MEENA Game [Level 13] – Too Young to Marry

Meena and her friends are playing after school hour. But alas! The father of her friend came and took her friend from the game. She leave behind her playing doll. Her hair-band, the school bag was lying on the street. Meena can get it back and bring it back to
her home. Looks like a wedding home! Something is wrong! May be everyone is trying to give marry her. But she is not yet a time to be married. The minimum age of marriage is 18. The shopkeeper & his see Mina and Mithu. The shopkeeper tries to capture Meena to stop her complainmg to the police about this marriage. The shopkeeper is old, that’s why he can’t run with Meena. However, Meena must stop this marriage. Child marriage is a punishable offense! Meena is going to the police. The police is informed about the marriage and then they both ride on a car going back
to the marriage home. But the rocks lying on the road and the garbage fly cause many problems? And that’s why, Meena has to be very strong in the car, And when the garbage comes, her head should
be bowled. Finally, they reached the home in time and broke the marriage.

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