Meal or No Meal ft. Shay Mitchell

– Meal?
– Or No Meal? – Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Welcome to the show, Shay Mitchell who you know from Pretty Little Liars
and her new book Bliss, and her YouTube channel!
– Thanks for being here! – Thank you for having me, I’m so excited!
– Well, you might want to temper that excitement. You do know that we eat weird
stuff on this show, right? – Right, but I mean how bad could it really get?
– Good question! Let’s find out… – Whoa (laughs)!
– …in the game that we call: Together: Meal or No Meal – Welcome to my banquet table,
Shay and Rhett. – You’re making this romantic dinner
very awkward, Link. – Well we’re gonna rotate so it’s like a
Round Robin like thing. – Oh, good.
– This is basically like Deal or No Deal except these aren’t suitcases they are
Food Domes, and it’s not money under there it’s weird food, I’m told. I have no
clue what’s under here. And I’m not bald. So, what’s gonna happen is, you guys
are gonna each peek. And then based on that I’m gonna choose who gets the power
of choice. To either keep what they peeked at or take what the other person is
saying that they’re peeking at. Or whatever they wanna say. Alright?
– I’m trying to understand. – And then, whatever you choose, you
have to eat and the other person has to eat the other thing. So really, there’s no No Meal,
everyone gets a meal. And there are no winners. – That’s nice.
– And then we rotate and I’ll participate. Alright, are we ready for Round 1? Both of you peek, now.
– I’m doing what they say to do in poker. I’m watching her and not looking
at my own cards. (Shay laughing)
– Ooh, she was like “Kay.” – He’s trying to look appetized, I don’t
think it’s working. Alright, alright. Based on your poker face and because you’re
the guest, I’m gonna give you the power of choice, Shay.
– Thank you. – You get to go first. I’m gonna reveal
yours first, Wazzow! – They’re like little crabs!
– Mhmm. – That’s what it’s lookin’ like.
– Covered in sesame seeds I hope? – It look like that one has a nice little
sea salt garnish? – Okay Shay, so based on Rhett peeking…
– They look really good. – …and what he’s telling you right now,
do you wanna switch it up? Or are you gonna stick with the cute little baby crabs?
– I mean, you know what? Those look pretty appetizing to me, I would be glad
to take ’em off your hands, but, you know, I’d just as easily eat what
I’ve got under here. – How’s he playing this? I don’t know.
– I don’t know! (laughter)
– I don’t really know! – Mind games. 101.
– You know what? This looks very appetizing, and I’m gonna stick with this.
– Ooh! – You sure about that?
– Final answer? – Yes.
– Alright, she’s sticking with the crabs, so what are you stuck with?
Shay & Link – OHH! (laughter) – What is that?!
– No! No! No! No! No! – I think it’s a foot of something.
(laughter) Stevie – You’re correct. It’s a chicken foot.
– Whoa. (laughter)
– That’s a fried chicken foot? – What did I do wrong, Shay?
– I mean, this is your show! You could’ve swapped it but somebody on your
team is not too happy with you. Alright.
– Okay, so both of you dig in! (laughs) I’m just gonna sit here and watch.
– I got a frickin’ chicken foot! – Now Shay…
– I’m gonna throw up just watching him eat that. – Yeah. I would recommend not watching
him eat that, and just like plop it in and just down it. Don’t swallow it whole,
chew it though. – I’m not gonna take a big bite though,
’cause this is like, a good sized bite. (laughter)
– Chomp, chomp, chomp. – A big bite. Oh my gosh…
– Chomp it like a food race. – Okay, ready? One, two, three!
(crunch noise) – Oh, I hit bone. I hit chicken bone.
– Ew, oh God. (crew laughter)
– I can’t… – Ooh, there’s a lot of crunch here,
I’m not hearing any crunch over here yet. – ‘Cause I’ve got, I mean…
– Ugh, so good. So good. (crew laughter)
– Tastes like REALLY good crab. – There’s chicken foot-bone!
– One down, two to go, Shay. Don’t look at him. Alright, go for…
– (laughs and crunches) – It’s crunchy, isn’t it?
– It tastes like I got to the bottom of like, a chicken bucket. And somebody got fired.
– (gasps and laughs) – You need a doggie bag?
– No look! I ate all the…look at those bones, man. There was meat
all over ‘dem bones. – So we don’t have to eat everything,
just like little bits of it? – Oh, come on!
(laughter) – Come on, throw the skin back.
– I mean, it’s no different than the skin off of the rest of the chicken that
you eat all the time. – This is foot skin. From firsthand
experience I can tell you foot skin is different than the rest of the skin.
(laughter) – Alright, I don’t even wanna look
at this anymore. Good work, guys! Let’s move on to Round Dos!
– Welcome to my home. I have prepared something very special for each of you.
Go ahead and take your peeks, please. – Hmm, a little peek!
– She’s a better actor than you. Well, you know what, in a weird twist of fate
I am going to reward your bad acting with the power of choice. Because I’m the host,
and I can do what I want to! – That’s true.
– Link, look at your food! – Oh, it’s a wooden chalice that has some
sort of soil-like meat material in there. It looks like dirt. With some soy sauce.
– Soy dirt! – That’s what I’ve got. Take another
peek over there, Shay. – Ah. Take another…
– Please. Just, please. Take another peek and then tell me…
– Mine’s disgusting. – You don’t want me to switch, huh?
– I mean, I just don’t think you’d like mine at all. You actually have it pretty good.
– I’m gonna switch! I’m callin’ you on this, Shay! – You sure?
– Oh. The switcheroo? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. She’s reverse psychology-ing me.
– Okay, let’s reveal. – I just reverse and reversed you. You don’t even
know what I did because this is disgusting. – Oh.
– Please hand me the soil. (laughter)
– Give it to me! – But you, what is this?
– I don’t know and that’s why I’d rather have dirt soil.
– It looks organic. – What is that?
Stevie – That is a lamb brain. Rhett – Ahahahaaa!
(crew laughter) – You dodged a bullet, sister.
– I know. – Oh my goodness.
– Now remember, as you eat that… – It’s a brain! With stem on it!
– Well, as you eat the lamb’s brain, you get to live parts of its life.
(crew laughter) – So you could absorb some of its thoughts.
– (high pitched) Ooooh! – Don’t forget about that.
– It’s muscular. – The brain is a muscle. The brain is the
most important muscle, boys and girls. – This is like soy sauce dirt. Dirt soy sauce.
– Yeah, this is like being served on some menu in L.A. right now. Like, it’s
a real thing. It’s like, “I’ll take the soy-dirt.” (crew laughter)
– Shay, I know we just met, but you’re ’bout to watch me throw up.
(laughter) – I’m gonna believe this to be something
else right now. – It doesn’t look half bad.
– It’s just like, it smells like turkey. – Don’t insult your host.
– Thanks for serving me this turkey, not sheep brain.
– Yeah, right. (laughter)
– You like it, it’s good! (Link gags)
– I’m sorry, Shay. I’m usually not this way. Actually I am. Always this way.
– How’s the dirt? – It’s great. It’s like an Olive Tapia,
that’s what I’m imagining. (Link wretches)
– Ugh. I’m gonna throw up. (crew laughter)
– She’s gonna catch the barfs.>From you, man. He’s taking his glasses off.
– You’re like sort of sweating a little bit. – Whoa! (claps)
– (laughs) (crew laughter)
– One down, two to go! – Don’t clap so soon.
– Just two more pieces. Mmm! Take another bite of that brain!
– It smells like a roast turkey. Mmm! Happy Thanksgiving, Dad!
(crew laughter) – You want me to be the dad? I don’t
understand what’s going on. – My dad always carved the turkey.
– Go ahead son, eat it. It’s actually lamb’s brain. Come on son, do it for your dad.
(crew laughter) – Make me proud. Eat that brain.
(Link wretches) Shay – Ah! Ah! Ew!
(crew laughter) – Oh, no.
– Well, son. – Sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to blow
chunks. I think they’re on your pants. (crew laughter)
– I’ve been insulted a little bit. But, you know what? I’ll make it through.
Okay, that’s all you have to do, son. You’ve proved your worth.
– (sighs) Aghh. – Okay! Let’s move on to Round 3. – Welcome to my lovely dinner party.
– Yes. – Thanks for having us.
– I whipped you guys up something very special, that I hope you will both enjoy.
So, please start with taking a peek at your delicious meals.
– Peeky peeky! Sneaky sneaky! Well, Rhett’s giving the surprised look.
– You know, I just go for confuse the enemy. – Okay, that’s your technique.
– I’m always confusing the enemy. – Well you know what, keeping with
tradition, picking people on this side, Rhett, you go first. You have the power.
– Alright, pull it off then. – You ready?
– A plum! – That does not look like a plum,
I hate to break it to you, it looks like a nasty, spoiled egg.
– This is a black egg. – That is.
(crew laughter) – I mean, that’s what it is. This is a black egg.
– Yup. Stevie – It’s a Century Egg, which is
a preserved egg that’s been preserved for several weeks to several months.
– It’s a century pickled egg. – It’s a black duck egg.
– Hmm. Do you wanna take another look at yours? Just to, you know…
– There’s no Century Egg under here. (laughter)
– Well, you know what, who’s to say that eggs don’t get better with age?
I’m going with the black egg. I’m going to eat this black egg. I’m going
to LIKE this black egg. – Are you sure?
– That’s my final answer. Thanks for the black egg. – Alright.
– Oh, gosh. It’s in a box. – There is a live, black…
(crew laughter) – BEETLE! You gots to eat a beetle!
(crew laughter) – No, no no. There is a piece of bark
in there. – Yeah, that’s for him to eat.
– That’s what I have to eat I think. – Nope, nope. Pretty sure it’s the movin’ beetle.
– I’m gonna get started on my black egg. (crew laughter)
– Dude. – Let me line it up. Oh, gosh. I
wasn’t expecting that. – Ooh! (laughs)
– Gosh. How does this kind of stuff become part of cuisine?
– This is like something that you would dissect in the third year of medical school.
– It’s not gonna be easy. – If this beetle was in my backyard,
I would be too afraid to even smush it. And now you’re asking me to eat it?
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– It’s not prepared. It’s not, it’s food, for what?
– It doesn’t have to be prepared. What do you want, me to give it a little speech?
Hey beetle, you’re about to be eaten. (crew laughter)
– Do you feel prepared? (crew laughter)
– There you go, I prepared it. – You know what? When I saw that,
I think I would prefer to eat this. – Me too.
– I think that is worse… – This is going to be more torturous, I think.
– So, how much of it are you gonna eat? – Well, let me just start with a third
while you’re thinking about that. (crew laughter)
(Rhett wretches) Shay – (laughter mixed with repulsed noises)
– What’s it feel like in your mouth? – I don’t know, that one’s pussing.
– That’s not a verb! (crew laughter)
– Is it pussing in your mouth? – That’s gonna be pussing too,
in a minute. Trust me. – Let me see what you got in your
mouth chamber. Ew. – It’s the eggiest egg.
– Ohh. – Here, pass him that one and give me mine,
’cause I don’t wanna cross… – Thank you for making me move your
puke bucket. (crew laughter)
– Pass me my puke bucket. – We are real close now.
(crew laughter) – You spat lamb brain like all over.
– That egg is smelling worse as time goes by so please just throw that
in your mouth too. – I’m gonna be having egg burps for the
rest of the year. – You just gotta power it down, man.
I’ve already powered down a lamb brain. Chewing it is just as difficult as swallowing it.
– Yeah. – Just take it down.
– Ohh! You did it! (crew laughter)
– Okay, I’ll take a break real quick while you eat that beetle.
– I’m gonna let him crawl in there, and it’s gonna be by his own will.
(crew laughter) – Look how slow he’s moving. You
don’t want to eat a beetle that slowly. Like, you want to put him in there, crunch
crunch crunch, swallow. (crew laughter)
– Dude, it made a freakin’ noise! (crew laughter)
– It’s gonna make a lot more noises when you’re chewing on it.
– I’m gonna try this. – Do you want me to keep eating my egg?
So we can commiserate a little bit? – Yeah.
– What? (crew laughter)
– Ahh!!! Gotta get angry! (crew laughter)
– Shay! If you didn’t come to this we wouldn’t be doin’ this! This is your fault!
– It’s my dinner! – It’s also your fault! For being my friend!
And YOUR fault for WATCHING! Rewarding me for doing this! (laughs)
Okay, okay. That didn’t help. – Nope, that’s a mistake.
But whatever, man. – (sigh)
– You’re the man. This is the definition of, mythicalness.
– People all over the world are gonna be eating insects, I mean insects are the future.
– This is where we’re going, this is where we’re going, man.
– Everybody’s gonna be eating insects. – Meat’s going away, insects are coming in.
Link, say, “I’m a trailblazer.” – I’m a trailblazer.
– “I’m a pioneer.” – I’m a pioneer.
– “I’m in the future times.” – I’m in the future times. Right.
I’m not touchin’ it again, I’m usin’ a spoon. Show ’em who’s boss! Bite him bite him
and swallow! Yeah come on I can do it this time! All I gotta do is put the
beetle in my mouth and crunch crunch swallow, show ’em who’s boss
crunch crunch… Together – Swallow! Show ’em who’s boss!
Crunch crunch swallow! Show ’em who’s boss! (crew laughter)
– Crunch! Swallow! Show ’em who’s boss! (voice cracking) Show ’em who’s boss!
– Don’t let your voice… – (super deep voice) Boss! Boss! Boss!
(deep grunting yells) (clapping)
(banging on table) – You did it, man!
– It tasted like some weird kinda like, oil you use to clean some like, metal with.
– Is it still moving inside? – Keep it down, keep it down.
Hey man, welcome to the future. (crew laughter)
(Link slightly wretches) – (exhuastedly) Now you say, thank you for
liking and commenting on this video, you know what time it is.
– Thank you for liking and commenting on this video. You know what time it is. – “Hello, my name is Jackson and
I’m from Boise, Idaho. And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality!” – Make sure you pick up Shay’s new book,
Bliss, available everywhere. And check out the bonus round to Meal or No Meal over
on her YouTube channel. – Spin the wheel, let’s see how we’re
gonna end this episode. Still not feeling great in the tummy region.
Click through to Good Mythical More where I describe the beetle experience.
– Rhett says bless you after everything Link says.
– Wow, uh, I’m not feeling great right now. Rhett & Shay – Bless you.
– But um, I’m very glad to be here. Together – Bless you.
– With the two of you. Together – Bless you.
– My cousin Shay and her brother, Rhett. Together – Bless you!

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  1. It is best not to eat the Century Egg in one whole bite…you may barf…The century egg can be added to dishes such as rice porridge or other dishes in Asian culture.

  2. Just starting watching and kinda can’t quit but I know I’m way behind. But when Rhett prepares the beetle for what’s about to happen. Greatness. And of course Link’s smile. Y’all are so great!

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