
Hide! [giggles] Dance…GRANDMA:
Well that was a lovely finish
to a perfect birthday!
It’s not over yet – come outside and
look at these stars! [giggles] What’s all this… ALL:
Surprise! Oh my!
[laughs] A surprise party for me?ALL:
Happy birthday!
We got you! Yay Grandma! Did you organize this surprise
birthday party, Ruby? Yes Grandma. But it isn’t just
a birthday party. Look! What’s this? My old trophy! [quiet waltz music] We want you to
dance the way you did when you won this trophy! We even brought out your
prettiest dancing shoes! I’d love to,
Ruby dear, but those aren’t
quite the right- Dance! Ah!
There they are! Thank you, Max! Those…
are your dancing shoes? You betcha! They’re my tap shoes! That trophy was
for tap dancing! You mean like in this picture? [gasp] Now all I need… [loud swing beat] Dance! Thanks Max, that’s just the
kind of music I was hoping for! [♪] Go Grandma! Thanks for
the surprise party, Ruby! [♪] [chuckles] Happy birthday,
Grandma! [♪] Take it, Max! Bravo! Yah! Way to go, Max! All right, Max!
Smooth moves! Well, Ruby, you did it. You got Grandma dancing
in the spotlight again. I know.
She’s so… so… Beautiful! [laughter]

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