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  1. Also Yang's platform is so stupid? Why promote a drug where literally one dose can treat and cure a veterans PTSD when he could be off taking money from big pharma and promote those same vets being addicted to opioids for 5 years before dying young? I swear kids these days taking too many of the shrooms to dream a candidate speaking truth and trying to help people could win.

  2. Yang didn’t change his mind after one person told him about psilocybin helping depression. The data shows it. That’s why the FDA has approved psilocybin as Breathrough Therapy for depression for the second year in a row. #YangGang

  3. Stephen's commentaries were blood spot on ! although i gotta hang with the yang on that one idea, which i only learned about right now…

  4. Yang didn't change his platform after "talking to one guy." He's always been for legalizing all drugs. I'm not a Yang supporter, but this is disingenuous. Every time he's smeared I like him more though.

  5. Damn Colbert.. How about propping up Bernie for once? Use that platform you got over there to help the working people. You’re really good at hilariously pointing out all of the problems we face with Trump, but you never seem to plant firmly on any solutions. Thanks for making us laugh I guess.

  6. Never forgets the corkscrew and confetti!Kindness is contagious.Let the bullies run for Jim Beam especially whoop ass Bernie and thought Little Women Emily was a winner.Tear drops.

  7. What wrong with legalizing magic mushrooms? It's already Legal in Colorado. And its just one step we can tale to remove lethal drugs from our county. Plus it would allow more research into the possible health benefits of the mushrooms.



  9. What happened to Colbert, he should read the research on psilocybin and the default mode network in the brain. Hey Colbert, do some of the research yourself man, why do you just read jokes that other people write for you?? whatever man…. enjoy your 'privilege'…

  10. old people above 65 watch the Tv media like CNN and MSNBC and these are extremely biased against Bernie.. if they can be more active on the internet they would be able to see Bernie differently

  11. Which demographic actually has a future to be worried about? Maybe we let them decide who should be in charge of it.

  12. Older white Americans won't vote for Sanders because he is a Jew.
    They also won't vote for Pete Bootie, because he's gay, even though he's a racist.
    And they won't vote for a woman, or a minority.
    That leaves the Republican sympathizer, part time racist, and full-time feel-copper, Biden. I wonder what job he'll give his son once president?

    Andrew Yang for 2020.

  13. No science says it helps…. any way to help people… a wise man said you can’t use the same thinking that lead you to the problem to get you out

  14. There's quiet a bit of science behind the medicinal use of psilocybin mushrooms. The media doesn't tell the truth. In the words of the late Bill Hicks, "Go back to sleep America".

  15. Research supports the use of psilocybin (From Mushrooms) for depression and anxiety. Yang does his homework. It's helping people that need the help… he didn't change his platform based on one person. He reads and thinks and listens… a rare thing now in politics… especially with the grand Cheetoh who can't read the teleprompters or his notes in most speeches. 🙂

  16. As a senior, I admit we are nearly all "OK, Boomer" deserving. We are here because of our own neglect. Now that one of us has learned incredible lessons with his vision through practice of politics and can change things, we again don't get it, except us the 2%.
    This 2% is twice as deadly to the 1%.

  17. There is a growing body evidence of pacilicybin use as a powerful antidepressant. Please due your due diligence before slamming it out of your own ignorance for a cheap joke.

  18. We just not gon talk about how Warren literally held high dollar fundraisers LAST YEAR and transferred $10mil from em to kickstart her campaign? Nah? 😂 fk me man

  19. Best watch it around my Bernie Sanders, Colbert. You may have millions of dollars and razor sharp wit… But I'm stupid, broke and nearly helpless.

    Wait a second.

  20. Disappointing to see Colbert making jabs at Andrew Yang, a candidate that care about the citizen. Every one of Andrew Yang policies are backed with data, he isn't making opinion purely on faith like a religion. COLBERT you are as corrupt as your owner who pays your salary. You should question your own morality and see what you did was in line with your catholic faith.

  21. why so peasant republicans vote republican? those poor idiots taking selfies in their bathroom with their shitty phones… like dont they understand republican favors the rich n the oligarchy? stupid trump supports played like a broken fiddle

  22. Get your facts straight, Stephen. Do not make your millions by spreading the dirt and spits. 
    You showed the symptoms of the disease called T-itis tonight.

  23. Trump is the knowing patsy for the coming economic collapse caused by the current and future environmental catastrophes.

    End the Racist Oil War of Terror.

  24. Yang changed his platform on drug regulation to decriminalization when he spoke to one high school student who's classmates were addicted opiates and substituted for fontanel patches for fear of prosecution. What a schmuck.

  25. So what! compared to what Trump has done especially with and for Putin to get elected this is nothing! Get over it! I would vote for Pete before I would EVER vote for Trump!

  26. Mushrooms are the next cannibas. If you want big pharma to be your only option for meds then vote for a candidate that takes their money under the table (Biden, Pete, Klobuchar). We'll see how that keeps working out for you.

  27. Everyone: How dare he make fun of a person I like?
    Literally everyone: Colbert is just a puppet of big money/the corporations/my candidates competitors.
    Everyone in the Comments: (same outrage every single time, ignoring the obvious flaws of their champion and/or low poll numbers)
    Me: Stop pretending to forget how satire works and vote. If your candidate doesn't get the nomination, it isn't going to be because Colbert didn't do a deep dive on their every policy whenever he mentioned their name. These are people with power looking to get more power, they can take it.

  28. Colbert…you are an ill informed idiot. Yang is 100% right and you will be very surprised when he is on your show as president Yang

  29. Mayor Pete is the only candidate that is NOT a millionaire… this purity test started by AOC and Bernie supporters is ridiculous. Warren and Klobuchar are both hypocrites. Pete is not the enemy but they are doing a Hillary on them and what did that get America last time? The most vile US President ever. When will they ever learn.

  30. Well Mr. Colbert, he only had to speak to one guy because after he heard his claim and listened close, he pulled out his phone and…you ready…did research! Apparently your writers did NOT which is funny cause I swear it was covered in one of your meanwhiles back in the day. 🤦🏽‍♂️ seeing as it is practically common knowledge and mushrooms have been legalized in many places thusly. You have a serious case of bumbledom, sir. Stop speaking about politics when you are so off, just stick to making neutral jokes if you are going to let your writers be so miseducated. Yang is a front runner, polls and media are clearly biased against him seeing as he has the most individual donors and has had the highest percentage of growth from anyone, especially from Trump supporters.

  31. You can tell the mainstream media just wants their established democrats to win because media outlets and late night hosts just CONVENIENTLY leave out that the wine cave and expensive wine was owned by billionaires who produce wine… makes sense. Everyone else was some sort of activist, scholar, or citizen concerned about climate change or drug prices, etc. in US. I think Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for criticizing two billionaires who clearly wanted to share their incredible fortune with people who don’t get to experience it. What villains! I also don’t understand how people like Warren and Bernie day “ Billionaires should pay their fair share”, and yet won’t accept their political donations from people who clearly aren’t corrupting the process and are trying to help. I think Pete should’ve gone way harder in the debate and shamed the hell out of them for trying to lead a nation they clearly don’t understand or care to.

  32. Andrew Yang might have said this about psilocybin after talking to "one" veteran, but he didn't blindly agree. For me, when "one" person tells me something I previously didn't know, I research it. That's a normal and common practice. And psilocybin has been researched professionally, as well, and you can find this information easily.

    I love Stephen Colbert, and I have for years, but it is somewhat appalling that even someone as intelligent as he is can dismiss Yang's candidacy so easily.

    Andrew Yang has not exactly had an easy time getting to where he is, and he certainly didn't do it by taking the word of "one" guy. He has some seriously profound ideas and if America could set aside willful ignorance for a little while, we might actually have a chance at recovering from the disgraceful condition we're in.

  33. Haha no one likes Pete. They haven't even found out about what he did for the police force in south bend. Once that comes out, he is done.

  34. Idk why Colbert is so against Andrew Yang! Clearly, Yang was the best during last debate!! I think he is just jealous and also dislike the fact that an Asian man is more intelligent than himself.

  35. Golden Teachers saved my life. They are one of the most potent strains of mushroom for medicinal use. I have ADHD, complex PTSD, and regressive MDD, GAD, and OCD with suicidal ideation. Regressive meaning failure of multiple psychotherapy and pharmaceutical modalities. #YangGang #HumanityFirst #NaturesMedicine

  36. OK. I'm done with Colbert. His continued dismissal of Yang as a viable candidate is unbearable. Yang was on stage describing very real disconnects between the government/economy and the vast majority of US citizens who are being left behind. Yang was decidedly among the debate winners by numerous reportings. Makes me think Stephen has his own wine cave where he entertains his own group of wealthy, neoliberal, privileged, establishment asshats. The Late Show – cancelled.

  37. I'm not a Yang supporter but Stephen punched low with the mushroom crack. Psilocybin mushrooms are known to be beneficial for people suffering depression and schizophrenia, and he seemed rather uninformed regarding all the Wine Cave BS. Stephen, try to be sure your writers have all the facts before taping. The YouTube comment shouldn't be a better source of information than you.

  38. Psilocybin seems to have a lot of potential for many severe mental illnesses, when taken in micro-doses in a controlled environment. Several hospitals here in Denmark and other places in the world is testing it now. I haven't heard of Yangs support for psilocybin, but glad he does, and I don't buy into Colberts "changed his platform because of 1 guy". Yang has always been open to decriminalize several drugs, and if there's one politician that uses hard data, statistics and facts, it's Andrew Yang. No doubt he did his homework.

  39. Dear millionaire Yang puppets flooding the comment section with comments about the medical benefits of psilocybin, there was already a truth teller who hasn't been bought by the corporate oligarchy that owns the DNC and RNC trying to legalize mushrooms and beating Trump's ass in all polls back in 2016.

  40. Colbert is a comedian. He takes shots at Sanders all the time. He admits it is because Sanders is an easy target. I am a strong Sanders supporter but I still find Colbert's jokes funny. Lighten up people, don't take his jokes so seriously. It is a good thing to be able to laugh at yourself.

  41. The reason Bernie is getting less support from over 65 is because these people still use tv cable as their news source these cable network misguides people

  42. Voteforbernie.org 🔥💪
    Check Deadline to register first time vs changing party to vote in your primary. Update your address. Make sure you haven’t been purged from voter rolls! Don’t miss your chance to vote for Bernie in your state’s primary!

  43. There are a lot of science researches say medicinal psilocybin should be allowed for the purpose of relieving Depression. It is not a joke and it is not funny…… Colbert should not have mocked Yang on the mushroom.

  44. I have lost all my respect for Colbert in the recent months after he failed to discern what is funny and what is serious. Stop the smears against real problem solving individuals.

  45. This is the last time I watch anything Stephen Colbert. This guy clearly has a DNC-favored agenda. His joke about psilocybin mushrooms basically makes him look like an ignorant fool. Peace.

  46. Considering over 65's get all their news from places like CNN and MSNBC it's no wonder Sander's polling with them is so low. These mainstream new networks ignore Sanders and when they can't ignore him they give him negative coverage, hell they even alter or misrepresent the facts at times.

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