Max & Ruby: Max’s Ride / Max on Guard / Ruby’s Real Tea Party – Ep.58

[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] Max and Ruby Ruby and her
little brother, Max [♪] [kids shouting]
Max and Ruby! [laughter] Our first full
day in Bunningham, and I can’t wait
to see – everything! Look Grandma! This double-decker
bus will take us to see the famous clock
tower, Big Bun first. It chimes so loud that you can
hear it all over Bunningham! Oh my! And then the bus goes over the
beautiful Bunminster Bridge, past the Tower
of Bunningham’s, and it even drives
by Bunningham Palace where the Queen lives! Who knows,
[gasp] maybe we’ll catch a
glimpse of the Queen herself! Maybe! [Majestic music] Your Majesty. [chuckles][quacking][gasp] [quacking] We catch the bus
right over there. [quack] But we better
get going – it leaves when
Big Bun chimes! C’mon, Max. Max? Ride? That’s right, we’re going to ride on the
big red double decker bus and see everything! Ride! [quacking] Riding those paddle boats
does look like fun… But we can’t ride
them right now. We’re going on a bus ride that
will take us to see everything. Now let’s get
going before– [clock chimes] Uh-oh, Ruby! I think that’s
the sound of… Big Bun! And that means… [sigh] …the tour bus
is leaving. Well, maybe there’ll
be another one soon? Let’s see… [gasp]
You’re right, Grandma! Another bus will come
when Big Bun chimes. Well then there’s
just one thing to do. What? We’ve got a paddle
boat to ride! Ride! Ride! Wait for me! [chuckles] [quacking] [laughter] What a wonderful
idea, Max! That was so
much fun. It was fun! But we’d better hurry if we’re going to catch
the next tour bus and see everything. It should be leaving in… [clock chimes] Uh-oh, Ruby. I think that was
the sound of… Big Bun! And that means… …the bus is leaving. Do you think we
could catch up with the tour bus
at another stop? Maybe. Let’s see… Hmm… It looks like we could meet
up with it if we go… BOTH: This way!
[laughter] But we’ll
have to hurry! Okay, then. Off we go! Ride! Look Grandma, this is
how you get to the Tube. [gasp] The Tube is a tunnel that trains go through
deep underground. In other parts of the world
it’s called a subway, but in Bunningham,
they call it the Tube. Bunnies ride it to
get all over the city. Ride! [giggle] I’m sure we’ll get a chance, but now we have to get
to the tour bus stop so we can
see everything. [gasp]
Ride! Well… maybe we could ride the
Tube to the tour bus stop. Maybe. Let’s check. Hmmm… It looks like we could take
it for a couple of stops… [♪] Ride! We could take
it to here. Okay, then! Off we go! [♪] [rumbling] [music blaring from headphones] [music gets louder] Ride! [laughter] [rumbling] Okay. It looks like
we can catch up with the tour
bus right around… [clock chimes] Oh, no.
Big Bun! That means… We missed the bus. Again. Well now I’m sure there’s still
a way for us to see everything or at least almost
everything. [sigh] I’ll check the map. [gasp]
RIDE! Another ride? Max, the day’s almost over and
we’ve hardly seen anything! Ruby, you might want to
have a look at this ride. Huh? Wow… I’ve never seen a Ferris
wheel so big before! [gasp] This must be the
Bunningham Eye. Well you know what’s even
better than reading about it? Since we’re here, and this IS the most famous
Ferris wheel in the world, we may as well. Oh! Ride! Away we go, then! [laughter] Woah!
Ma-ax! Goodness – we certainly are
way up high! [clock chimes] [sigh] There’s the sound
of Big Bun again: I really wish we
could’ve seen it. [gasp] Ruby, look. [gasp] Grandma,
it’s Big Bun! I can see it! [laughs]
I know! And that’s
not all… [gasp] I can see
Bunminster Bridge! Oh, and the Tower
of Bunningham! [gasp] Grandma, I can even
see Bunningham Palace! Isn’t it wonderful! It is! [sigh] Thanks to Max’s ride, I’m finally
getting to see… Everything! [laughter] [♪] Here we are! Bunningham Palace – where the Queen lives! Oh, Grandma! I’ve wanted to come
here all my life! Oh me too! Smile! You’re so Handy with
that Camera Max! I wonder if she’s home. See that flag
flying on the flag pole? [Majestic music] That means the
Queen is at home. Grandma!
She’s here! Smile! [chuckles] Oh, Max. [Ruby sighs] Look at all
those windows! Yes, Bunningham Palace has
seven hundred and sixty of them! [sigh]
Can you believe that? I hope she has someone to
help her clean them all. [giggle]
Oh, Grandma. The Queen doesn’t do windows. Her majesty has a
royal window cleaner. [chuckles]
Of course she does! Smile! [chuckles] I hope it turns out! Oh what a
sweetheart! [gasp] Maybe we’ll see the Queen
looking out a window! That would be a
pretty rare sight! [chuckling] Smile! It says here that Royal Bunny Guards
never smile. And listen to this: They aren’t even
allowed to move – no matter what! See? You have much more chance
of spotting the Queen than seeing a
Bunny Guard smile. You know what that big furry
hat is called? A busby! [giggle] All the Bunningham Palace
guards wear them when they’re on duty- even on the hottest
day of summer! Smile? You may as well
give up, Max. I’d love to see a
Bunny Guard smile, too, but it won’t happen. Not in a million years. Come help me see if
we can spot the Queen through a window. I’m going to look for her
in each and every one. [chuckle] That could take
the whole day! [♪] Window one – nope… two – nope… three – no sign of her there either… Smile! ♪ [marching music] ♪ [music continues] [laughing] [music stops] Window twenty one – no Queen… twenty two – not there either… Oh, where are you,
Queen of all Bunningham? It’s your loyal subject Ruby.[buzzing noise]Max!
What are you doing? Smile! According to
my guidebook, the Queen likes
peace and quiet when she’s at home. That loud honking
will disturb her! [gasp] Which means she might
peek out a window to see what all
the noise is about! Come on, Max! Let’s look! Smile! [chuckles] [gasp] Window fifty-two – unh unh… fifty-three – no sign of her there… come out come out
wherever you are. Huh? [laughing]
Smile! Shoo shoo! Fly away home! According to
my guidebook, you aren’t supposed
to feed the birds in Bunningham! It’s not your fault that
you didn’t know that. But what if the
Queen is watching? [gasp]
What if the Queen is watching! [sigh] If she sees us out here,
she might invite us in for tea. [chuckles] [sigh] I told you, Max. You can’t make a
Bunny Guard smile. Not now, not ever! But you can help me
look for the Queen. I’ve got five
hundred windows left. And the Queen could be
behind any one of them! [sigh] Smile! [gasp] Smile? [chuckles]
Uh oh. Window
two hundred six – nope… two hundred seven – [sigh]
…two hundred and… [gasp] No, Max! Not Red Hot
Marshmallow Squirters! Whoa! I’m very sorry! Huh? [muffled cries][laughs]Runaway Busby! [laughter] Look at that! [laughter] Smile! Now, there’s something
I thought I’d never see. Not in a million years. It’s picture perfect. We might not have seen
the Queen on our visit to Bunningham Palace,
but thanks to Max, We got to see a
Royal Bunny Guard… Smile! [laughter] Oh Grandma! A real royal tea party at
Bunningham Palace Gardens! We couldn’t
leave Bunningham without going to a real
Royal Garden Tea Party, now could we? This is going to be the
best day of my whole life! Isn’t this exciting, Max? Let’s go to our table. [gasp]
Grandma! If it’s a royal
garden tea party, do you think we’ll
see a real princess? Or maybe even the Queen? Well You never know, Ruby. After all, Bunningham
Palace is her home. Just in case, I’d better
practise my curtsy! Your majesty! So lovely to
meet you Ruby. [giggles] And Max, if we meet a princess
or a duchess, you have to bow. Remember how
I showed you? [ribbet] What was that? Froggy! You can’t play with your toy
Froggy at a royal tea party – even if he does
have a crown. Just make sure he stays
in your pocket, okay? Why thank you! Thank you. [ribbet] Froggy! Oh! I never! Max, you can play with your
toy Froggy all you want after the tea party’s over. But for now, try to keep
him in your pocket, okay? Tea? Oh, yes please! Thank you! Do you know if any of the
Royal Family is here today? Could be. I’ll let you know
if I see one. [gasp] Did you hear that, Grandma! We might see a princess –
or maybe even the Queen! Wait Max! We have to use our
best tea party manners, in case the Queen comes by. First, one lump or two? They’re sugar lumps, Max. One lump or two? [giggles]
I think that’s enough. Wait Max! Before you
taste anything, you have to make
sure your napkin is unfolded
in your lap. Like this. And this is
how we drink tea. Hold your saucer like this and make sure you raise
your pinkie finger. See? Okay – now you can drink it. [ribbet] Froggy! [gasp] Oh no! Pardon me…
Excuse me… I beg your pardon… [nervous chuckle] Well, I never! [indignant grunts] [chuckles] Here you go. But from now on, could you
make sure that Froggy stays in
your pocket, please? Froggy! Thanks Max! Ooh, look! Real cucumber and
watercress sandwiches! And they even have
the crust cut off! They’re just the
way I imagined! Me too! Wait ’til you try these. [sighs]
There heavenly! These are almost as good
as the sandwiches at your tea parties,
Ruby. Oh Grandma! These are way better! Max!
What are you doing? Just because
you finished your cucumber and
watercress sandwiches doesn’t mean
the tea party’s over! There’s still
lots more to come! [gasp]
Scones! You’re going to
love these, Max! Look! You put strawberry jam and
whipped cream on them! Doesn’t that
sound yummy Max? Grandma, do you say
“scones” or “scawns”? I’ve never known
for sure, Ruby. So I just call them
“tea biscuits”. I never thought of that! More tea? [gasp]
Max! What happened to your scone –
scawn – tea biscuit?! [indignant muttering] Don’t worry,
we can clean him up. You have to be
more careful. What would happen if the Queen
came by right now, and saw you with jam
all over your hands? Ruby, I hope you didn’t
get your hopes up about seeing the Queen. She’s a very busy person. I know Grandma. This is still the
best tea party ever! Max! What’s this in your pockets? Your cucumber and
watercress sandwiches! [Ribbet] Aah! Froggy! Oh no! Oh my! [wild ribbets] Pardon me…
Excuse me… sorry… [ribbet] Oh no! Froggy! [gasp] Look out! [chuckles] So sorry to disturb you, but could we have my little
brother’s Froggy back… [gasp] Your… Majesty…! [Majestic music] [chuckles] [ribbet] Thank-you, your Majesty! [chuckles] [sigh] Grandma! Did you see what
just happened? I did, Ruby! I can’t believe it! I actually got
to see the Queen! I’m so happy for you! And it never would
have happened if it hadn’t been
for Max’s… [ribbet] FROGGY! [chuckles]

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